Easter treats for MFL

Flora Michti
02nd April 2019
Easter MFL resources

Informative presentations, fun wordsearches and various worksheets to help you celebrate Easter with your MFL class

It's always enjoyable to take a lesson or two to wind down and familiarise your French, German and Spanish learners with holiday traditions. Check out these festive resources and prepare an egg-cellent lesson, quick as a bunny.


Easter in France

A Power Point presentation on Easter traditions in France, including Carnaval, Mardi Gras, les cloches, poisson d’avril etc. Presentation followed by a simple quiz.

By Sandra1972

French Easter Bundle

5 excellent resources

- PowerPoint to introduce and practise Easter vocabulary with beautiful graphics
- Colour by instruction Easter card to entertain pupils on last lesson (easy for you yet educational for them)
- Board Game to reinforce learning and inject some competition onto the lesson
- Paper puppet show activity and story

  • Interactive quiz
By Betsy Belle

Easter Writing Centers in French

Easter Writing Centers in French is a fun way to introduce Easter vocabulary to your students while helping them increase their French language skills. This booklet can be used at writing centers or workstations in a classroom. You can laminate the cards, then place them at different stations to help your students remember the words. Each writing center might feature one of the four different writing activities.

Another option is to hang the cards on your word wall or bulletin board and use the writing activities as daily activities that students can complete during the class period.

16 French Easter word cards
4 different writing activities:
Describing Pictures
Easter Colors
Ordinal Numbers in French Book
Helping out the Easter Bunny

All graphics are original and created by myself.
By YvonneCrawford

French Easter Resources - Joyeuses Pâques!

This fun Easter resource gives lots of information about Easter traditions in France in English. It then goes on to introduce 10 Easter related words in French, followed with a match-up activity, anagrams and a word search. Pupils are then asked to make a French Easter card, with lots of examples and there are 5 templates that can be printed and used. Each template has ‘Joyeuses Pâques’ and an Easter picture to colour. There are also two further Easter pictures to colour. The resource finishes with a quiz (and answers included) about what they have learnt from the PowerPoint. Happy Easter!

By cgazzal



Easter Germany
By vonsk

Ostern Workbook/ Easter Workbook

Here is a 12 page booklet that I have created to use leading up to the Easter holidays.
There is a variety of activities - translation/ describe the picture/ reading/ writing.
Can be used within class time as a full lesson(s)/ partially over the course of a few weeks or as cover work.
It took ages to make and I hope your pupils find it engaging and motivating!

By rachaelkirton1

German Easter Worksheets

A selection of worksheets concentrating on the vocabulary associated with Easter.
By flicktrimming

German Easter 3 resources in one BUNDLE

Ostern: 3 German resources in one - a board game, a logic puzzle and an activity pack incl. PowerPoint, cue cards, matching up cards, sequencing cards. Suggestions for use and differentiation are included for each resource. Enable your learners to practise their descriptive skills, numeracy, thinking skills, social interaction and many more.
Learners of any age will love these.
Please kindly respect the time and effort it took to put this resource together and do not share it with colleagues anywhere unless you have purchased the school license.
If you and your students enjoy this resource then please leave me a positive review and follow me.
Thank you,

By MosaiK


Spanish Easter vocabulary

Basic Spanish powerpoint and worksheet about Easter in Spanish, made for Primary school level/low ability KS3.
By shropshire14

Easter lesson Spanish KS3

A lesson looking at Easter traditions in Spain. Eggs need to be made with the Spanish basic vocab and stuck around the room. All other resources, for reading exercises, are included. 'Deduction&' section is based on knowledge of ingredients which will enable students to identify different Easter cakes.
By meakihi

Semana Santa y Pascua Lectura ~ Holy Week and Easter Spanish Reading

This reading has two paragraphs. The first one is written from the first-person perspective of a teenage girl living in Sevilla, Spain during Holy Week and discusses how she and her family are celebrating.

The second paragraph discusses the various holidays around this period including Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter Sunday etc.

The reading includes a glossary of specialized Easter vocabulary and 6 reading comprehension questions in Spanish.

Vocab includes:

el desfile
los pasos
el papón
el nazareno
el capirote
la cruz
la misa
el cántico
el sacerdote
la Pascua
el recordatorio
la Cuaresma
el Miércoles de Ceniza

Level: Upper Beginner

Includes answer key.

By Nina Schmidt

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