Baseline assessments for secondary students

Tara Wright & Lauren Tong
19th August 2019
baseline assessments

Suss out students starting points with this hand-picked selection of baseline assessments

Getting to know new year 7 cohorts can be tricky making baseline assessments a great starting point. So whether you teach English, french, geography or music, we have you covered with this hand-picked selection of baseline assessments for new KS3 students.

English Baseline Assessment for KS4

Two assessment activities designed to help teachers who suddenly get a new KS4 student in their classroom and need an idea on their current level of understanding and skill. I tend to use the 'Test B&' first and then use &';Test A' if I think it is needed.
By Matt Grant

Geography Baseline Assessment

2 x versions of our baseline assessment (one shorter and one longer version) plus markschemes. Can be used to set in year 7 or just assess ability on entry. It is based on what they should have done at KS2. Baseline 1 = longer version Baseline 2 = shorter version
By blackfriary

Mathematics Assessment - All areas of Maths

Resource is aimed at KS3 mainly for years 7 & 8 but can be used as a resource for KS2 Upper (Year 6). On the actual assessment, there are 15 marks available and 15 questions. Read the marking scheme to actually understand the assessment. Thank you.
By josephwhitwham

Baseline History Assessment Test

  • The aim of this test is to find out how much the students know about history. The results will give you a baseline from which you can build upon. Once they begin to study history, they will begin to show progress in all areas, particularly in the amount of detail required in answers. The test focuses on chronology, cause and consequence, change and continuity, historical enquiry, interpretation and significance.
  • This is a particularly useful assessment for a history department and as a starting point and ideally for Year 7. Most students sadly will not have studied a lot of history at their primary schools (apart from the odd day to study the Victorians or World War 2) as literary, numeracy and SATS still dominate primary school curriculum planning.
  • The resource is differentiated and gives suggested teaching strategies. It comes in PDF, Word and Powerpoint formats which can be amended and changed to suit.
  • If you like this resource please review it and receive a free Norman Key Word History display worth £2.50 which can be found here:
By PilgrimHistory

COMPUTING Year 7 Baseline Assessment (paper based test)

This test is to be given to year 7 pupils to test their current knowledge of key computing areas. This will help you understand their current strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of year 7 and includes a useful spreadsheet which not only highlights pupils understanding but also groups it by class and even primary school to help you inform your feeder schools which areas they need to work on and may need additional help with and which areas they have covered well. The key skills covered in this test are: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, saving files, programming, using the internet, e-safety and computer theory.

Due to popular demand, I have interpreted the marks awarded to the old-style level descriptors (i.e. if they score 30 on the test or 45%, this would be equivalent to a 4C). Hope this helps.

2A - 5 marks (7%)
3C - 10 marks (15%)
3B - 12 marks (18%)
3A - 20 marks (30%)
4C - 28 marks (42%)
4B - 36 marks (54%)
4A - 42 marks (63%)
5C - 48 marks (72%)
5B - 54 marks (81%)
5A - 60 marks (90%)
6C - 64 marks (96%)

PLEASE NOTE: This test is a paper-based test, if you would prefer the pupils to fill in an on-line document which can be either printed or sent to you electronically then please see our other set of resources from
By nwilkin

Year 7 Baseline Assessment

This is a short baseline assessment which can be used to gather some basic information about new year 7s so that you are not completely in the dark when they first start! Please feel free to adapt and make suggestions.
By wellywally79

Baseline assessment for Year 7

Used to assess knowledge brought to secondary from primary school.
By Danielle99

Year 7, 8 & 9 Baseline tests for Food, Nutrition & Cookery

Baseline tests for Food, Nutrition & Cookery - Year 7, 8 + 9.
Answer documents also provided.

By fcraddock

Yr 7 Transition baseline assessment

This is a worksheet with success criteria in French for year 7 pupils who may have studied French at primary school. IT is a baseline assessment task.
By pixiejojo

Year 7 Baseline assessment

I have produced this in order for us to get a baseline level for the new year 7 starting in sept. We can use it to see progress being made throughout the. key stage and to set individual targets for APP work and scientific investigation work. I haven't used it yet so all comments are gratefully recieved.
By hjbanfield

English Baseline

A baseline assessment for year 7-8 in reading and writing.
The first assessment is for higher ability students as it consists of 2 essay style questions, the second assessment is for lower ability and asks a series of simpler questions.
By Hayley Hart

Year 7: Baseline Test

A baseline that will test the knowledge and skills of year 7 students as soon as they enter secondary school. It provides a great benchmark for students and is a good start to help the measure of progress across Key Stage 3. Marks out of 50, to link into the new 1-9 system.
By Emsie125

German Baseline

Useful for year 7 classes to see what they already know.
By Sharon Barnes

Year 7 baseline test for Design & Technology

This is a test designed as a base line for year 7 students to assess various skills that are needed across all D&T subjects. Marks scheme also included.

By g_clark_uk

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