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Nicola Davison
17th August 2018
Displays and classroom labels, ready for the new academic year

Top resources to ensure your classroom is organised and well-presented for the new year

In the same way that animals instinctively prepare their home for their unborn offspring, teachers often find themselves “nesting” in anticipation of the arrival of their new class.

So why not do the same and get your classroom shipshape and ready for the first day back with this hand-picked collection of organisational tools and display resources?

Organisational tools

With a sea of new faces arriving any day now, we all know that preparation is key. Make sure that new class admin is a breeze by checking out these fully editable labels as well as helpful advice for creating an effective seating plan.


Seating Plans- advice and template

Every teacher should have a seating plan, especially with a new class. Here's a short guide to explain why you need one, and how to make one. There's also a simple (and I'm not kidding) template for you to make a seating plan and print it off. Warning: you must know how to open up a Word document....
By Tom_Bennett

Visual seating plan template

Design your own visually appealing seating plan!

Frustrated by the dull look of seating plans and uninspired shapes we have to work with, I decided to make my own “build your own interactive seating plan” that is realistic, very cute and can be customised to ANY classroom!

I have created a range of unique clip art of different classroom furniture as seen from a bird’s eye view so that you can move and resize any image to suit your classroom layout! If there are any furniture pieces you would like me to include in this set, email me at and I may just toss them in the set for free! :D

Check out the preview to see more detail of what is included!

You will really enjoy making your own very cute seating plan for your classroom, and as it is on a PowerPoint you can move the furniture and students’ names around effortlessly, perfect for a quick change!

You could even have it displayed on the whiteboard to show your class so they know where to sit when you introduce a new seating chart or to give to a supply teacher so your students can't get one up on them (you know they're gonna try...!)

Images include:
• High school single desk
• Chair
• Stool
• Swivel chair
• Double desk
• Semi circle desk
• Round desk
• Square desk
• Rug / carpet
• Teacher's desk
• Computer
• Girl
• Boy

All images come in color and black line, 300dpi png with transparent backgrounds and closely cropped: great for layering and enlarging whilst still remaining crisp!

Seating plans are crucial for behaviour management and are excellent to show during lesson observations as they are fantastic for targeting special needs and target grades as well, which have all been considered in this interactive seating plan! So have fun making your own cute seating plans for your classroom!


• If you choose to download this resource, please take the time to leave a rating - I do really value your feedback and I always look forward to reading what you think about my resources! If you have any questions about this resource or anything else, you can email me at

• Be the first to know when I upload new resources, discounts and freebies by following my page!
By TeachersResourceForce

Illustrated classroom drawer labels

28 drawer labels for classroom resources with relevant images. Word document so fully editable.
By abigaildav

Peg and Tray Name Labels

These are name labels for the children’s pegs and labels for the trays. Each one has a picture of a cute cartoon animal playing a sport and the peg and tray labels match so the children can have the same picture on each.

By UnknownAuthor

Tray and Peg Labels

An essential classroom organisational resource.

Blank Tray Labels
These blank labels could be used for trays, boxes, vocabulary to hang across your room or to stick to your window. In total there are 5 different designs ready to add colour and a professional touch to your classroom. Sent in MS Word format all you need to do is type into the labels, print them out and add them to your classroom.

What you type into the labels is up to you. It could include:
Children’s names for tray labels
Key vocabulary to display around the class
Classroom items to add onto trays or boxes
In total there are 50 labels for each design but because the labels are sent via email there is in fact an endless amount of each. Each label is approximately 5cm in height and 17.5cm in width.

Blank Peg Labels
An essential classroom organisational resource. These blank peg labels add an attractive look to your cloakrooms. The children in your class will know exactly where to put their bags when they arrive in the morning!

In total there are 5 different coloured designs. Each page has 15 peg labels but because the labels are sent out via email there is in fact an endless amount of each. Each label is approximately 4.8cm in height and 6.4cm in width.
By ResourceCentre

Exercise book labels

Colourful, easy to edit in word, book labels. Simply use the ‘find and replace’ tool to enter pupils’ names, class details etc. Print off one sheet per pupil and hey presto. Hope this is useful to other primary teachers out there. x Topics also included: communication, language and literacy; reading; writing.

By littlemisslp

Wall display essentials

Let there be colour! Brighten up any classroom while improving pupils’ learning environment with these informative posters, ranging from the alphabet and number lines to classroom monitor lists and behaviour charts.


