Christmas activities in humanities

Tara Wright
29th November 2018
Humanities Christmas Classroom lesson activities history geography RE

Step into Christmas and share the joy with your students with these fun and festive resources for geography, history and RE

In need of some lesson fillers before the holidays? Insert some Christmas fun into your humanities faculty with this spread of resources chosen just for you; they're so good the students won't even realise they're learning! 


Test your students geographical knowledge and map skills with this enjoyable selection of stand alone lessons to choose from

Christmas around the world

Hopefully a nice end of term activity! A booklet of information about how different countries celebrate Christmas which could have many uses - one of which could be a design your own international Christmas card task. Could be used to design wordsearches/quizzes/crosswords too. Happy Christmas Geographers!
By blackfriary

Geography Saves Christmas

A quick sheet I put together for my year 7's who are currently exploring the Atlas and beginning their topic on rivers.

Can be used for other years as a quiz.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!
By PearsonI

Christmas Atlas Skills - Geography

Fun and visually attractive, this Christmas themed atlas work sheet is great for end of term group activities. All you need is an atlas.

A double sided Christmas themed activity sheet. Activities include: finding capital cities, finding countries, locating oceans, using data sets, drawing flags and using geographic language to describe locations - most with a festive theme. Also: draw a snowman, draw a Christmas tree and name all nine of Santa's reindeer.

Included is a display slide with learning objectives and outcomes, an activity slide with instructions, teacher notes and a lesson plan.

This resource was featured by the TES in their blog last year, and recieved a 5* review.
By AcornTeachingResources

2017 Geography Christmas Quiz

Seven rounds:
Where did Santa leave his presents?
Christmas logos
Country catchphrase
Christmas food miles
Where did Santa leave his hat?
Flags of the World?
Where do Santa's letters come from?
By LastMinuteGeography .com

Geography Christmas Quiz!

A professionally designed Christmas quiz for teachers of Geography to use with KS3-5 students, featuring 60 well-presented questions, and an answer sheet.

If you like it: leave a 5* rating and email us ( and we’ll send you a beautiful Christmas Crossword worksheet for free!

The quiz also includes a word-search (on screen) and a couple of anagram rounds.

Fifty of the questions are all Christmas-related and not connected to a specific school-subject: the final ten are subject specific and deal either with GCSE terminology of “fun facts”.

Differentiation can easily be achieved by changing quiz group sizes. The quiz is suitable for KS3-5.

Completing and peer-marking the 60-question quiz should take the best part of a 1-hour lesson.

By godwin86

Geography Christmas Quiz

End of term Christmas quiz with a Geography theme. Four rounds of 7 questions. Suitable for KS3-4.

1 - Capital Cities
2 - Flags
3 - Guess the Country
4 - Christmas

For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details

By thisisgeography


Fancy a one-off lesson on the history of Christmas or perhaps to challenge your students to a fun, seasonal quiz?

Key Stage 3 History Christmas Quiz

Need a Christmas quiz? Want it to take up the whole lesson? Want it to also be educational? Look no further!

This includes 20 questions with multiple choices answers. The PowerPoint is set up to go through the questions and then also the answers which are highlighted in red when you go fullscreen and click through the slides. This also includes a quiz answer sheet for pairs/groups to use. Happy Holidays everyone!
By Tomst

Historical Christmas Quiz

A bit of fun Historical Quiz on Christmas through the ages.
By LBonnesen

Christmas Activities: Christmas through the ages!

Time travel Britain! Students learn about Christmas during two different eras; the medieval period and Christmas during the rule of Oliver Cromwell. These two booklets include a range of activities (that need minimal teacher intervention) such as a time travel activity, source analysis, writing up a report about Christmas in the period of study (a differentiated version included with sentence stems and a version without literacy support is included), a stamp making activity, a word search and a quick recap at the end where students change their time travels views based on what they now know. Each book will take the students a 60 minute lesson to work through (so enough material for two lessons here). Enjoy a stress free end of term lesson :-). If you are new to TES you can open an account and get this resource for free with the code NOVEMBERNEWBIE (simply enter the code at checkout). Use code WOWVEMBER to get this resource for free for existing buyers
By PlanMyLesson .

