MFL Christmas crackers

Christmas lesson ideas for MFL students learning French, Spanish and German

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MFL Christmas Crackers

Our favourite festive picks for primary and secondary students

We’ve selected some of the top Christmas-themed MFL activities, songs and games to ensure your pupils enjoy the last lessons of term.


Teach Christmas vocabulary using these booklets, crosswords and hands-on activities, and prepare your students for a Joyeux Noël before the winter break.

Joyeux No  l - Activities

Joyeux No l - Activities

I am preparing a Christmas activity booklet for my students. I have included a range of activities to suit differing abilities. Covers: Christmas vocab/prepositions/question words/ colours & some facts about Christmas in France. Please take the time a moment to comment. Your feedback is alwa...
French Christmas Crossword Puzzles - Mots Crois  s pour No  l
Jennifer Crespin

French Christmas Crossword Puzzles - Mots Crois s pour No l

French Christmas Crossword Puzzles - Mots Crois s pour No l 2 Christmas crossword puzzles for an easy and quick no prep activity before or after the Christmas holidays. The clues are written in French and students must find the answers to the questions also in French. Answer keys provided. ...
C'est No  l (Christmas Unit)  Literacy and Numeracy

C'est No l (Christmas Unit) Literacy and Numeracy

Materiel educatif sur le theme de Noel pour la prematernelle, les enfants ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme et/ou une deficience intellectuelle. Vous trouverez dans ce document de 107 pages, des exercices portant sur le vocabulaire, le d nombrement, l'organisation spatiale, la motricit fin...


Talk about Weihnachten with German learners using these songs, reading worksheets and writing prompts. 


Make sure this year your lessons before Navidad are enjoyable for your Spanish learners with a treasure hunt or some craftivities.

Spanish Christmas GCSE-style activities

Spanish Christmas GCSE-style activities

Reading, writing, translation and speaking GCSE-style activities on the theme of Christmas, including answers. Can be used with Key Stage 3 or 4 as end of term revision, assessments or incorporated into Christmas-themed lessons.

Fancy a bundle?

Have a look at these holiday bundles that feature several Christmas resources.

Joyeux No  l !

Joyeux No l !

6 Resources
PowerPoint presentations, Flashcards, French Advent Calendar, games ... Everything you need for your students this December.
French Christmas Bundle
Betsy Belle

French Christmas Bundle

8 Resources
Christmas themed bundle including: \- a PowerPoint with all my usual games and opportunities to practise all four skills \- a Board game (great for the last couple of lessons to avoid the usual 'design a Christmas card') \- a letter to Father Christmas- great for younger learners and lower abi...
Christmas German vocabulary games puzzles

Christmas German vocabulary games puzzles

4 Resources
This bundle contains a variety of activities constructed around the same set of vocabulary. A 65-slides presentation to introduce the German Christmas vocabulary, a vocabulary list, 2x2 differentiated word searches ,2x2 differentiated crossword puzzles, mini-picture-flashcards with the new words for...