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07th March 2019
IGCSE revision resources

Make sure students are ready to tackle the IGCSE with these hand-picked revision guides and lesson resources

With exam period looming, it's time for students to start organising their knowledge and revising key concepts. We know exams can be daunting, so we've gathered a collection of resources to help refresh your pupils' memory.

English and Humanities

IGCSE English Language Extended Reading Paper Guides CIE

Handy and attractive guides to each question in the IGCSE Extended Reading Paper. Useful for students to use as a revision tool to help them approach the questions. Also make great posters for classrooms.
Put together from exam board advice from CIE.

By Cathy Williams

IGCSE Edexcel English B Revision brochure

This is an information sheet I made for my Year 10 and 11 students for their end of term exam. The exam is an hour shorter than the standard IGCSE English B exam, so the creative writing based on the two texts is left out, but the advice should otherwise (hopefully) be useful for revision. Template is from Word.
By gudrunbjorg

Edexcel IGCSE Geography revision booklets

'Active' revision booklets for A1 Rivers, A3 Hazards, B4 Economic, B6 Urban and D9 Development. Each part of the spec is covered with a short activity.

I struggled with pupils just reading their books and doing past papers. This ensures they cover the whole syllabus!
By JodiBarber


Edexcel IGCSE Maths Revision Guides

Edexcel IGCSE Maths Mathematics - Revision Guide Booklet - Algebra - Graphs - Number - Shape & Space - Statistics é Probability - each printable as an A4 folded booklet
By transfinite

IGCSE Mathematics - Numbers Revision

Final Revision / practising questions for IGCSE/GCSE Mathematics on Numbers Topic
By leenalouis

IGCSE Revision (Differentiation: Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration)

A revision sheet (with answers) containing IGCSE exam-type questions, which require the students to differentiate to work out equations for velocity and acceleration.

This sheet is designed for International GCSE revision (IGCSE), but could also be used as a homework for first-year A-level students.

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By Maths4Everyone

Review Questions IGCSE (0607)

Set of 10 worksheets 20 question each, along with the answers, to be used to revise with the student. All the sheets have past paper questions. Good resource for the students to revise most of the topics:
Algebraic manipulation,
Expanding brackets and factorising,
Speed, distance and time,
Gradient and equation of the straight line,
Algebraic fractions,
Area and perimeter of 2-D shapes,
Pythagoras' theorem
Probablity - Tree diagrams
Compound interest,
Volume and surface area,
Cylinder, cone and sphere,
Standard form,
Simultaneous equations,
Rearranging formulae,
Area of a sector and length of an arc.
They are zipped in a file, so you will need a software to unzip it. For a preview of the homework sheets, copy the following link on your browser:
By oralhurt

Science and Technology

IGCSE Coordinated Science Revision guide 0654 2016 and 2017/2018 Editions

These revision guides are 95 pages long. They are composed of closed questions that cover every point of the 0654 syllabus for all three sciences. Pupils complete the revision guide by answering all the questions which gives them a summary of the whole course in one book. This is an essential revision tool and really helps pupils to structure their revision time and should improve their grades. You have access to 2 versions here, one for 2016 exams and another for 2017/2018 exams.

The price of this resource is set high because you can make as many copies as you like for the pupils in your classes. This is considerably cheaper than buying the required number of copies of any revision guide book.

By Helen Stamp

IGCSE Chemistry Revision Booklets

These are revision booklets I use for the Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry course.
By andrewkpyoung

Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Physics REVISION LESSONS

This bundle of 9 revision lessons uses a range of exam questions (with explained answers), differentiated tasks and quiz competitions to engage the students whilst challenging their knowledge of the content in the Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Physics specification:

All 8 topics are covered by the lessons in this bundle:

Topic 1: Forces and motion
Topic 2: Electricity
Topic 3: Waves
Topic 4: Energy resources and energy transfers
Topic 5: Solids, liquids and gases
Topic 6: Magnetism and electromagnetism
Topic 7: Radioactivity and particles
Topic 8: Astrophysics

There is also an additional lesson which challenges the students on their knowledge of the 21 Physics equations

If you want to see the quality of the lessons, download the topic 1 and 7 and equations revision lessons as these are free

By GJHeducation

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Biology revision worksheets

inspired by gavinterry24

Specific for Cambridge IGCSE biology. mapped to the collins textbook.

By Daniel Alexander

GCSE / IGCSE Computer Science 6 A Day Revision Questions (14 Days)

Need some extra revision resources for your students?
Try prescribing them a healthy 6 Computer Science exam questions a day.... just what the doctor ordered!

This resource includes 14 x Worksheets
Each worksheet contains 6 exam questions

It is a good idea to give these to your students in the in up to their GCSE / IGCSE, however they are fully adaptable for your needs.
By BitsOfBytes

CIE IGCSE D&T REVISION GUIDE / BOOKLET - 56 Pages of detailed content

0445 - CIE IGCSE D&T : Graphic Products

Publisher format - 90% of the exam content from both paper 1 and paper 2 covered in this booklet.

3 documents included:

56 pages of detailed and editable content in 1. publisher format and 2. pdf format + 3. powerpoint format of some parts.

By mwallace1984

Business and PE

IGCSE Enterprise Revision Booklet

This is a revision booklet that I have given my IGCSE students to help them with their revision. It has notes on all 10 units and is designed to be used alongside the work they have been doing in class.
By MissS_a_185

70+ Revision playing cards for iGCSE and GCSE Business that cover the whole syllabus

Revision playing cards for iGCSE and GCSE Business that cover the whole syllabus .
These are ready to 1) print, 2) cut and fold over, 3) laminate, 4) cut again and have a reusable pack of revision cards for normal and revision and homework activities such as ‘submit as a comic strip poster’ or 'submit as a 3D ‘trash bin’ (forms of wastage)

Question cards x 36 and include:
Explain limited & unlimited liability. Which liability do you want?
Explain and draw on the board ways of segmenting a market
Draw cost plus pricing on the board for a burger that costs $0.75 to make and the owners want $1.50 profit

Action cards x 36 and include:
Act out and explain a “Bull Market” using dance and sounds.
Using a basketball and football explain and act out the opportunity cost.
Using your mime artist skills act out (without sounds) inflation, hyperinflation and deflation

Plus 3 x Question cards and 3 x Action cards joker type cards including
You have been voted “Student of the week” due to your mime and acting skills… You can know use the teachers chair for one lesson of your choice
What is the best subject to learn at School, College and University?.. Business

By markdevonslade

Revision Booklet IGCSE PE CIE

I absolutely cannot take credit for this, the vast majority has been taken and adapted from djhf20s amazing booklet (

Since there are very few resources for the CIE IGCSE scheme of work I have adapted the booklet and added in the necessary topics to make it specific to the CIE exam board.
By lgallagher22

IGCSE PE Component 2 CIE (2018) Revision Sheets

Component 2 for CIE IGCSE PE 2018 spec. Revision topic pages for health & fitness, energy & diet, components of fitness & fitness testing, principles of training and effective use of a warm up and cool down.

By Graceffa18

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