Medieval Christmas

This three-page worksheet explains the ways that people in Medieval England celebrated Christmas. It includes information on food, entertainment and the religious celebrations happened at that time. From frumentry to Christmas carols, student will learn where some of our current traditions come from and learn of others that have been lost along the way.

The students complete the activities integrated into the sheet.
Task 1: A comprehension gap-fill activity.
Task 2: Use a picture to imagine and then describe a Medieval Banquet scene.
Task 3: Answer questions based on the text.
Task 4: Design their own Medieval banquet menu based in the food section of the work sheet.
Task 5: Draw and label their own medieval banquet.

Thanks for having a look.

This download (free or purchased) is for your own personal use in your classroom or your home. Please do not share my resources with others unless given explicit consent by me. Please direct them to my store instead.

You may not share this download. You may not alter any item in this download, resell and claim as your own work. Similarly, you may not sell or share these resources with anyone and you may not use the contents of this download to create anything for commercial purposes or other commercial products. If you are an education board or school and would like to use my resources district wide, please contact me about licensing.
© A. Hughes (MsHughesTeaches)
By PerfidiaBlackheart

Christmas 2017: Christmas in Tudor England

PowerPoint presentation and quiz: 28 slides (12 questions)

A look at some of the features of Christmas in Tudor England.
By CollEd

The History of Christmas!

A fun, creative group work lesson which teaches pupils how Christmas has traditionally been celebrated in Britain through the ages. Pupils work in groups and, using the information sheet, fill in a chart to show the key features of each time period. They then each choose a time period each and make a mini-Christmas card, reflecting their chosen era.

Images are provided for pupils to use if necessary with full instructions on the PP.
By allenk


Step into the Christmas spirit with your class utilising one of these entertaining, festive activities

Christmas: The True Story of Christmas

‘The True Story of Christmas’ is a well-structured lesson which aims to help students to engage in a meaningful way with this festival and to clarify some misconceptions they may have about the Christmas Story by looking at the biblical accounts of the first Christmas. This resource is designed to last 1-2 periods. ‘The True Story of Christmas’ complements <strong><a href=> Exploring Festivals: Christmas.</a></strong>

The resource contains a mixture of stimulating and attractive activities which ensure high-quality learning experiences for all students: brainstorming activity, words sort, group work, write your story, KUI activity etc. There are many opportunities for class discussions (when reading Biblical accounts) to encourage young people to present their own opinions and respect the views of others. All activities are clearly linked to success criteria.

✵ Cover
✵ Teacher Notes (including learning objectives, ways of differentiating, detailed instructions on how and when to use this resource and printing tips)
✵ PowerPoint Presentation (fully editable and with animation)
✵ Worksheets (available in colour and blackline for your convenience)
✵ TOU/Credits

<strong> Page Count</strong>: 55

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By Think_About_It

Christmas The Nativity

Powerpoint and differentiated worksheets looking at The Biblical account of The Nativity and how these corrolate.
By smallsqueaky

Christmas Symbols-Match them up!

An activity based on 19 symbols of Christmas and their meanings.

Pupils should choose different colours and match up each symbol with the correct definition.

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By TeachElite

Religious Studies Christmas Quiz (RE / RS) (Xmas, End of Term, Fun, Form / Tutor Time)

This professional quality download includes a 30 Question Christmas Quiz for RE/RS Teachers.

-Every slide features fun and engaging animations
-The quiz has 4 rounds: general quiz, odd one out, multiple choice, true/false
-It is suitable for KS2, 3 & 4 (differentiate by adjusting team size)
-Some questions are subject specific, others are general quiz questions about Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy a well-earned break! :D
By godwin86

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