Christmas themed resources

Helen Beevers
14th December 2018

Christmas themed resources for primary and secondary

It can be tricky to decide when to start festive activities within the classroom as many teachers want to keep students calm and focussed on their learning until the end of term. However, who says you can't combine learning and Christmas? Here we have gathered together some resources that are Christmas themed and continue pupils' learning in a range of subjects.

Primary resources

Christmas taboo game

This is a Christmas themed version of the game, although I have other versions available aswell. There are different ways of playing this game. This is how I play it. I choose one child to come to front of class. They have their back to IWB. The rest of class have to describe the thing in red to them, without saying the words written in yellow.
By groov_e_chik

Ten Days of Christmas, Senses Counting book and IWB

Book that incorporates counting 1-10 and senses to the tune/ structure of The Twelve days of Christmas. Particularly suitable for children with Special Educational Needs needing concrete and repetitive activities. The objects in the story are easily obtainable, For the last page add fun items inside the stockings (or socks) The PDF version is a book, cut the panels out where marked to make finding the pages easy. The PPT version can be used on the IWB as an alternative or supplemental to the book.

By 1castleschool

Christmas Symmetry

Use this friendly presentation and interactive game to demonstrate symmetry. The idea is simple but fun. Help the three wise men to save Christmas.
By Jools LOGAN

Christmas Pack

A wide range of symbolised resources to support teaching and learning at Christmas time. More resources can be downloaded from:
By WidgitSoftware

Phonics Christmas Snowman Puzzles - CVC Words

This pack contains 97 Snowman Puzzles for CVC words. Print onto card and/or laminate depending on preference. Cut along the dotted lines.

Great festive activity for continuous provision or interventions.
By FunkyPhonics

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Are you ready for some fun Christmas crafts? Here are 24 pages of Christmas fun! Your students will create 3D boxes, ornaments, houses and Christmas cards out of paper.

Square boxes (5 different designs)
Pyramid boxes (5 different designs)
Square base trapezium boxes (5 different designs)
3D Houses (4 options)
Christmas cards (5 different designs)

Each craft template has an empty space where students can write a message. This personalizes the activities and encourages students to use their language skills.

I hope your students enjoy the Christmas fun!

Please email me if you have any questions (

Have fun teaching,
Lindy du Plessis
(Shop name: Lindy loves to teach)
By lindylovestoteach

10 Things in a Christmas Pocket (Creative English Writing)

This pack is designed for teaching a fun English lesson on creative writing with a Christmas theme. It is also ideal as an easy-to-use activity to keep your class entertained as the Christmas holidays draw nearer. It is designed for use in Years 3-6, but can also be easily adapted for other age groups.

The objective of the lesson is for the children to create an imaginative and descriptive list of 10 things that you would find in the pockets of various Christmas characters.

The lesson includes an introductory PowerPoint and a pair of writing support sheets.

Although the lesson is aimed at upper primary school children, the support sheets could also be used with younger classes.

• Introductory PowerPoint presentation (with teacher notes)
• Two writing support sheets

Please see the Goldtopfox shop for a full range of useful teaching resources:
By goldtopfox

Christmas Maths Pack

This Christmas Maths packet is geared towards 8-10 year olds. This Christmas Maths packet includes story problems for every operation, graphing, comparing numbers, fractions and more!

Included you will find 25 pages of Christmas Maths:

*Christmas themed word problems. Single and multi-step Christmas Maths problems for all operations
*Christmas present 3 digit addition and subtraction Christmas Maths problems. Colour odd presents green and even presents red
*Multiplication and Division Christmas tree fact families
*Addition and Subtraction Christmas Maths tree fact families
*Number Comparison- Compare two numbers using greater than, less than and equal to. Add in a missing number to make the number sentence true on this Christmas Maths Page
*Rounding numbers to nearest 100 and 1000
*Elapsed Time - How long does Jeannette lie in bed awake until she can see if Santa came to her house? How long was Cheyenne wrapping presents? Find out with these riveting elapsed time Christmas Maths problems!
*Graphing- William asks 100 of his closest friends what they want for Christmas. In this Christmas Maths page, use his data to make a graph, fractions, percents and more!
*Fractions- Divide up Christmas biscuits and Christmas cakes
*Number Patterns- Find the pattern and fill in the missing numbers. Identify the pattern
*Shape Patterns- In this Christmas Maths page, find the patterns and fill in the missing shapes.
*Hundreds Chart Puzzles- Avery can't open her Christmas Maths presents until she has finished these Hundreds Chart Puzzles. Help her!!!
*Christmas Hidden Picture- Answer 100 Christmas Maths problems to find the Christmas Maths Hidden Picture!

