The Christmas Truce

Tara Wright
06th December 2018
WW1 Christmas Truce History Lesson

It's this most wonderful time of the year! Discover the magic of Christmas through this collection of resources featuring a truly heartwarming wartime story

The 1914 Christmas truce was a remarkably unique day of camaraderie and peace between two opposing armies during the First World War. Share this exceptional Christmas tale with your students through these spectacular resources.


Challenge your students to a debate arguing whether or not this monumental world war event should be used for commerical promotion.

First World War: 'How did the British soldiers feel after the Christmas truce in 1914?'

First World War lesson on the Christmas Truce in 1914. The students analyse a range of sources (posters, letter extracts and film footage) to collect evidence on British attitudes towards the German people. The main task is a letter writing activity where the students need to explain how and why their feelings towards war and the enemy has changed. Literacy support and differentiated materials included as well as clear step by step instructions
By PlanMyLesson .

WW1 Christmas Truce

This nice Christmas themed lesson has helped me to keep both SLT happy with its academic integrity and the students happy with a bit of Christmas cheer in that final week of term! We introduce the 1914 truce with the Sainsburys advert. The basic factual recall quiz afterwards is a nice chocolate winning opportunity. Students then cross-reference the advert’s idealised portrayal with a series of sources to reach a final judgement on how accurate the Sainsburys’ portrayal was. This is written up in the form of a response from the Advertising Standards Agency to a complaint about the advert not being accurate.

By katherinelroe

Christmas Truce 1914-2014

A lesson exploring the accuracy of the 2014 Sainsburys advert through primary sources.

It also gets pupils to think carefully about their opinion on the advert.
By madhatter1883

The Christmas Truce, 1914

These outstanding resources on the Christmas Truce in 1914 are a great lesson no matter the time of year, but they make a particularly moving, touching and inspirational end to the long Autumn Term on the meaning of Christmas.

I've provided two resources with this lesson. They can be used in any subject across the curriculum. This topic links to History, Music, RE, PSCHE, English, Drama and Music. The first resource is a worksheet with a series of activities aimed to support a wide spectrum of learners. I've built in extension tasks as well as DART strategies for the less able. The PowerPoint is designed to primarily to support the delivery of the worksheet, but includes the aims and objectives, a snowballing starter for pair and share, differentiated questions for different groups, historical sources and diagrams to help illustrate core ideas as well as carefully selected video and music clips.

This is one of my favourite lessons and I am confident that it will quickly become yours as well. Treat yourself to good lesson, avoid the painful Christmas videos at the end of term and create a memorable educational moment in time for your students with this truly inspirational story.

You will learn:
Theme: What is the meaning of Christmas?
Know: What happened during the Christmas Truce in 1914?
Understand: Why did the British and German troops hold an unofficial truce?
Evaluate: Why wasn’t there a Christmas truce in 1915?
Skills: Cause, Consequence, Source Analysis, Evaluation and Judgement.

What Am I Looking For this lesson?
Identify = What happened during the Christmas Truce in 1914?
Describe = Why the British and German soldiers held an unofficial truce in 1914?
Explain = Why the British and German soldiers held an unofficial truce in 1914?
Analyse= Why wasn’t there a Christmas truce in 1915?

The best documentary to watch on this - rather than a Christmas video is: Days that shook the World – The Christmas Truce. See your history department for a copy. If they are worth their salt they will have a copy!

I am offering these resources at a knock down price - for a cup of coffee. I was recently made redundant by a multi-academy trust because I was the union rep. If you like my resources then check out the rest on my TES shop or if you fancy a chat about any of my resources or simply want to be kept updated, then you can follow the The History Academy on Twitter, Facebook or You Tube.

Anyway, have fun and whatever time of year it is - Peace and Goodwill to all Men and Women. Please help to keep alive the spirit of the Christmas Truce, 1914.

Kind Regards

By Roy Huggins

Cross Curricular

Delight students in any subject with the chronological series of events surrounding the Christmas truce.

Christmas Day Truce 1914 | World War One Literature

A cross-curriculum lesson that details the historical context of the Christmas Day truce 1914.
Includes English-based activities.
Look at my other resources for more World War One poetry.
Feedback appreciated :)
By EnglishTeacher920

British Council Football Remembers Education Pack

British Council has joined forces with The FA, Premier League + Football League to commemorate the 1914 Christmas Truce. The pack includes photos, eye-witness accounts + letters from soldiers. Perspectives from British, French, Belgian, German + Indian witnesses are included with activities for English, language, drama, art, sport, history + moral education.
Schools are invited to design a memorial with the winner chosen by The Duke of Cambridge + Arsenal/ England forward Theo Walcott to be built at the National Memorial Arboretum.

By British Council Schools Online

Joyeux Noel French Film Study Guide + lesson plan

Good for Christmas with S3
I have reordered, compiled and corrected an existing resource I have found online. Creator aknowledged in document.
ps: Verbs game can be played with dice and snakes and ladders.

Film can be found on Amazon
By dalmore

Christmas Truce Activities

Within only a few months from the start of World War 1, hundreds of thousands of soldiers had been killed or injured in heavy fighting. However, in December, in many places along the battle area known as the Western Front, soldiers stopped fighting and celebrated Christmas together.

You’ll find our quiz, crossword and word search all about Christmas Truce.
By BritannicaDigitalLearning

Teachers TV: World War I Christmas Truce

The first world war Christmas truce re-enacted for KS3/4 history.
A group of students watch actors reenact the first world war Christmas truce in this video resource designed for use in secondary history lessons. Costumed actors dramatise the truce that took place between British and German troops in 1914 on the battlefields of Ypres in Belgium.
By Teachers TV

The Christmas Day WW1 Truce Assembly

An assembly that looks back at the Truce between British and German soldiers during Christmas in the First World War 1914. A really engaging assembly that is sure to inspire students.
By sullfish

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