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Sian Evans
20th June 2019
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Schemes of work, units and detailed lessons on popular topics to help reinvigorate next year’s planning

When jumping between historical periods, there will always be some topics that you know like the back of your hand and others where you need to dedicate more time to planning so that you feel confident teaching them. As you start to think about the next academic year, we’ve selected a range of resources, designed to support your planning whether they spark inspiration or fill gaps in your repertoire.

KS3 resources

Year 7 Castles complete scheme of work

This resource includes 12 lessons with full PowerPoints, worksheets, an assessment and an independent homework project instructions. This scheme of work has been in the making for five years as I teach castles to year 7 every academic year. This scheme of works allows students to think about change and continuity from castle beginnings as 'forts' to stone square keep castles, all the way to nuclear war bunkers and the implications of modern warfare. I also link these lessons to their end of year trip visiting Skipton castle. All lessons and worksheets are clearly labelled to the corresponding lesson which they belong.
Lesson 1 - What is a fort?
Lesson 2 - Where to build a castle?
Lesson 3 - Motte and bailey castles
Lesson 4 - Stone square keep castles
Lesson 5 - Jobs in medieval castles
Lesson 6 - Concentric castles
Lesson 7 - Attacking a castle
Lesson 8 - Castles today
Lesson 9 - Air Raid shelters
Lesson 10 - Nuclear War shelters
Lesson 11 - Assessment
Lesson 12 - Peer assessment of castle projects
By mykingdomforalessonplan

Slavery SOW

First few lessons in a unit of work looking at Slavery. Students are encouraged to make a link between the Industrial Revolution and Empire/Slavery. Subject knowledge audit outlines the lesson questions and can be used as an AFL tool to check progress. HMWK and inspiration for some lessons;
By ccking

Roaring 20s Unit of Work

Attached is the PowerPoint and resources for a Yr.9 SOW on the 1920s

This was a popular unit which students enjoyed working through, topics covered are:
An introduction to the 1920s
Immigration and racial intolerance in the USA
Women in the 1920s
Economic boom of the 1920s
The Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression

The unit was delivered to mixed ability Yr.9 students with SEMH needs, but can be easily adapted for a range of key stages and abilities.
By Daisy-May Lewis

World War One Bundle

World War I for KS3/4 : Short unit of well differentiated lessons on complete with new 9-1 level GCSE challenge questions, one full lesson on Remembrance Day (covering both WWs) and a Remembrance Day, WWI Quiz and 4x homeworks.

1. World War I, conscription, conscientious objectors and propaganda
2. World War I, homefront and defence of the realm
3. World War I, causes, alliances, rivalry and colonialism.
4. Remembrance Day Lesson
5. Remembrance Day and WWI Quiz
6. 4x WWI homeworks

Each lesson is:
Designed to last hour - last task can be set as homework or done as plenary, depending on time. Includes clip question and differentiated questions, starter sheets, LO check sheet with key terms and reasons cards all included with 1 hour Powerpoint.

I'll be adding to this bundle as I plan, so check back occaionally for more lessons if you buy it. They will be free to download if you already have this bundle.

Leave a review and choose any other resource from my shop for free:
email me at with your choice :)
By History_Geeks

KS4 resources

All the Germany 1918-45 topics on one page

Mindmap of all the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany topics for GCSE, including pointers to key questions for each sub-topic. Created originally for EdExcel iGCSE Development of Germany, but equally applicable for AQA / OCR / SHP Depth Studies with a little tweaking. Handy for planning or revision to make sure all areas covered.
By lighthousekeeper

Medicine Through Time Timeline

As complete a timeline as I could produce on the Medicine course for GCSE AQA / EdExcel.
By jplayer

American Civil War Scheme of Work

A 7 lesson fully resources no textbook needed overview of the US Civil War, focusing on long term causes, short term causes and the impacts.

Built to fit in exactly with American West: Expansion and Consolidation GCSE AQA unit.

By LizardKing

Origins of the Cold War Scheme of Learning

This unit goes alongside the AQA spec B, unit one text book. It is the entire unit of lessons on the origins of the cold war.
By rmbell33

Post-16 resources

Mary Tudor Unit of Work

This unit gives hours of lessons including activities, questions and discussion points about the reign of Mary Tudor.

The unit is primarily aimed at the theme of a Mid Tudor Crisis but can easily be used for most Tudor examinations.

The corresponding PowerPoint is available in the Premium section.
By IQResources

Student Unit Guide: AQA Unit 2 The Making of Modern Britain 1951-2007 A-LEVEL VERSION

A near 50 - page student unit guide guide for AQA's The Making of Modern Britain; pack includes:

Section A source based questions and sources for BOTH 'year' components 1951-1979 & 1979-2007
Section B essay based questions
Student friendly mark schemes
Reading list
By Scott Townshend

Witch Craze History revision workbook for A level

Detailed revision workbook for A level History Edexcel paper 3
Advice on source questions
Activities and information on breadth and depth studies
Two example essays
lots of exam questions
key terms glossary

information comes from a range of textbooks and resources that I have used and adapted this year. Everything has been adapted to an extent to help A level students.
41 pages long
By chuckstermoose

Historical Investigation Unit of Work

This is a unit of work that will help in the understanding of Historical Investigation, Historiography, how to write an annotated bibliography and the reliability of sources. This unit is a great basis for a broad Historical Investigation Assessment that looks at key individuals or personalities, however, it can be modified according to the required task. There is also a link to a great lecture (in two parts) of a historian that is discussing Historiography. Enjoy!
By MissSparkles

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