Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Sian Evans
10th January 2019
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Resources to prompt discussion and reflection on the life and work of civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King Jr. 

Celebrated in the US on the third Monday in January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an opportunity to explore how one man took a non-violent approach to tackle racial segregation in the 20th century. From his pacifist approach to fighting for civil rights to his expertise in delivering memorable speeches, Martin Luther King Jr.'s life can teach students about equality, respect and faith.

To help your class discover more about this inspirational man and his legacy within history, we’ve hand-picked a selection of thoughtful presentations, activities and lesson ideas.  


Encourage younger students to explore the life and work of MLK Jr's using these crafts and differentiated activities.

Martin Luther King project

This workpack is designed primarily for older children with moderate learning difficulties. It could be adapted for younger children. Children can talk about some sections as well as draw their answers.
By lisgarten

Martin Luther King Activity Sheet

Here is an 8.5" x 11" activity sheet for Martin Luther King, Jr.

It asks the students to:
1. Sketch MLK
2. Use the calendar to determine the date of the holiday
3. Figure out how long it has been a holiday
4. List 3 important facts
5. Illustrate and define a vocabulary word
6. Name and give an example of a character trait
7. List some Fast Facts about MLK, Jr.
8. Find and write a famous quote.
9. Write their Sources.

Students can add their own decorative touches to it after they fill it out. Great for a literacy center!
By WindupTeacher

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King: These Martin Luther King Jr. cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about Martin Luther King Jr. How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included.

These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms:

Martin Luther King, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Poor People's Campaign,
Ebenezer Baptist Church, I Have a Dream, Selma to Montgomery Marches,
1963 March on Washington, Nobel Peace Prize

***** Do a search for my other Cootie Catchers in the folllowing topics: *****
United States History:
♦ 13 Colonies
♦ American Heroes
♦ American Revolution
♦ American Symbols
♦ Benjamin Franklin
♦ Bill of Rights
♦ Black History Month
♦ Boston Tea Party
♦ Branches of Government
♦ Christopher Columbus
♦ Civil Rights
♦ Civil War
♦ Cold War
♦ Columbian Exchange
♦ Constitution
♦ Declaration of Independence
♦ Dust Bowl
♦ Economics
♦ First Thanksgiving
♦ French and Indian War
♦ Gilded Age
♦ Great Depression
♦ Immigration
♦ Industrial Revolution
♦ Inventors
♦ Jamestown
♦ Lewis and Clark
♦ Lost Colony of Roanoke
♦ Louisiana Purchase
♦ Loyalists or Patriots
♦ Martin Luther King
♦ Native Americans
♦ Oregon Trail
♦ Pilgrims
♦ Progressive Era
♦ Reconstruction
♦ Spanish American War
♦ Texas Revolution
♦ Underground Railroad
♦ War of 1812
♦ Westward Expansion
♦ World War I
♦ World War II

World History:
♦ Absolute Monarchs
♦ European Explorers
♦ Famous Explorers
♦ French Revolution
♦ Holocaust
♦ Middle Ages
♦ Renaissance
♦ Crusades
♦ Titanic
♦ World War I
♦ World War II

Ancient History:
♦ China
♦ Egypt
♦ Greece
♦ India
♦ Rome
♦ Incas
♦ Aztecs
♦ Maya's
♦ Mesopotamia
♦ Vikings
By ScienceSpot

MLK Jr. Day Card and Pledge Kit! Poems, Pictures, Text, & Characters!

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. with meaningful cards and a variety of visuals! Enjoy card-making poems,coloring pages, pictures, text, and photo face characters! includes pledge and original poem "There Was a Man With a Dream" and features a printable sheet of (color!) pins from the 1960s Civil Rights movement. Great for collage and poster projects!

Most kits come with (at least!)...

1 Character Gift (in 3 different versions-drawing faces for kids, color and add photo for kids, and pre-colored add photo for teacher!*)
*Pre-colored Children Characters come with 3 skin tones if required. Characters are cartoon children or animals.

1 People Pictures Page (for cut-outs or drawing reference)
1 Object Pictures Page (for cut-outs or drawing reference)
1 Text/Greetings/Phrases Page- (for cut-outs or copying)
1 Original Kid Poem to put in cards (though most come with even more!)
Some kits come with poems that are appropriate for teachers to give to other adults (such as parents and co-workers!)
Some kits come with coloring pages of holiday characters.

By IllumismartClipArt


Challenge middle and high-school pupils with these presentations, prompts and reading comprehension tasks.

Introduction to the civil rights movement

Lesson 1 of 3 that builds up to an assessment piece on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
By samroberts86

Martin Luther King

‘Outstanding’ observed lesson, 7 resources included. An hour long, fully resourced lesson with powerpoint, differentiated tasks throughout, worksheets, clip link and accompanying task focusing on the Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights groups. Designed to meet Ofsted Good-Outstanding criteria by a experienced History teacher in a UK secondary school.

Pack includes 7 resources total including detailed lesson plan.

By History_Geeks

Martin Luther King

This Martin Luther King presentation contains 64 fully editable slides on the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, the famous civil rights leader. It is an ideal resource for Martin Luther King Day, celebrated on the third Monday in January, around the time of his birthday. It is also appropriate for Black History Month (African-American Month) in October in the UK and February in the USA.

The PowerPoint makes reference to: his family background, his schooling and education, his involvement and leadership in the civil rights movement leading campaigns and his impact upon civil right reforms. The PowerPoint contains hyperlinks to some of his famous speeches - I have a dream, the mountain top, the drum major. There are also links to a short video presentation of his life and the hymn sung at his funeral.

A simple text version of this presentation, more appropriate for younger pupils / older SEN students, is also available.

Martin Luther King Simple Text Presentation

You may also be interested in:

Martin Luther King Texts and Comprehensions

A set of 11 comprehension questions (and answers) on the life and achievements of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King. There is also a set of more challenging extension tasks for higher achieving students.

Martin Luther King Quotes Posters

This resource contains 5 inspiring quotes about equality and civil rights from Martin Luther King. There are four versions of this resource providing a choice of background colours and text. It is an ideal resource for display and to promote discussion on his quotes and views.

These resources will help to contribute to students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development by learning about the history and heritage of communities and the lives of those that overcame the challenges they faced.

Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this step-by-step guide:

How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step by Step Guide

By Krazikas

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life and Work - Reading Comprehension

A reading Comprehension on Martin Luther King's Life and work as a social activist and leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. There are a lot of comprehension exercises after the text including : True or False, multiple choice, gap filling and finding synonyms exercises. The vocabulary used in the text is quite advanced (higher intermediate to proficient level).
By MariaPht

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