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17th February 2020
teacher marking resources

Check out these top free and premium marking and feedback recources

Marking and feedback can take up a lot of teachers time and finding the most efficient and effective ways to respond to pupils work can be tricky. So, we have gathered together 10 top marking and feedback resources for you to try out.

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Peer PARA marking

Following the PARA (Praise, Action, Response, Acknowledge) format students peer assess each others work in the workshop. Speech bubbles as sentence starters to help students.
By RASheard

Book marking generator 2019.

Mark whole class sets of books with ease using this spreadsheet.

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to eliminate most of the tedium in book marking. Simply input up to 15 different targets into the system, and for each child assign 3-5 different numbers. These numbers are used to automatically generate customised, individual, and detailed feedback sheets for each child in the class. Never write the same thing out 30 times again!

I have found that I can mark multiple class sets of books in under an hour using this system, and I am able to give highly detailed feedback and targets whilst doing so.
By guyfoz77

In-depth marking WWW , EBI and MRI generator

This is an assessment feedback generator made to tackle some common problems you may encounter when doing an assessed piece of work. You simply copy in your class list and assign them up to 3 WWWs and EBIs from the list (these can be changed if required). This will then generate a printout on the second sheet that you can give to the class to save you writing it all!

I have left this one populated with some responses that I used as an example - it was for a Hooke's Law 6 mark Question (this can be found packaged together with this generator)

This can be adapted to any topic or task and will drastically cut down on your writing during assessment and still provide in depth guidance!
By PerigeeScienceResources

Marking Crib Sheet - Reduce time, improve efficiency and improve feedback

Simple marking tool to aid teacher marking, reduce time and improve feedback given to students.

Guidance here
By MrThorntonTeach

Teaching Assistant feedback sheet

a sheet to give to your TA for assessment and feedback.

By jennyded

Marking, feedback & DIRT CPD ideas

18 ideas for marking, feedback and DIRT


Clearly presented and ready for a CPD session.

Lots of ideas to improve feedback and reduce time spent marking.

By Victoria1987

Student feedback sheet

A simple feedback sheet with space for students to respond.

By clarvise

Student feedback generator - template

A simple idea to give detailed feedback without having to write the same things over and over again. Simply enter the success criteria and some target criteria for an assessment task, plus some personalised comments and then select them from a drop down list in a handy template that can then be printed and given to students. I have included a recent example that I have used. If you do use it (especially for science) please email it to me (Time saving!) Thanks and enjoy (please give feedback - this is still developing and I keep making changes) David
By n22565277

Whole class book marking feedback sheet

Feel free to adapt and use.

By whitney_woo

Classroom 'Exit Card' - AfL, pupil feedback etc.

A simple word document that has six 'exit cards' per page. Teachers can type, copy and paste a question to ask all students to complete as a plenary/mini-plenary to consolidate learning and assess their knowledge and understanding of a term, concept etc.

Alternatively this could be used for pupil feedback, self-assessment etc. for the lesson or a learning resource. This simple sheet provides a simple, yet effective method of communication between the teacher and pupil.
By InformingEducation

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