Marking Holocaust memorial day

Sian Evans
18th January 2019
Resources, teaching ideas and guidance on how to mark Holocaust Memorial Day with secondary school students

Resources to help secondary students think about the Holocaust and its legacy

Holocaust memorial day takes place on 27 January each year; the same date that the Nazi’s largest death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, was liberated in 1945. It’s a time for us to remember those who lost their lives and reflect upon the lessons of the past. This year’s theme, “torn from home” focuses on the impact of language, exploring how words have been used in the past and present for both good and evil.  

To help your students explore the Holocaust in a sensitive way, we’ve hand-picked resources that present the facts, guide conversations and stimulate deeper thinking.

Introductory activities

Strategies for teaching the Holocaust

Establishing an ethos for Holocaust education
By woodgreenhistory

General Principles for Teaching the Holocaust

This guidance document is designed to help educators deliver purposeful and effective Holocaust education by highlighting internationally-agreed principles of best practice.
By HolocaustEducationalTrust

The Holocaust PPT with Supporting Resources

A PPT that covers : Jewish history Background, Reasons for Persecution, the Nuremberg Laws, Propaganda, Kristallnacht, The Warsaw Ghetto, Einsatzgruppen, The Final Solution.

The PDF activities cover the above in more depth plus witness accounts and skills activities.

Direct Youtube link here :
By Ichistory

Illustrated Holocaust Glossary

An introduction to key places, people and terms, the Glossary takes the reader on a “trail”. Photos and snippets of survivor testimony serve as reminders of the cost of prejudice and discrimination. Navigate to the special feature to find a gripping account of love and courage that will move and inspire. In this section, there are questions for reflection and debate.

By smartleydoesIT

Lesson ideas

How should we respond to the Holocaust

This lesson follows on from the last one on Jewish Attitudes to the Shoah. The starter is taken from 4 pics 1 word which is sweeping school at the moment. Thank you to anyone who's slides I have borrowed to make this one. Please rate and comment if you have time, it would be lovely to know how to improve, or what you can add to this one.
By louisemhutton

How should we remember the Holocaust?

This is a group task - pupils look at pictures of Holocaust memorials from around the world, the discuss and assess them against criteria. They use this work to then design their own Holocaust memorial which is then peer assessed
By mrdrcarter

Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly

An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. All films can be viewed or downloaded for free at:
By TrueTube

How Should We Remember the Holocaust?

This lesson can be used as a natural conclusion to a programme of study on the Holocaust and as a focus for schools which wish to create their own Holocaust memorial. Using case studies of various forms of Holocaust remembrance from around the world, it encourages students to reflect on the nature of historical memory and how the Holocaust can be best commemorated in the future.
By HolocaustEducationalTrust

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