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02nd April 2020
MFL memory resources

Strategies, games and tips to help students develop memory skills

Are you worried your class will have forgotten important vocabulary and grammar items by the end of the academic year? We've got you covered. Check out this selection of techniques and game ideas to help French, German and Spanish learners improve their memory.

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Memory Techniques!

For students who are panicking about learning their controlled coursework. 5 strategies for various learning types - to be shown in class or to be printed as a booklet and sent home as a revision aid. Suitable for all languages.
By K. Meyrick

Memory tips for MFL learners

Advice on revising vocab for learners of French / German / Spanish or any Modern Foreign Language
By petermorris2001


Speaking and Memory Skills

A lesson prepared for year 9 students preparing for an FCSE speaking test. The lesson focuses on key areas of difficulty with French pronunciation for English speakers and encourages students to think for themselves about the memorisation techiques that best suit their style of learning.
By lauramac79

15 French Memory Games

Ready to print memory games to use as starters or plenaries at KS3.
These cards can also be used to do speed races with a list of words/expressions on the board. The first team/pairs to put the cards in the correct order wins.
French basics (animals, time, clothes, to have, to be, ER verbs, IR verbs, RE verbs, reflexive verbs, weather, question words, sports, free time activities, places in town).
By Aude BIE


Memory strategies

Some activities and strategies to focus learners on making the most of their memories.
By rhawkes

Freizeit - collective memory

Activity for year 10. Stick paper up on wall. Pupils take it in turns to go up and then report back to partner who fills in the grid. The partner then goes up.
By snowball33


Collective Memory

Collective memory task with related activity about body and illness.
By slaughtj

16 Spanish Verbs -Interactive Memory Game

This memory game provides an interactive way to practice with the whole class the verbs in SPANISH

The verbs that th students can learn and practice are:


I use this game with my students in high school and also adults, both of them love it!

By Jacqueline Espinoza

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