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14th February 2020
Fairtrade label on a banana, representing Fairtrade Fortnight and ways for EYFS, primary and secondary students to investigate it

Assembly ideas, tutor time activites and lesson suggestions to raise awareness of the Fairtrade movement

Fairtrade Fortnight, which takes place from Monday 24 February to Sunday 8 March, is the perfect opportunity to encourage students to evaluate their own impact on the world by exploring the origins of their food and the lives of the farmers that grow them.

Use these assemblies, lesson plans and activities to investigate how better pricing, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade can make a big difference to farmers around the world. So, why not get involved?

Lesson resources 

Chocolate Trade Game Resources

Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar. And discover along the way the difficulties workers in the chocolate trade face. This game also highlights the positive part that trade can play in communities that are developing their economies.
By ChristianAid

Investigating cotton - Ages 11+

A set of curriculum resources from the Fairtrade Foundation for Geography, investigating where cotton grows around the world, the journey of cotton from plant to shop and examining the concept of interdependence.
By Fairtrade Foundation


Lesson plan and card sort included within the powerpoint. Students should be in groups and should be given a different role based on the people involved in the banana process.
By Becky1325


An interactive lesson looking at the concept of Fairtrade and how it applies to the banana industry.

By MrHolmes8

KS3 Development - Aid and Fairtrade

A lesson for the topic of Development. Ideal for years 7 to 9. Previously taught in a 1hr lesson. This lesson begins with a game of 'Blockbusters' based on the previous learning within this half terms worth of work (bundle), this game is excellent and I would recommend that you adapt it for other lessons you teach in the future. The main activities revolve around a 'positive and negative' table for aid, followed by a set of questions for Fairtrade. Information sheet and YouTube link to Fairtrade video included.
By markalanwilliams10


Fair Trade lesson used for interview.
very detailed with variety of activities.

By Michellepaden

AQA Geography 2016 - The changing economic world - Free trade and Fairtrade

A fully resourced lesson for the new AQA Geography specification looking at free and Fairtrade.
Lots of tasks included:
Videos and questions
Sorting task
Gap fill spider diagram
Table to complete
Exam question
By LastMinuteGeography .com

Edexcel A-Level (2016) - Globalisation - L21 - Fairtrade, recycling + ethical shopping

Lesson 21 looking at Fairtrade, ethical shopping and recycling aim to reduce the negative impacts of globalisation. Includes evaluation of the schemes. At the end students use their learning to practice writing an essay conclusion.

By TheGeographyShop

Assembly and tutor time resources 

Fairtrade Fortnight Assembly

An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to mark Fairtrade Fortnight, including a short film and a PowerPoint presentation. More films, and more resources like this can be found at www.truetube.co.uk
By TrueTube

Fairtrade Fortnight

Assembly powerpoint plus script showing the difference Fairtrade can make across the world.
By brosser24

Geography Fairtrade Work From Home Booklet

Fairtrade Fortnight Activity Pack This resource could be used in English / Literacy / PSHE / Humanities or form tutor sessions to celebrate this event. 8 PAGE pack of classroom-ready activities that will educate and engage students.

This Activity Booklet (Editable and PDF Version attached) Contains:
☞ Learning Objectives & Contents
☞ Theme of Fairtrade images
☞ Design templates for a new supermarket Fairtrade Delivery Van
☞ Construct and Build a 3D Version of a Fairtrade Delivery Van
☞ Fairtrade Topical Debate ideas
☞ Principles of Fairtrade Continuum Activity
☞ Start a FairTrade Campaign

Fantastic resource to support quick and easy planning!

If used with the Fairtrade Fortnight Quiz
Fairtrade Fortnight Quiz Resourceswe offer you have the makings of a Drop Down Day to celebrate this event.

E.G Both Key stages complete the Quiz

  • KS3 Work on Campaigns to encourage the purchase of fairtrade items - Set up a fairtrade stall and then present their marketing campaign to the class / in the hall.

+KS4 Designing and exploring the theme of Fairtrade and Constructing a 3D Fair Trade Van (Blow it up to A3 or even A2 if larger groups. Then explore the principles of Fair Trade and debate the importance of Fair Trade Topics


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By Cre8tive Resources

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 Fair Trade Fun. FUN/C8/QZ/59
Over 10 rounds and 60+ Questions. Tutor Time, Citizenship, Geography or PSHE

This resource contains:
1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /60+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!!

Contains 10 Rounds: Fairtrade farmers, True or False, Observation and memory Round, Fairtrade principles, Fairtrade farmers, Exploring Fairtrade Numbers, Certified Products, anagrams and a Design Challenge and much more…

This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extracurricular clubs, part of a drop-down day or as an educational treat for your class.

This will last a full hour by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included which involves drawing an image top 3 score points

Great way to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight with your students.

A variety of different rounds and different challenges within this quiz for all types of learners to access (something fun for all abilities within this quiz)

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By Cre8tive Resources

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