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Nicola Davison
18th August 2016
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Top resources to ensure your classroom is organised and well-presented for the new year

In the same way that animals instinctively prepare their home for their unborn offspring, teachers often find themselves “nesting” in anticipation of the arrival of their new class.

Getting your classroom shipshape and ready for the first day back not only allows you to feel more prepared, but also gives a good first impression to your students.

So why not get started with this hand-picked collection of organisational tools and display resources, guaranteed to brighten up your classroom and get you in the right frame of mind for the new academic year.

Organisational tools

  1. Seating plan advice and template
    Get your seating plan right first time, even if you’re yet to know the characters in your new class, with this information sheet and simple template.
  2. Build your own seating plan*
    Frustrated by your uninspiring seating plan? Recreate your classroom set-up with this visually appealing resource, on which you can also record pupils’ individual needs.
  3. Illustrated classroom labels
    These fully editable labels, complete with relevant images, enable learners to easily identify where useful classroom resources are kept.
  4. Peg and tray labels
    Help students get to know their new classroom surroundings using these coordinating labels for both their pegs and trays.
  5. Coloured label designs*
    With five different designs in two different sizes, these templates can be used for a variety of purposes, from tray labels to keyword displays.
  6. Exercise book labels
    Save time labelling each of your pupils’ books individually by printing this simple but vibrant template, including subject-specific images.

Wall display essentials

  1. Cursive alphabet frieze
    Ideal as a point of reference in any classroom, this illustrated frieze contains both upper and lower case letters in cursive.
  2. Simple number line
    Demonstrate basic addition and subtraction with this rainbow-themed number line, displaying positive and negative digits to 10 and -10 respectively.
  3. Whole-class behaviour clip chart*
    Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour by moving named pegs up and down the chart accordingly.
  4. Editable classroom monitor list
    Including dozens of classroom jobs, these unique pocket-shaped labels are sure to inspire learners to be more helpful.
  5. Visual timetable cards
    Complete with 48 different lessons and activities, these visual timetable cards can support pupils as they get used to a new routine.
  6. Weather chart
    Engage pupils in a daily conversation about the weather by using this straightforward chart to record their observations.

Role-play area ideas

  1. Role-play area ideas cards
    Looking for some new role-play ideas? Get some unusual inspiration from these handy cards and their detailed checklists.
  2. Construction site*
    Face masks, safety-themed signs and writing sheets make up this role-play pack, which is ideal for creating a mini building site in your classroom.
  3. Hospital or doctor’s surgery
    Bring out the caring side of your pupils with this set of resources, including ID badges, appointment lists and prescription pads.
  4. Baby clinic
    As well as a multitude of signs and images, this popular pack includes a number of engaging activities, such as a lotto and a dress-up game.
  5. Space-themed pack
    Enhance learning about outer space by creating a rocket or space station in your classroom, using these well-designed resources.
  6. Post office*
    As part of this comprehensive pack, pupils can design their own stamp and practise addressing envelopes and completing applications forms.

*This resource is being sold by the author

For more ideas on creating engaging display boards, take a look at our top 30 primary display resources post.


Have you created a resource that helps you get organised at the start of the new year? Let us know by sending us an email, and don’t forget to include a link to the resource!

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