Resources to support Black History Month

Nicola Davison
19th September 2017
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Lesson plans, activities and display ideas to support your teaching of black history

With Black History Month just around the corner, we've picked out some of our favourite resources to help you to celebrate and raise awareness of just a few of the important figures and events of black history with your class.

Getting the discussion started

What is Black History Month and why do we celebrate it? Introduce learners to some of the most influential individuals and achievements in black history with these fascinating visuals and detailed assembly packs.

Black History Visuals

22 x A4 Visuals showing famous black people and a brief summary of their achievements
By MrsBourdon

Black History Qotes

inspirational quotes

By tedbarrow

Black History Month Assembly with links to videos

There are videos to highlight the work of black people who have not been recognised by history. Finishes with a clip of Morgan Freeman saying what he thinks about Black History month. Students were very interested.
By mcraven

Black History: Black History Month Presentation - 85 Slides

This resource is a fully editable and informative 85-slide PowerPoint presentation on 'Black History Month' which is celebrated in October in the UK and February in the USA and Canada.

This resource helps to contribute to the students' Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development by finding out about the history and heritage of communities and the lives of those that overcame the challenges they faced.

It contains references to the history of Black History Month / African-American History Month, the Slave Trade, the Abolition of Slavery, the Civil Rights Movement and its campaign to get human and civil rights for African- Americans, influential people in the civil rights movement - Rosa Parkes, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela - significant events in the struggle for human and civil rights - the Great March on Washington, Tommie Smith and John Carlos' salute at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, the American Civil War and the debate about the appropriateness of 'Black History Month'.

The powerpoint also contains hyperlinks to Bob Marley's 'Buffalo Soldiers,' Martin Luther's 'I have a dream' speech, Nelson Mandela's story and interview with Morgan Freeman's explaining why he does not want a 'Black History Month.'

A simple text version of this resource, more suitable for younger / SEN pupils is also available

Simple Text Black History Month Lesson / Assembly Presentation

Further Black History Month Resources

Black History Month 50 Question Quiz

For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate

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By Krazikas

Resources for younger learners

Encourage younger students to participate in the celebrations of Black History Month with this selection of lesson ideas. From exploring the lives of civil rights leaders, to researching footballers and key black inventors, there’s something to engage every pupil.

Black History Month Mini Unit

~Black History Month ~ Mini Unit ~ Famous African Americans~
With the time constraints placed on teachers today, this mini unit was created to give teachers little to no prep time.
Easy to understand and use!
We hope your students enjoy learning about these African Americans that made a difference in the world in which we live.

The Black History Month Mini Unit is composed of:
5 informational passages that are written in the 3-5 grade level range
* comprehension questions page for each passage
* Venn diagram to compare and contrast the figures
* summary pages for each individual + blank summary page
* informational passages for Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, and Booker T. Washington
* timeline template to record events for each person
* interactive notebook pages
* take home booklet (similar to the interactive notebook) - in case you don’t do interactive notebooks :)
By Becky Hawkins

Martin Luther King Jnr Word Search

Martin Luther King Jnr Word Search

By sfy773

Martin Luther King - Black History Month

Let me know what you think of this - a little late, but maybe for next year? Just a video as a hook for a BHM lesson a few weeks ago. Art activities are pretty simple, first one was completed by putting a pic of MLK on the IWB, freezing screen and tracing around it, then painting it. Second one involves a few things. Put an A4 enlarged picture in a plastic wallet, paint PVA glue on it and arrange layers of tissue paper, different colours for different features. Make sure that glue is painted on top of each layer and continue to build it up. When dry it peels off and looks great.
By scottlowther

Black History Week - Footballers

A week's planning for Literacy used in a Year 4 class during Black History Week.
By Kcook90

Black Inventors

Just created this for my class tomorrow on our 'Black History Creativity Day&'. Hope it comes in handy for you. Can be easily adapted to suit your needs.
By ttg2706

KS2 Nelson Mandela Black History Month

A fantastic resource that looks at the life of Nelson Mandela and apartheid. This resource has the learning objective, success criteria and all the resources.
By sparkle1978

Resources for older students

Discover more about the work of major historical figures such as Marcus Garvey and Rosa Parks, or encourage students to do their own independent research with the help of these stimulating tasks.

English Lesson for Black History Month

This interactive lesson is designed to give students of all backgrounds knowledge of one of the West Indies' most honored entrepreneurs: Marcus Garvey.

Through the exploration of his endeavors, students will utilize their inference and writing skills to explain the social and economical impact of Garvey's achievements.

Includes peer assessment plenary covering AF2 Reading and AF2 Writing, pair work and class discussion activities and homework task.

Typically for a 50 minute lesson.

Pitched for a mixed ability group; minimum set 3.

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Story and Quiz

32 questions with excellent pictures and sources to engage and motivate pupils study of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Learning Objectives:

To understand the significance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the Civil Rights Movement

Teacher Notes

This is an excellent activity/game to further improve students work and knowledge.

By sfy773

Black History Month: Research Activities for Teens

Black History Month: Research Activities for Teens

Are you looking for some fun independent research activities for your students to do when learning about Black History?

This resource is really easy to use in your classroom – there are 16 printable worksheets which have the name and picture of some of the heroes of Black History: some are well-known and others are unsung heroes.

Students can then undertake their own research (at home or in lessons) to find out more about these people, and then reflect on why they think they are so inspirational and have made such a positive impact on Black History. There is also a blank version at the end for students to research their own hero!

Resource includes:
• Martin Luther King Jr.
• Frederick Douglass
• Harriet Tubman
• Mary Seacole
• George Washington Carver
• Booker T. Washington
• Rosa Parks
• Muhammad Ali
• Malcolm X
• William H. Hastie
• Maya Angelou
• Thurgood Marshall
• Nelson Mandela
• James Meredith
• Ruby Bridges
• Elijah McCoy

This is great way for students to do some background research on some of the heroes that have shaped Black History and can be completed at home or during a lesson - there are plenty to choose from!
These worksheets would also look great displayed on a wall display or stapled into a booklet for students to keep!


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By TeachersResourceForce

English Lesson for Black History Month: Media Coverage During the Civil Rights Movement

A poignant, skills based lesson designed to fuse elements from the civil rights movement and the use of language and structure in printed media from the time.

Students will consider how language and structure was used to portray opposing approaches to protesting against segregation in America during the mid-late 20th century.

Lesson includes worksheets to help students consider the use of language and structure in printed media and an exemplary PETER paragraph to assess against AF4 Reading and AF4 Writing.

Can also be used as an SMSC lesson to evoke discussions on equality.

Homework task included.

Pitched for mixed ability; minimum set 2.

Black History Month Task Cards

These task cards are a great way for students to learn about the major historical figures in African American history.

This product contains 24 cards that have students identify the famous African American based from a description of that person with his or her picture. A recording sheet and an answer key are included. Blank cards are also included for questions to be added, if wanted. The same 24 cards are also available in a non-multiple choice option as well.
By ScienceSpot


Using pictures and information garnered from the TES website, this is a very straightforward two-part quiz (think pub-quiz picture round & matching people to their ‘definition).

By mpc

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