Castles in the history classroom

Castles lessons in history for KS3, GCSE and iGCSE students. Including bundles, lessons, site studies and schemes of work.

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Castles Lesson History Classroom KS3 KS4

Explore medieval history through castles using this collection of resources including lessons, schemes of work and on-site castle studies 

Castles are one of the most renowed historical features that this nation has to offer. The remnants of castles sprinkled across the British isles today were once beacons of strength and power supporting lords and kings alike to maintain control of the land they claimed as their own. It is no wonder therefore that these long-standing, iconic landmarks have stood fast in the secondary history curriculum through the ages!


One of the staple teachings in every secondary history classroom is that of castles. Investigate how William kept control of England using castles following his invasion in 1066 and treat your students to the delights of castle evolution starting with Motte and Bailey castles using these fantastic featured resources.


With castles now featuring in the new GCSE thematic and depth study specifications, why not consider lightening your workload with these pre-prepared GCSE materials.


Save time with some of these ready-made castle featured collections suitable for both KS3 and KS4 curriculums.