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29th May 2020
Assessment for learning AFL

Incorporate AFL into your lessons quickly and easily using this adaptable collection of resources

Assessment for learning has been the buzz phrase of the teaching world for the past decade. Its core aim, to check student understanding, frequently improves the pace of lessons and the quantity and quality of teaching and learning. Therefore why not consider some of these fantastic adapatable resources to enhance your lessons and check just how well your students are doing!

Whole school 

From plenary generators, questioning ideas and teacher toolkits stuffed with a variety of assessment activity ideas - there's plenty to choose from with the selection below.

Assessment For Learning Toolkit

70 different activities, ideas or tools based around assessment for learning. Each comes with a description and a pretty picture to liven up your day. The toolkit is easy to navigate and the ideas are transferable across key stages and subjects. Become an AfL master with the AfL toolkit!

By mikegershon

AFL Plenaries

Contains the original Plenary Generator and our CHRISTMAS version.

This is a fully INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC.

The PPT consists of 70 Slides

Use the Plenary Generator Wheel to select one of the 10 plenaries within this presentation. Press the ’Start’ Button to spin the wheel and the 'Stop’ button to select a number. Each plenary should last 10 minutes. Perfect for Assessment for Learning ( AFL )

Please note…

Some of these plenaries require printouts-Supplied with this resource. It is suggested that copies are printed in bulk in preparation for use.

List of plenary Activities:

1. Tree Climb Activity

2. Pass the Bomb PLEASE NOTE: there are two versions of this resource so as to include 'Beat the Clock' alternative to 'Pass the Bomb' as we realise that this could be a sensitive activity for some pupils.

3. Letter Investigator

4. Beat the Clock – Balloon Timer.

5. Opinion Line

6. Chatterbox /Cootie Catcher

7. Memory Game

8. We Say, You Play

9. Reverse Cognition

10. Emoji Graph

Final Task: Exit Pass

If you'd like to view our Starter Generator, please follow this link:
By TeachElite

Random Spinning Name Selector (Wheel of Fortune)

A PowerPoint slide that can be dropped into any presentation, or used as a standalone resource. It looks and works a little like the Wheel of Fortune game show, with student names on a wheel that can be sent to spin, and then stop randomly at any point to choose a random student. Sound effects and music included, it is extremely easy to edit the student names. I suggest creating one slide per class.

If you have any questions or comments please do let me know.

By Justin Arnold

Whole Class Feedback Template - Assessment for Learning tool

A whole class feedback template designed to facilitate AfL and allow the teacher to feedback to the class in a structured way that can be embedded into daily practice.
The template includes sections based on common errors and misconceptions; today's targets; star students; WAGOLL (what a good one looks like), and 'Hall of Fame' to feature a particular student's work.
This template has proved incredibly successful with my classes, which I print out and stick in students books as a reminder of the formative feedback given during the course of the term.
By Miss Roden

Question Generator AFL

Back to School - Question matrix / Question Generator - Interactive!

This is fully interactive with music!!!

This is a great way to spice up your questioning during lessons. What a great way to promote literacy and getting pupils to think about deeper questioning.

Included in this resource is a Question Matrix worksheet. With a selection of questions ranging from lower to higher order questioning. Each selection is colour-coded (green-red). The green questions are lower order and they progress to red (higher order).

Teacher Instructions: You can copy and paste the Question Generator slide into any presentation you wish or use the slide as a standalone resource.

Click on the spin button to start the selector and the stop button to stop it. You can reset the selector at any time to restart the process.

Pupil Instructions: The Question Generator will generate the start of a question. Press ‘spin’ to start the selector and ‘stop’ to stop it spinning. Use this resource to help pupils formulate questions to ask about the topic studied OR the teacher will give questions that they will need to answer in the relevant boxes.

We hope that you enjoy this resource! We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us:

By TeachElite

70 exciting Assessment for Learning activities

70 exciting Assessment for Learning activities - make each lesson fun and varied with over 100 different ideas for assessment activities and ways to sum up or engage a class whilst checking their understanding and progress. From an award winning department, enjoy!
By lordturner


Choose from this selection of customisable templates from stickers to exit tickets - there's something here for everyone!

Feedback AfL Labels MFL

Labels (4 to A4 sheet) to stick on front of exercise books/folders to track progress and give targets (through tick-boxes) to students - for MFL but could easily be adapted. I would print these on to self-adhesive sheets. Students or teachers can record levels/marks and highlight or shade in colours to show progress visually - never let them be flummoxed by those questions - 'Do you know what level you are? What do you need to do to improve?&'
By rpjk1988

Quick Exit Ticket Template for AfL

Really simple templates for creating your own exit tickets.

I usually stick in 3-4 questions on a topic for students to answer in the last 5-10 minutes of the lesson. No student can leave the room without handing it to me at the door.

I will then mark them ready for the start of the next lesson. Because they're so small and simple even with a class of 30 it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to mark them!

I normally use the A6 version, but if that isn't enough space there is a larger A5 template as well.

Based on Exit tickets originally created by Lesley Hall, which can be found here:
By MathsImpact

30 Colourful Starter Cards for Pupil Lead Lessons

Here are 30 starter cards that I developed for pupil led starter activities, although tailored towards D&T, they can be modified for most subjects. I use these by getting a pupil to choose one at the end of a lesson, in order to deliver it for the next lesson. I also use them myself to prompt further activities/ mini plenaries in lessons.

Would be great to see how you use it, follow me on twitter: @razfromcav

Let me know what you think :)
By leilarasarathnam

Assessment for Learning Templates. Self Assessment and Peer Assessment activities.

This resource includes seven bespoke templates which, without preparation, can be used with all students to reflect upon learning. Includes self-assessment and peer-assessment and all are presented in an engaging format to make reviewing progress fun. Pack also includes suggestions on how to use the resources with your students
By murraypau


Explore the concepts and reasoning behind AFL further with your colleages and consider how to best incorproate strategies into your classrooms using these CPD resources aimed at teachers.

Assessment for Learning CPD Session!

This CPD session offers an engaging and original approach to introducing or revisiting assessment for learning. Grounded in educational research, this CPD session is interactive, well-structured, and has been successfully tried and tested. The aim of the CPD session is to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in order to utilise assessment for learning even more effectively in lessons, and it achieves this by embarking upon the following learning journey:

1. Understand what assessment for learning is and why it is effective.
2. Break down the individual components of assessment for learning.
3. Observe and evaluate a model of assessment for learning
4. Collaborate in developing your own assessment for learning strategies.

Included in this pack are: Full PowerPoint presentation, videos for analysis, hyperlinks to Youtube videos, resources for CPD activities, instructions and guidance for trainers/ presenters.

All images and videos are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide.
By TandLGuru

Assessment for learning

A range of different activities to complete to check understanding
By tanzina87

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