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Sian Evans
04th October 2017
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Facilitate assessment in French, Spanish and German lessons with help from this broad collection of resources

Languages teachers have to assess pupils individually across four different skill areas on a variety of topics, whilst ensuring students are clear on how they are progressing and what they need to do to improve their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. That's no small task!

Language-specific resources

Delve into the detail and get a clearer understanding of how much your students know with these baseline assessments, speaking challenges and progress-tracking documents. Plus, help individuals be responsible for their own learning with supportive helpsheets and self-assessment checklists.


Yr 7 Transition baseline assessment

This is a worksheet with success criteria in French for year 7 pupils who may have studied French at primary school. IT is a baseline assessment task.
By pixiejojo

MFL GCSE AQA Tracking Spreadsheet (French / Spanish)

Spreadsheet to track progress towards target grades for AQA GCSE MFL (French or Spanish)
Compares performance in all 4 skills to target grades. (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)
Teacher simply has to input marks from past papers or controlled assessments and the spreadsheet will calculate a current grade for each skill and an overall current grade.
Data from SIMS can be pasted in to monitor specific groups within a cohort and plan targeted interventions.
UMS from all past exams (June series) is included upto June 2014.
Fine grades used (+, -, =) but these could be altered to standards grades if not required.
By carmeldavison

El turismo en Málaga - listening comprehension - National 5 Spanish

Powerpoint of questions with embedded sound file about tourism in Málaga. Includes tourism density map for discussion. Adapted assessment material - good exam preparation.
By lauracorra

Schreiben - question & grid higher

Writing task and tick grid to set 'quality of language' targets for students to aim for in completing the task.
By rhawkes

Controlled Assessment Preparation Mat

Students can use this double-sided mat to help them in their preparation for any type of controlled assessment. It has boxes with various areas of language listed so that they can use a variety of structures and vocabulary in their work
By leerooke

Gesundheit Speaking Self Assessment Activity

A series of activities that use assessment criteria and involve peer and self-assessment around the area of Gesundheit and Sport in preparation for speaking assessments. Notes are give on the relevant slides as to which worksheet to use. The activity can be used around any topic, although some of the resources will need to be changed. My year 10s enjoyed this activity and by the end of it were fairly good at answering the questions without too much hesitation. Let me know what you think!
By gavinhillage

General MFL resources

Whether you are setting up quick assessments or preparing for controlled assessment, these resources are easily adaptable to any language. From support to testing, check out these well-structured ways of tackling assessment with confidence.


Controlled Assessment - Resource mapping -MFL

Are you fed up your students are actually not using their resources during CA and try to reinvent the wheel?
This resources helps them see what resource is important and prepare their written or speaking task - as well as making the link with their previous experiences in CA.

Meta-thinking skills

By geelhem

GCSE Speaking Self Assessment Activity

A simple hour long session enabling GCSE students to self-assess their speaking skills.

I am using this method as we approach their first speaking exams.

Students use their own phones and a set of headphones.
By K. Meyrick

MFL Speed-dating Speaking Peer-Assessment Lesson

This is a lesson I train pupils in from as early as possible (possibly not absolute beginners) and within a few run-throughs it can run itself.

It works towards the end of the unit when you want a speaking level without doing formal teacher assessments. It requires a set of questions prepared by students in a previous homework.

Outline: Leaflet starter, DTLOs, Level model together, Tongue-twister, Common errors in French pronunciation, Intonation (up for questions, up & down for statements), Do the speed dating activity (2.5 mins per question), plen: 5 mins to add the mean of the levels given and summarise feedback, hwk: Improve answers based on feedback received.

Resources: PowerPoint, Feedback sheets (1 per person), YouTube video (for transitions - They have to sit by the time you stop it in new place, Link on PowerPoint is for one of my favourites by Stromae), Levels laminates (good to have a set to hand in room, helps them to peer-assess easily).
By agcb256

New GCSE KS3 Assessments - Year 7 & 8 French, Year 7 & 8 German, Year 7 & 8 Spanish - Complete Set

All the assessment booklets you need for Year 7 and 8, French, German and Spanish!
All done to the same format!

These new GCSE assessment booklets are intended to be printed as A4 booklets and completed by pupils at the end of each half term. The assessments are geared around the content of Studio 1 & 2, Echo 1 & 2 and Mira 1 & 2 (Heinemann) and the price for this resource is purely accredited to what the resource maker has created.*
Each assessment booklet includes:
2 writing assessments based around disciplines tested in the New GCSE
3 speaking assessments based around disciplines tested in the New GCSE
Improvement opportunities for pupils
Feedback opportunities for teachers
A tracker of grammatical content
Extension opportunities to cater for all abilities
A professional front cover, suitable for Ofsted evidence

* The module content of Heinemann books is not charged for in the above price since this is not my resource to sell.
By MFLcreativity

Assessing without levels - MFL

First attempt at an assessment framework after the NC levels. Holistic rather than divided into attainment targets.
By linsen

A* ingredients for Controlled assessment

GCSE FRENCH. a word document with all ingredients for A* grade at GCSE level French. Help sheet for Controlled assessments speaking and writing.
By Frenchcaz

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