Cursive Alphabet Feize

A good display for the classroom where cursive handwriting is being taught

By fizzy1

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron)

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron) -

Here is a bright and bold (chevron) behavior clip chart decorated with kids clip art. This clip chart is a fantastic way to modify and encourage positive behavior in any classroom.

Assemble in the following order:

- Ultimate superstars!
- Excellent examples!
- Yay! Way to go!
- Ready to learn!
- Think about it!
- Teacher’s choice
- Parent contact

All students start on “Ready to learn!” and move up or down the chart depending on their behavior.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions (

Copyright © L du Plessis.
By lindylovestoteach

Monitors display

Colourful monitor job labels which are shaped like pockets. Monitor 9 doccument is the display title and there are also some pencil shaped labels I've made on which children&'s names can be added and displayed in or under pockets. You can pick from the dozens of jobs!!
By sairer

Visual timetable

Small cards to use as they are for an individual visual timetable (I use them with a boy in my class who has autism) or you can jig them around, enlarge them and use them as a display for the whole class to see the days events which I have also done in the past. Nice and colourful - will save you time! 4 to a page - 48 in total with a blank one at the end to add your own!

By slgrainger

Interactive Weather Chart

PowerPoint file that includes the use of hyperlinks and macros. Nice clear images throughout. All captions are in Comic Sans Font. Please ensure you read the instructions on Slide 2 before running
By bevevans22

Role-play area ideas

Whether you have a room of budding builders, doctors or astronauts, let young learners’ imaginations run wild with these inspirational role-play resources, complete with signs, games and hands-on activities.


Role Play ideas cards

Cards with ideas for props relating to different role play ideas. Ideal to support children with additional needs to access role play successfully.
By Ibuzzybea


Resources include:

1.Long banners spelling ‘Building site’ and ‘construction site’
2.Extra large lettering to head display
3.Patterned and plain backing paper to use for display if needed.
4.Display border to edge wall display
5.Danger keep out long sign and A4 sign
6.10 multicultural face masks and hard hats to use for role play
7.Builder hand puppets
8.Colouring pages
9.Under construction sign
10.Work in progress sign and workman sign
11.Signs to use around the role play area, including: apology for maintenance work, warning, site entrance caution, danger construction site, digger
12.Fire exit, first aid, gloves to be worn, hard hats to be worn, high visibility jacket to be worn, keep out, visitors to reception, site entrance this way, wear boots sign etc
13.Site safety sign
14.Write for purpose sheets including design sheet, ideas sheet, inspection log, jobs to do list, customer feedback form, stock order form, message pad, sketch sheet, telephone bookings log etc
15.Role play badges
16.Resources folder and spine labels, drawer label
17.Resources sack tag
18.Extra large picture to use as props in role play
19.Key word cards with pictures
20.Machinery pictures
21.Extra large questions to display around role play area such as ‘What material do we need?’
22.Writing booklet cover to keep pupils project work together
By ReachOut Resources

Hospital / Doctor Role Play Set

A few resources to set up a hospital or doctor’s role play area. Includes room signs, ID badges, prescription pads, patient examination pads, appointment sheets.

By Fuzzie

Baby Clinic Role Play

Here are some things I have made to support Baby Clinic role play. As well as a Baby Clinic sign there are also forms and labels for your role play area. I have made a lotto game based on baby items. You need to print this out twice and cut up one set of pictures.There is a dress the baby activity with four different baby templates and some clothes to cut out. Finally there is a baby number line. Again I have tried to use different skin tones just to add a bit of interest. Hope it is of use to someone.
By anncarcat

Space Role Play Signs

A simple role play for Early Years (EYFS). Use this role play to create a rocket, space station…. Great for projects about Space or looking at picture books such as Alien’s Love Underpants or Whatever Next! This includes a sign, space log, control panel signs, space viewing windows and photos of space! A lovely free teaching resource for an Early Years (EYFS), KS1, KS2, Primary and Secondary classroom. This resource can be used to support both children and teachers. Have a look at our other resources
By PrintPlayLearn

Post Office Role Play Activities

Year 1 Post Office Role Play Activities includes:

Design your own stamp
Letter template
Post Office Word List
Letters for pigeon hole to stick on wall
Address envelopes to sort into order
Postcard template
Special Delivery Form
Car Tax Form
Passport Application Form
Driving Licence Application Form
Something for you form
Post Office receipt
By rach_b

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