Assessment for learning

Explore this collection of resources for Assessment for Learning, or AfL as it's more commonly known, designed to help you check student understanding, create feedback and inform the next steps in your teaching and learning. Whether you're new to teaching and looking for support and inspiration or you're a seasoned professional in search of fresh ideas, we have a wide variety of resources available to take a look at.

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Peer assessment

Guide your students with peer assessment tasks in lessons using this range of resources, from think-pair-share activities to peer assessment forms and role cards.


A range of teacher tools to gain feedback from your students and promote useful discussion including DIRT worksheets, feedback labels, timers and random name generators.

Timers to Add to Powerpoints

Timers to Add to Powerpoints

Given to me by a colleague - I have found these timers to add to powerpoints very useful. They can be easily adapted to suit any length of time you need.
Starter Generator

Starter Generator

This lesson Starter Generator perfect for back to school. This can be used as a distance learning tool with a great range of mini activities for a zoom or Teams session. View our [Plenary Generator]( here. These are ...
Random Name Generator
Interactive Maths

Random Name Generator

Rather than relying on hands up, or always picking on the same students, this handy little Excel file lets you input your class details, and then on the press of a button, randomly select one person from the list. You can input up to 10 classes into the file, and easily select which class you want t...


Share these assessment for learning activities and ideas with your colleagues or check out these AfL CPD resources to share with your staff.

Teachers TV: A Whole School Approach
Teachers TV

Teachers TV: A Whole School Approach

Whitchurch First School is still in the process of embedding Assessment for Learning across the whole school. Central to their approach is a child centred curriculum alongside a thorough knowledge and understanding of each individual child as they move through the early years. The curriculum is an e...

Teacher essentials

Explore this collection of essential resources including starter and plenary activities, templates, marking and feedback tools and much more.

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Primary collection

A comprehensive collection of primary resources including lesson plans and activities, worksheets, games and booklets.

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Secondary collection

Hand-picked resources for teaching students aged 11-18 from lesson plans and templates to worksheets and booklets.

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