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Victoria Haughton
20th February 2018
Image representing International Women's Day teaching resources

Celebrate the achievements of women around the world on International Women's Day

Coinciding with Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day is a global celebration observed on 8 March every year. It is an opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, as well as highlight those areas where action is still needed to bring about equality.

Spread the word among your pupils with this selection of hand-picked resources for both primary and secondary students.

Whole-school resources

International Women’s Day is for all ages. Explore the real-life stories of individuals working towards gender equality, and reflect upon the successes of women throughout history with these stimulating resource picks.

Women's rights are human rights

Our Key Stage 2-4 PowerPoint and infographics poster will help pupils to understand how taking away a person’s rights impacts on their life and on their community.

The resources explore how statistics relate to the real world, using the stories of women and men who are working towards gender equality around the world.

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By ActionAidSchoolsTeam

International Women's Day

Download these great resources to aid you in creating brilliant lessons to teach the importance of International Women's Day.

These resources include a quiz, crossword and an in-depth timeline of some of the most influential women in history.
By BritannicaDigitalLearning

International Women's Day assembly 7-11: The Bechdel test in films

Diversity on film is a key topic in the film industry and this assembly is aimed at helping young people to discuss the representation of female characters on film using the Bechdel test as a framework. The Bechdel test is used in this assembly as a fun way of analysing how women are represented on film, and starting a conversation about whether this is fair. Young people will apply the Bechdel test to clips from popular films before discussing how films break with tradition.

The extension activities will allow children to explore the issues presented in the assembly in a creative manner. The resource is suitable to be used in an assembly format, in a film club setting or for use in the classroom
By IntoFilm

The Woman who invented series of posters

These 8 posters were put together to promote womens role in developing technology. 8 women who invented different things. A3 Portrait posters (you could Print them A2 if you like, but I don't know how well that would work) Basically, I needed to have some examples when girls would say that Technology was a boys subject. The posters were assembled using the outstanding inkscape free from
By David Willmot

Primary resources

Encourage younger learners to discover more about the achievements of inspiring women throughout history and see how attitudes have changed over time with these engaging lesson ideas. From match-up tasks to well-designed booklets, there’s something to engage every pupil.

Understanding Domestic Work - Past and Present

Women’s History - March - Women’s History Month

By WomensHistoryMonth

Great Women in History (Primary Lesson for Women's History Month & International Women's Day)

An ideal lesson for International Women's Day (8th March 2018) and for Women's History Month (March). The lesson focuses on discussing famous women from history, identifying their achievements and evaluating why they were so important. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding of the role played by women in helping to shape the world.

There are four optional independent tasks as part of the lesson, which can be used at the teacher's discretion. Full differentiation is built into each of these, with challenge activities and support sheets for those who need them.

The flexibility of the lesson means that I have been able to use it in Years 2 to 6, but it could also be easily adapted for younger children.


*Teacher PowerPoint presentation

*4 activity support sheets

*Full planning, linked to history curriculum

Please see the Goldtopfox shop for more great teaching resources:
By goldtopfox

Women's History Growing Bundle

Women's History has 108 pages filled with biographies of 23 famous women in the present and in the past. This packet is a growing packet. MORE women will be added to it. If you have suggestions, email me at and I'll add them as soon as possible.

Your students will learn about 23 different women in history. They will learn about their early years, their achievements and other details. As they complete each unit, they can track their progress in the Women in History booklet found in the back of this packet.

Women in this packet:
Queen Elizabeth II
Mother Teresa
Jane Austen
Hillary Clinton
Benazir Bhutto
Florence Nightingale
Amelia Earhart
Joan of Arc
Helen Keller
Rosa Parks
Susan B. Anthony
Princess Diana
Marie Curie
Oprah Winfrey
Malala Yousafzai
Eva Perón
Wangari Maathai
Anne Frank
Tegla Loroupe
Valentina Tereshkova
Emmeline Pankhurst

Each women has an information sheet, an information coloring poster to create, a fill-in the blank page where students can show what they've learned about each woman.

If you would like me to add any women, simply email me at and I'll add them when possible.

I hope you enjoy my Women's History packet. Let me know if you have any questions.

All artwork is original and created by myself.

Thanks for stopping by my store,
Yvonne Crawford
By YvonneCrawford

Secondary resources

Even in today’s world there are pre-conceived notions of what women should do and be. Challenge typical gender stereotypes and delve further into notable female personalities with these presentations and ready-to-use activities.

International Women's week celebration

Here is a PowerPoint to celebrate International Women's week. It can be used with KS3 or KS4 and can be adapted to make it subject specific. This is a PowerPoint to encourage women to stay in maths & science. I have done it for 3 lessons long. Adapt if necessary.
By phull03

Women in Technology: Special International Women's Day Presentation

The special lesson on "Women in Technology" for the International Women's Day (8th of March). It focuses on Women inventors in the past and Women in technology now.

The lesson contains 21 slides.
By justina_pajus

Judaism: Judaism KS3 Unit

7 (more added!) hours of Judaism lessons for KS3. Includes 30 x worksheets, 7 x fully differentiated PowerPoints, clip links, KS3 (and easily adapted for KS4 / GCSE) ALL EDITABLE TOO! (one of the lessons is double lesson).

An introduction to Judaism
Jewish Holy Books and what they say
Who were Abraham and Isaac and how did Judaism start
What is Hanukkah, how and why is it celebrated?
Why is Jerulalem so important? (including GCSE prep- style mini-assessment)
Judaism today - breaking stereotypes
2 Hour lesson - The Palestine / Israel Conflict and End of Unit Assessment

All 7 packs are - complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets, clip links and questions
Suitable for KS3 mainly but easily adapted
Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core
Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above for inclusive SMSC
Theres about 20 hours worth of planning here - I use all these lesssons myself as head of RE
If you like this and it's saved you time, check out my 1 WHOLE YEAR's WORTH OF RE bundle (36 lessons) available here:1 Year’s worth of RE
Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop:
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

By EC Resources

Women in History Quiz

I used this for tutor time with Yr10 group. Good to promote International Women's Day which has just passed (8th March).
By helenpot

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