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Victoria Haughton
12th January 2018
Image symbolising World Religion Day

Stimulating lesson ideas to help you celebrate World Religion Day

World Religion Day falls on Sunday 21 January, so there is no better time to encourage students to reflect upon different beliefs found across the globe. From interactive quizzes to in-depth guides, explore a variety of faiths with your students using these hand-picked resources.

World Religion Day assembly

Here is the script and corresponding Powerpoint for our Word Religion Day assembly. It was a Year 3 class that did this but it could also be used for a Year 4 class. We only had 19 children so you'd need to split some of the speaking parts if you wanted all children to speak. We sang 'The World in Union' afterwards.
By lathburg

World Religion Day Assembly

An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 about World Religion Day, the Golden Rule and the importance of inter-faith dialogue. All films can be found at:
By TrueTube

World Religions

Cut and stick activity to identify key features of the six major world religions.
By missjulieclark

World Religions Research Task

A research activity designed for core RE with a focus on metacognition
By madteddy

6 main religions

A research lesson where different groups research one of the 6 main religions and then feedback to the rest of the class. Also I have included a powerpoint I used at the end of the lesson to recap main points and an info worksheet so all children would have info on all 6 religions not just the one they researched. Used in a special school with children with MLD but could be adapted to make more difficult for other Key stages
By bonjourmadame

What is Religion?

This is the second lesson in a series of eight lessons on An Introduction to Religion.

In this lesson pupils are introduced to the concept of religion, they have to define the term themselves. They are then taken through the characteristics of religion.

This is a great topic for year 7 pupils!!

By TeachElite

World Religion Day

PowerPoint (World Religion Day) providing information for World Religion Day and symbols and facts for the six main religions. Macro Enabled PowerPoint (A Question of Religion) that is an interactive quiz to follow the World Religion Day PowerPoint. The worksheet (A Question of Religion) can be used for learners to record their answers to the quiz.
By crazyaboutteaching

Lesson on world faiths - summaries & worksheets

We have been learning about four of the world faiths: Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. We have written a summary of the key beliefs and features of each religion below. Summaries of 4 major world religions (I gave this to chdn in 4 groups of 6 and asked them to present the information) beofre writing up summaries of their findings on the attached worksheets. Based on the Way, the Truth and the Life series.
By Hilly577

RE The creation story worksheet

2 worksheets for the creation story. Each worksheet the children have to draw pictures for each part of the creation story. For LA children they have to cut and stick the parts of the creation story and for MA children the 2nd worksheet is for them to write the creation story.
By ruthbentham


Let’s learn about Religions!

This worksheet contains informative activities and exercises about religions. The aim of this 25-page worksheet is to give the students a basic understanding of the most popular religions today, as well as ancient religions. The answers and an answer sheet are included.

**Overview: **
Page 1: Religions in pictures
Page 2-3: Christianity
Page 4-6: Islam
Page 7-8: Judaism
Page 9-10: Hinduism
Page 11-13: Buddhism
Page 14: Reflection of the five major religions
Page 15-16: Religious Figures
Page 17-19: Religious Holidays
Page 20: Ancient Egyptian Religion
Page 21-23: Ancient Greek and Roman Religions
Page 24-25: Reflection

**Extra Topics: **
Christian Denominations
Sunni & Shia Muslims

The following questions are just a few examples of the topics addressed in this unit:
- Who was Buddha?
- What is the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism?
- What is Islam, Muhammad and the Five pillars?
- What is reincarnation, karma and nirvana?
- What is Confucianism?
- Who are the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses?
- What is a pope?

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The Middle East

Religions, Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Hinduism, Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhist, Muslim, Jesus Christ, crucifix, priest, nun, church, temple, mosque, Qur’an, bible, torah, God the Father, Resurrection, Old and New Testament, Allah, Moses, Abraham, Bar Mitzvah, Jewish people, Kosher, Brahman, Siddharta, Reincarnation, karma, dharma, moksha, Mount Olympus, Zeus, Jupiter, Hermes, Mercury, Hades, Pluto, Apollo, Poseidon, Neptune, Aphrodite, Venus, Ares, Mars, Osiris, Ra, Isis.

By willemmacau

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