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Tara Wright
06th June 2019
The tudors secondary history KS3 KS4 KS5

Teaching the Tudors to secondary history students doesn't have to be so terrible with this fantastic collection of resources for key stages 3, 4 and 5

The Tudor dynasty is one of the most renowned and exciting areas of British history to deliver to history students and certainly considered to be one of the most memorable. To help build upon students prior knowledge and prepare them for the recent Tudor additions to the GCSE and A level specifications, we have put together a collection of some of our most popular Tudor resources spanning the period for KS3, KS4 and KS5 students.

KS3 resources

Henry VIII: Man or Monster

A source analysis lesson designed so that students can evaluate Henry's personality / character
By tblake500

The Tudors - Who's who in Tudor England

***SALE*** - this resource is on sale at a reduced price.

Learning objectives:
identify the main groups that made up Tudor society
categorise a variety of historical sources, explaining why I made the decisions that I did

This active lesson introduces students to the various social groups within Tudor England, according to William Harrison (writing in 1587) - gentlemen, citizens, yeomen and labourers.

Students complete a gap fill to form an impression of what each social group was like. They then categorise a variety of sources - pictures and descriptions - based on this knowledge, before explaining the decisions they made.
By jchistory

Henry VIII and his six wives

A colourful factsheet about the king, his six wives and their relationships. This illustrated one page summary - complete with cartoon portraits - gives the dates, order, fate and offspring of all of Henry VIII's wives.
By HistoricRoyalPalaces

The Six Wives of Henry VIII Low Ability Activity Sheet

A low ability activity that can be also used as a revision sheet. Pupils connect the boxes and pictures with a line/colours or both. Pupils can decorate the sheet as much as they like or collect information around the room to help them.
By markthegeographer

Tudors: Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?

A lesson that looks at the break from Rome and get students to investigate why did Henry break from Rome. Students practice PEE paragraphs and using evidence to back up arguments.

There are challenge tasks to stretch top end and sentence starters to scaffold.
By j_leemosley

Life in Tudor England

PP and resources for an introduction to life in Tudor England, looking at the different groups of people in society.

By Rossrondel1

The Spanish Armada

Two lessons covering the topic of the Spanish Armada:

L1: Causes of the Spanish Armada - introduces the Spanish Armada and students must consider the most important causes
L2: Why was the Spanish Armada defeated? - includes ranking causes in order of significance on a thermometer.

Challenge activities (in pink bubbles) have also been included in each lesson.

Used with a higher-ability Year 8 class, but can easily be adapted to fit other ages and abilities.
Some parts, i.e. information, have been taken from other resources, but most activities are my own.

Please rate my resources! Thank you and I hope your students enjoy these lessons as much as mine did :)
By Emma D

Elizabeths Middle Way

This lesson covers Elizabeth I’s religious settlement.
4 Mark exam technique has been incorporated into the lesson. The lesson has been written for KS3 however it would be useful for LAP GCSE students studying the Elizabethan module for their GCSE.

By mrshopehistory

KS4 resources

Elizabethan England- Revision

Here you will find a revision booklet for Edexcel's Early Elizabethan England (1-9) Key Question 1. I have summarised the first key question into smaller sections and created an activities booklet which can be used alongside to prompt pupils to test their knowledge of the topic.
By ChelseaBear1

Elizabethan England Revision Flashcards AQA GCSE 9-1

  • I have produced these flashcards in another and lasting bid to get my Year 11’s revising and focusing on the forthcoming Mocks and AQA GCSE History Elizabethan England 9-1 exam. I use these 60 flashcards in revision sessions and intervention after school. They have proved a great success and it also gives the students something to take home and revise. I also email them to parents so they can keep track on heir child’s homework and revision.
  • They need cutting down the middle and folding; the students then test themselves and each other, removing the ones they recognise and retaining those they don’t. The flashcards contain the main events, people and key words needed for the exam and cover the period 1568-1603.
  • I have included a PDF file and a Powerpoint version if there is a wish to adapt and change.
    If you like this resource please visit my shop where I have produced lessons on Elizabethan England 1568-1603 as well as an Elizabethan Revision Guide which can be found here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/elizabethan-england-1568-1603-revision-guide-aqa-gcse-9-1-11806156
By PilgrimHistory

Elizabethan England: Emoji Revision

Created for a revision task where students roll dice to decide upon an emoji and must then link it in someway to something we have learnt about the topic e.g Ship = Spanish Armada or baby = succession crisis . It worked well with by lower ability students having something to visualize we then began explaining and describing in more detail.

Students take it in turns rolling the dice if they land on the same one as someone else they need to think of a different connection.

I have also used this in lesson in conjunction with some of my other revision board games
By j_leemosley

Henry VIII and His Ministers Revision Timeline

A timeline relevant to the Henry VIII and His Ministers GCSE History unit. Students have to make short notes on each event-two key features and three reasons why each event is important-relevant to the 12 mark question. There are also some events which students have to plan essay answers to and try to come up with four paragraph headings. The idea is that students make very short notes and this will encourage students to start thinking about why each event is important and the key features of each event. This should help students to start thinking about planning answers to the different questions styles. There is a page for each of the three key topics included and ideally each page would be blown up to A3.

By DanielWillcocks

KS5 resources

Mary Tudor Unit of Work

This unit gives hours of lessons including activities, questions and discussion points about the reign of Mary Tudor.

The unit is primarily aimed at the theme of a Mid Tudor Crisis but can easily be used for most Tudor examinations.

The corresponding PowerPoint is available in the Premium section.
By IQResources

A level AQA Tudor revision guide

Questions with answers - with all the facts needed to excel in your Tudor history exam. From Henry VII all the way to Elizabeth I. Facts cover area you need to know under each monarch including Government, Religion, Economy, society, Foreign Policy and Rebellions. With over 650 different facts across the document layed out to best help you revise

By ktaylor18

A level Tudors thematic revision sheets

This collection of 4 thematic learn sheets is aimed at A level students studying the 1C: The Tudors, England: 1485-1603, AQA specification. The learn sheets are pitched at C to B grade level, showing the extent of change and continuity of 4 major themes across the dynasty. The 4 double sided learn sheets are broken down into the following themes:

Tudor Government
Tudor Foreign Policy
Tudor Religion and Intellectual Ideas
Tudor Economy and Society (including rebellions)

This resource is ready to hand to students to assist them with their revision now, or be developed further by teachers where necessary.

By Alandorr

TUDORS THEME 1 CENTRAL GOV. (Edexcel History A Level)

I achieved an A* in Edexcel A Level History - here are all of the revision sheets I used for Tudors Theme 1: Central Government. Included are clear and condensed revision notes (including facts and figures) for monarchy nobility and gentry, council, secretary, LLs, church and state, changes in parliament, and privileges and statute laws. LEARN THESE DETAILS AND YOU WILL HAVE ALL OF THE CONTENT NEEDED FOR AN A STAR! :)

Making these notes took days so this will save you so much time, and you will still be able to come out with the same grade as me!

By ellieshard

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