Badminton Peer Assessment SheetQuick View

Badminton Peer Assessment Sheet

I have made a badminton peer assessment sheet which includes visual demonstrations of each skill being performed along with a tick list for the teaching points students can work their way down the list and tick off. The sheet can also be adapted and used for recapping TP’s. The sheet also includes a written task at the end where students can use the assessment tick sheet to highlight areas for improvement ready for their end assessment or next lesson The skills in the worksheet are listed below Forehand Serve Backhand Serve Underarm Clear Overhead Clear Smash Basic Drop Shop Court Movements
Art Peer Assessment | Art CritiqueQuick View

Art Peer Assessment | Art Critique

A great document for students to mark and assess their peer’s artwork. Add one of these to the end of an art project to help your students better understand their successes. Could also be used to assess artwork during museum/gallery trips! Download the 4 PACK ART CRITIQUE BUNDLE £2.99 Get up to 40% off my Resources at This is a one-sided printable illustrated by Mrs. Little
Self and Peer Assessment ResourceQuick View

Self and Peer Assessment Resource

Display this powerpoint at the end of a lesson. It shows symbols used for self assessment and a range of sentence starters for pupils to record in their books for both self and peer assessment. The sentence starters are general and should be applicable to all subjects. Saves a lot of time rather than recording red pen questions for individual children.
Metacognition Toolkit: Oracy and Peer AssessmentQuick View

Metacognition Toolkit: Oracy and Peer Assessment

A self & peer assessment question stem toolkit designed to be used as an oracy-based learning activity. The toolkit aims to promote student independence, resilience and deeper metacognition through use of question stems and prompts. Check out my other exciting resources by clicking the link below Featured resource: “Metacognition Flow Chart Toolkit” A question-based flow chart to promote metacognition to promote student independence and resilience. Please leave a review if you like my resource.
Peer AssessmentQuick View

Peer Assessment

A simple worksheet to introduce students to peer assessment. Used for a completed homework, students had to decide what the marking criteria would be, before marking a piece of homework. It helped to stop advice simply being 'write neater' or 'write more'. Can easily be adapted for other peer assessment activities.
Peer AssessmentQuick View

Peer Assessment

Peer assessment production line. Helpful for students to follow when peer-assessing each other's work.
Cricket Peer Assessment sheetQuick View

Cricket Peer Assessment sheet

This resource specifically looks at the straight drive in cricket. It provides a description of the technique of the straight drive and also allows students to assess their partner from beginner to professional lesson. WWW/EBI
Peer assessmentQuick View

Peer assessment

Peer assessment tool to allow learners to see their strengths and areas of improvement. Choose the learners so that it is being fair and inclusive
Peer Assessment CardQuick View

Peer Assessment Card

An easy template for students to complete when peer assessing work. The tick boxes are taken from non-negotiable for years 5/6 in English but could easily be altered to suit your activity.
CPD Peer AssessmentQuick View

CPD Peer Assessment

CPD - TEACHER TRAINING RESOURCES. You can view the full resource here. Learn Club’s set of 30 CPD resources has been designed to raise achievement in all areas of the primary curriculum therefore using these resources will lead to improved SATs results. Using these resources will be of benefit to all teachers regardless of their level of experience - there is something in them for everybody. Most teachers, for example, will find ‘More Feedback - Less Marking’ particularly useful as it is at the cutting-edge of recent changes in schools.Using these resources will be of benefit to all teachers regardless of their level of experience - there is something in them for everybody. Most teachers, for example, will find ‘More Feedback - Less Marking’ particularly useful as it is at the cutting-edge of recent changes in schools. Although using these resources will lead to improved SATs results their main aim is to enrich the professional life of teachers and enhance the education of pupils. These resources are: Research-based We have hunted far and wide for the best research in the last 20 years, looking at thousands of research studies from across the world. Easy-to-use All 22 CPD resources have been presented in a simple style that focuses on the main point of the research and its value to practising teachers. Up-to-date All 22 CPD resources include the very latest research and its value to practising teachers
Rounders Peer Assessment SheetQuick View

Rounders Peer Assessment Sheet

A great way for students to assess each other's batting technique in rounders. This can be easily modified to fit in with your current 'assessing without levels' format. If laminated, these can be used again and again and wiped clean after. A simple 'tick' checklist allows students to see where their strengths and weaknesses are.
Drama peer assessment cardsQuick View

Drama peer assessment cards

These peer assessment cards have been created to encourage students to provide effective peer assessment and develop their knowledge of key Drama terms. These can be used by KS3 or KS4 learners and can be used in various ways. Each card has a Drama skill, definition and questions to assist students in forming their feedback. I have also included a PowerPoint slide which I used to reinforce the instructions to the learners.
Peer assessment template Quick View

Peer assessment template

A blank, attractive peer assessment template which takes the form of two stars and a wish. Can be used across all subjects/subject areas.
Netball defending peer assessmentQuick View

Netball defending peer assessment

Fantastic peer assessment recourse that encourages pupil to become the teacher! Focus: defending My KS4s love this resource but could be adapted for KS3 too