Secondary classroom displays

Tara Wright and Lauren Tong
09th August 2019
Secondary classroom displays

Secondary classroom displays for back to school 2019

With back to school on the horizon, we have pulled together a comprehensive collection of whole school and subject specific displays to decorate your classrooms with just in time for the new academic year. 

Whole school

Amazing Maths corridor displays

Here are 8 great displays that we produced with my colleagues from The Compton last year :)
We spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort researching how to best put maths in context, keeping our displays inspiring, nice and visual. For KS3, KS4 and even A level. Hope you can use them in your school too!
By valerie_vincent

British Values Display Posters

Create a powerful display to promote British Values in your school / classroom / nursery with these child friendly posters. Over 10 posters included (some with variations). The posters depict and explain democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect, individual liberty and tolerance to those of different faiths and beliefs.

Every school in England must promote British values in their SMSC development, which is particularly important to Ofsted. This set is perfect for that!

The document is in .pdf format (not editable) however if you have any suggestions, my email address can be found on the last page of the resource.

By hoppytimes

IB Learner Profile Display

I have got inspiration for this display from this resource.

I have inlcuded an .ai file which is scaleable to what ever size you want. If you want to download as A3 find the file called “display-ib.docx”.

By colin_chambers

Book Quotes Display

16 A3 book covers with famous inspirational quotes. Could be used in classroom, social area or around the school to promote a positive reading culture.

By Miss Middleton

Currently reading chalkboard display

Add these to your classroom to promote reading for pleasure and for children (and staff) to share what they are currently reading! Would create a fantastic display.
7 colours included…

By libbyminoli

Display boards - Smart targets

* Smart target lettering black & white
* Smart target lettering colouring
* A breakdown of what a SMART target is
* A poster breakdown

Credit (license purchased) for font style
By KatQatresources

Class Birthdays Cupcake Display

Original illustrations of hand drawn cupcakes and candles. one for each month.
Make every child in your class feel special and included by displaying their birthdays on each cupcake month. Plus these will cheer up any classroom with their fun bright colours and designs.
Example of how to display included, layout of cupcakes is up to you!

Would love to see picture of these on display in your classrooms so please do contact me through my profile and I will add them to this resource and give credit in the form of whatever social media platform you may use!


By RND86

GROWTH / FIXED MINDSET - Display or activity pack

Growth Mindset / Fixed Mindset ... Which one have you got?
Perfect for a display board to show the difference between the two mindsets or use as an activity to get the children to match up the fixed mindset phrases, with the correct growth mindset phrase!
By tamrai

Growth Mindset Poster Train the Brain Wall Display

This colorful Growth Vs Fixed Mindset Wall Display will encourage a growth mindset in your classroom. They make a perfect reference tool all year round and great when setting up your classroom.

The wall display comes in two sizes. A4 and A3. That is the brain is either A4 or A3 size depending on how much wall space you have. Personally I use the A3 brain with the speech bubbles from the A4 set.

I have also included a black and white brain for the students to color in themselves.

By Kiwilander

x50 Printable Famous Quotes for Classroom Decoration- Famous Quotes for Frieze Display Word Wall

Printable Quotes for Classroom Decoration - Famous Motivational Quotes for Word Walls, Bulletins or a Frieze - an instant display to help get kids thinking and talking.

50 colourful famous quotes about perseverance, life, and dreams to brighten up any classroom walls.

Ready to be printed on a variety of coloured paper, cut in half and stuck to the wall.

Suited for any secondary or tertiary classrooms.

(25 pages)

You may also be interested in my other Classroom Display Resources:
Printable Quotes for Classroom Decoration x 50 Black & White - this same set in black and white if you want to save on printing!
Key Words for English Classrooms - 35 Printable Key Words Frieze or Word Wall Terms for English classroom word walls. Make a colourful frieze or display.
Affirmation Posters for Classroom Displays Printable Motivational Posters Décor – Watercolour – a great range of supportive and inspiring affirmations suitable for any classroom
Affirmation Posters for Classroom Displays Printable Motivational Posters Décor – Black & White - a great range of supportive and inspiring affirmations suitable for any classroom…
Essay Writing Structure Posters - Rainbow - Essay structure and content help for students in any secondary classroom. Use as a teaching guides, handout pages, or posters.
Essay Writing Structure Posters - Blue - Essay structure and content help for students in any secondary classroom. Use as a teaching guides, handout pages, or posters.
English Classroom ‘Keep Calm’ Posters x14 – Iconic Keep Calm posters with a range of Secondary English sentiments.
Maori Language Classroom Décor Set Colourful – a great classroom set including 16+posters, Signs, Birthday Posters, Days of the Week & More in an attractive range of bright colours.
Maori Language Classroom Décor Set Watercolour– a great classroom set including 16+posters, Signs, Birthday Posters, Days of the Week & More in a nice watercolour design.
Study Skills Poster – a colourful poster detailing tips and help on studying smarter and supporting students in their learning.

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By Anna Jackson

Subject displays

Maths Working Wall - Focus - reasoning KS2

Question titles and resources for a working maths wall aimed at KS2 - focus Reasoning. Also, includes Place Value resources linked to Y5 expectations. PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading.
By Paws and Clause

English Classroom Display Pack

This is a selection of posters to hang up in and English or a Literacy classroom. This is perfect for someone moving in to a new classroom (or even someone wanting to spruce up their current room).

