Back-to-school warm-up ideas

Sian Evans
07th September 2017
Secondary school PE students stretching and performing a warm-up before their lesson

Get your PE classes off on the right foot with these warm-up cards

Warming up is a vital part of any PE lesson so that your class are fully prepared for the exercise ahead of them.

We’ve gathered a selection of general and sport-specific warm-ups to ensure that the start of each lesson is engaging as well as being effective.

General warm-ups

Give your KS3 students these idea cards to spark inspiration and help them lead their own warm-ups as individuals or in small groups. Alternatively, encourage more structure with these warm-ups that use three-part guidance cards, based on needing a pulse raiser, a mobilisation activity and a stretch.

For a comprehensive set of warm-up ideas, check out this detailed list packed full of ways to keep learners on their toes.  And for some further inspiration, this pack of fitness activities with get learner’s heart rates rising in no time.

Warm Up Cards

Warm up cards to aid KS3 pupils to plan and lead a warm up as individuals or in small groups. Pupils can use the cards to dip in and out of for ideas or follow the cards step by step. Stop watches can be given to pupils putting them in charge of timings of each exercise. Cards looks best cut down and in half using guide lines provided and laminated, this way they can be used again and again!!
By spider1231

Warm-up guidance cards

Useful for getting pupils in to the habit of leading their own 3-part warm-up with some help. One set of cards requires more independent work from the pupil leading them. There are also some muscles to learn the names and location of and questions to answer. When you print, the boxes will match up for you to just stick them back-to-back and cut out and laminate.
By Vikkinewton

Warm Up Task Cards

Just some warm up task cards, which are great laminated, and given to pupils to lead warm ups and stretches. Great for developing literacy skills in PE!
By lisabowron88

Fantastic Fitness Warm-ups

Use any of these 30 Fantastic Fitness-based warm-ups to make the start of your lesson engaging, exciting, and most importantly with everyone involved! Get those heart rates up, those bodies warm and students excited about becoming more active and healthy!
By Mrclark5

Sport-specific warm-ups

Why not refer to these basketball exercises, that will help to limber pupils up as they practice their dribbling, shooting and passing skills?

Ensure that students avoid injury when performing dance and gymnastics routines by taking the time to focus on these stretches properly. Finally ease pupils into their swimming lessons by diving into these activities, jam-packed with of out of the pool stretches and swimming strokes.

Basketball Warm up Resource cards

I have used these in Sport Ed. unit of work for Basketball. I have used with Year 7 and 8.
By drewdaly9

Basic Dance/Gymnastic Warm up Resource

Used with Yr7's in group lead warm ups.
By drewdaly9

Swimming Warm Ups and Training Sets [PE Scholar]

‘Swimming Warm-up1’ is a 20-min warm-up and stretching card that could be used in lessons or extracurricular clubs. ‘Medley Swimming Pyramid2’ contains 3 medleys for 3 different abilities and normally takes around 30-mins to complete. It could be used within a lesson but is more of an extracurricular training resource. ‘Swimming-Ladder1’ contains two warm up ladders; front crawl & medley. Both take around 20-30mins to complete depending on ability level and could be used within lessons or extracurricular clubs. For more PE resources, please Google 'PE Scholar'. Thankyou, Liz Myers.
By lizzymyers

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