This Christmas Maths packet is a great supplement to your curriculum. Offer this Christmas Maths packet as review or offer this Christmas Maths as enrichment. Send this Christmas Maths packet home over break to keep students thinking. This Christmas Maths pack makes great morning work or an early finishers!

Answer Key is included.
By Karen Morris

Secondary resources

Christmas Coordinates

Christmas Coordinates: 4 Quadrant - Elf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Rudolf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Santa (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Rudolf (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Frosty (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Holly (1x1cm) Enjoy!!! When i get a chance will make the following. 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Christmas Pudding (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant - Mistletoe (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Fireplace (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Holly (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Angel (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Tree and Presents (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Robin (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Frosty (5x5mm)
By DNewley

Key Stage 3 History Christmas Quiz

Need a Christmas quiz? Want it to take up the whole lesson? Want it to also be educational? Look no further!

This includes 20 questions with multiple choices answers. The PowerPoint is set up to go through the questions and then also the answers which are highlighted in red when you go fullscreen and click through the slides. This also includes a quiz answer sheet for pairs/groups to use. Happy Holidays everyone!
By Tomst

Christmas Bingo

For that week before Xmas when students can't settle! Great for practicing listening skills or for practicing classroom vocabulary in any language. This set includes 30 color bingo game boards and a teacher’s master board. Whole class activity or small groups - students practice listening skills and reviewing vocab. Perfect for a group of fast finishers or for a substitute lesson.
By LlanguageLlamas

DIY Christmas Ornaments | 10 Pack

Color and make your own Christmas tree ornaments with this set of 10 fun holiday templates!

These DIY Christmas ornament templates are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, cut, fold, glue to make your 3D decorations to hang on your Christmas tree or sit as a centerpiece on your table for Christmas dinner!

This coloring pack includes 10 different designs, each fits on a 8.5x11 inch page (letter size) to fit most printers. The coloring page designs vary in complexity so there's an option suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Basic instructions are included on each page.
By Sarah Renae Clark

Christmas maths revision activities - Area of circles, BIDMAS and Expanding brackets

Activities to consolidate learning / revision with a Christmas theme.
Area of circle - Students find the area of circles / semi-circles for the snowman and then cut out and stick the snowman onto the snow scene.

Expanding brackets - Students use their knowledge of expanding brackets to find the area of the front of each present then stick the presents underneath the Christmas tree.

BIDMAS - Students use BIDMAS to discover the combination number for Santa's magic key.
By j2dutto

Python Naughty/Nice Christmas Program

KS3 or 4 task python program with assessed levels. Includes use of Variables and While function. Basic code is provided and instructions for students to perform adaptations with increasing levels of difficulty. Suitable for beginners or those with some experience. Probably better as a starter task for the more able.

By uselessnerdII

Christmas Around the World Webquest

This Christmas webquest is the perfect activity to keep kids engaged in learning during those crazy days before the holiday break! They will explore ten other cultures and their holiday traditions.

For each country they visit, students will complete a travel brochure. Inside the brochure, they will record information about the country and its Christmas traditions. Before beginning, give each student a copy of the “Pack Your Bags” page. This sheet gives them a list of websites to visit in order to find the information they’ll need.

You can have students complete just one country or all ten. Another idea is to put students into groups and assign a country to each group. When finished, they can share their travel brochure with the rest of the class.

✪ Pack Your Bags student instructions
✪ Brochure template
✪ "Stamps" for 10 different countries
By FishyTeacher

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