Peer-assessment ideas for secondary students

Top activities to encourage secondary students to be actively involved in assessment by reflecting on the work of their peers

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Tools and activities to encourage effective peer assessment in class

Peer assessment is an important part of the assessment for learning process and can have an enormous impact on your learners’ understanding of key teaching points and, ultimately, their progress. As such, we’ve highlighted a few tools to help you make the most of opportunities for peer assessment in your secondary classroom.

Teacher tools  

Peer and Self-Assessment Guide

Peer and Self-Assessment Guide

A straightforward guide to peer and self-assessment. Includes a step-by-step guide explaining how to embed it in your practice, examples of good practice, slides you can drop into your lessons and bonus features!

Structuring peer-assessment  

Providing detailed feedback

Student Peer Assessment Mat

Student Peer Assessment Mat

Guides students to effectively peer assess. Improves students work and guides teachers to where feedback is required. For more resources visit [**This is Geography**]( Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - [AQA](, [Edexcel](...
DIRT Worksheet (A3 Double-Sided)

DIRT Worksheet (A3 Double-Sided)

Need an instant DIRT worksheet/session? This is for any GCSE (or exam) subject. This download includes a generic (multi-subject) A3 double-sided DIRT worksheet and PowerPoint instructional slides. DIRT stands for 'Dedicated Improvement Reflection Time' and the worksheet features a number of...