Peer-assessment ideas for secondary students

Nicola Davison
21st September 2017
Colourful thumbs up indicating positive peer feedback

Tools and activities to encourage effective peer assessment in class

Peer assessment is an important part of the assessment for learning process and can have an enormous impact on your learners’ understanding of key teaching points and, ultimately, their progress. As such, we’ve highlighted a few tools to help you make the most of opportunities for peer assessment in your secondary classroom.

Teacher tools

Get started with this simple teacher guide, which includes step-by-step instructions and examples of ways to embed peer assessment into your practice. For more ideas, this short video demonstrates a selection of effective techniques to use in the classroom.

Peer and Self-Assessment Guide

A straightforward guide to peer and self-assessment. Includes a step-by-step guide explaining how to embed it in your practice, examples of good practice, slides you can drop into your lessons and bonus features!
By mikegershon

Teachers TV: Peer Assessment

Effective ways of using peer assessment in the classroom.
By Teachers TV

Structuring peer-assessment

Feedback frames provide a structured way of allowing pupils to assess one another’s work effectively. These eye-catching display posters outline the peer-assessment process, while these simple table mats contain some useful sentence starters.

Visual learners might benefit from using this adaptable tick-box tool, which has the added advantage of enabling learners to accurately level one another.

Peer and self assessment posters

peer and self assessment poster and table mat prompts
By titan182

Self and Peer Assessment Sentence Starter Mats

These are stuck on each table in my classroom. They help my students to construct meaningful sentences around the 'What went well&' and &';Even better if' headings.
By joewinstanley

Peer assessment template

Can be used for any sport......just change the level descriptors and teaching points. Worked really well with my classes a pupils could give indepth feedback whilst refering to NCPE levels.
By tuesday7

Providing detailed feedback

For more thoughtful written feedback, these one-page Dirt guides for teachers and students can help to establish regular reflection time, while this well-structured worksheet suits a more in-depth approach.

Finally, asking students to peer assess each other’s essays needn’t be a chore with this colourful feedback mat or this structured production line tool

Dedicated improvement reflection time (DIRT)

Student and Teacher guides on how to carry out 'dirt&'
By Mary Mckenna

Peer PARA marking

Following the PARA (Praise, Action, Response, Acknowledge) format students peer assess each others work in the workshop. Speech bubbles as sentence starters to help students.
By RASheard

Student Peer Assessment Mat

Guides students to effectively peer assess. Improves students work and guides teachers to where feedback is required.

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By thisisgeography

Peer Assessment

Peer assessment production line. Helpful for students to follow when peer-assessing each other's work.
By AmyJaney88

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