There are:
Assessment Objective based posters for the new specification GCSE (9-1) for Literature, Language , Speaking and Listening
Subject terminology posters
Discourse marker posters
Punctuation posters
And a whole host of others!

Please also take a look at my other resources.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

By PateResources

Maths Posters - BIDMAS, Prime Factor Trees, Ratio, Negatives Numbers (4 Posters)

This is four high-quality maths posters that accompany my whole lessons and 'colour me in sheets' (doodle notes). All three products mentioned for each subject will help reinforce the same key concepts and understanding that you want students to attain. The posters will also make your classroom look great!

This product has also been designed so you can print yourself in A3 and laminate if you want, but it will come out just as well in A4 or A2. Other bundles of posters are available as well as individual posters. The branding is for preview purposes only!

NOTE: Feel free to browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources and as always please rate and feedback on any purchases or downloads. Thank you for your support.
By Outstanding_Resources

Science stuff for classroom displays

Resources that can be used in Chemistry classroom displays including Mole, Periodic Table and ions.
By jemma.savillewood

Complete RE/Philosophy Classroom Display Pack

NEW: I’ve just added another high-quality display pack covering Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases. Find it here:

Firstly, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the more than 900 of you who have purchased this display pack! I hope your classrooms look gorgeous!

This is a complete 200+ page pack of a number of classroom displays that I have developed over the last couple of years to invigorate my department. Two updated booster packs have already been added.

Original Display Pack:

- Philosophers and Religious Figures Timeline (Over 40 thinkers with pictures, dates and outlines of their thinking).
- Famous quote callouts to add along the timeline (one for almost every philosopher). Get students talking!
- Custom-made colourful lettering for timeline eras.
- Over 20 ethical and philosophical questions in colourful speech bubbles to inspire thinkers in your classroom (A great one for open-evenings or tutor time discussions!)
- Steps/Levels display with optional number arrows. Department levels policy documents included.
- ‘How to’ guides for all displays.

Booster Pack 1:

- Philosophical Language Literacy Display with sentence starters for knowledge/explanation and assessment/evaluation.
- Agree --> Disagree continuum signposts to make human bar charts in your classroom!
- Blooms thinking guidance for teachers with question prompts. Great for shrinking and sticking on desks or displaying at the back of the room.

Booster Pack 2:

- A raft of additional thinkers to give greater flexibility to the Philosopher Timeline across exam boards.
- Quotes for every new thinker of course!

By RE Source

AQA GCSE History Elizabeth display

Can also be printed smaller and used as flashcards for revision.
By jadeg1093

Histagram classroom display template and significance task

A template to create new 'histagrams' with editable text and pictures. PPT resource includes pre-made histagrams. To make new ones, just copy, paste and edit slides and get creative! The histagram activity can be used as a challenge/extension task or for what I made it for, focuses on a way to introduce historical significance.
By MrJPTeach

Speak Like a Geographer - Classroom Display - Geography

Speak Like a Geographer classroom display - inspired by others I had seen.

Hopefully it is useful!

By T Christian-Doherty

Anatomy of a computer wall display

A complete set of labels, display title and explanations that can be used to make an interactive wall display to show the internal components of a desktop computer. Apart from the labels you will need an old computer that can be taken to pieces and mounted on a classroom wall which makes an interesting activity for a group of techie students. The display explanations that are light green in the image have had self adhesive velcro tape stuck to the reverse. These are then stuck onto the display in the appropriate locations. Why on velcro? I give the labels out to students on the way into the classroom and they have to work out where their label has to be stuck. This is a simple way of getting students to associate the explanations and components.
By CSstuff

Revision Techniques Display (MFL)

This is a display ideal for the languages area corridor or for a classroom that includes 22 A3 slides with lots of ideas for Alevel students to study and revise independently for their language courses. It includes tips on how to revise more effectively using practice testing, flashcards, a study schedule, memrise, a study group, active recall and many more.
By shara_nuku

Music Classroom Displays

A bundle of 7 of our music displays.

The instruments, timeline and world map displays include QR codes with links to real musical examples and help students to build their understanding.

The careers display not only helps to show the many career paths in music but also ties directly to the content found in unit 1 of the BTEC First Award.

The remaining displays are music theory focused.

By FlippingFantastic

Design Technology Subject Careers Display

A multi-tile display, best printed on A4/A3 and put together to show a broad range of career opportunities that Design Technology can contribute to. Good to get students thinking about the possibilities of careers leading on from KS4 DT.

By prc88

PE Key Words A-Z for classroom display

A-Z of Physical Education (PE Theory) keywords.

Print out and laminate (optional) and then stick up around the classroom - great links to literacy across the curriculum and helpful for students to be able to see the words to reinforce spelling.
By mat200682

Drama Alphabet bunting display

An A-Z of dramatic words shaped as bunting in black and white, so it can be printed on coloured paper for maximum effect as shown in picture. Triangles print on A4 sheets ready to be cut and laminated. A couple of letters don’t have any words but all suggestions welcome.

By Ciaran O'Donnell

How did Maths shape the world? - Corridor displays

Here are the displays that my colleagues and I realised for the Maths corridor at The Compton School this year. We spend a lot of time and effort so we are happy to share :) We hope you like them too!
By valerie_vincent

Essay Writing Skills: Classroom Display

This 55 page pack continues all the headings to create a ‘Essay Writing Skills’ classroom display. Just print, cut and stick!

By IThinkThereforeITeach

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