Top 30 primary display resources

Heather Charles
17th August 2018
Display materials to decorate your primary classroom

Are the bare walls of your new classroom giving you sleepless nights?

Look no further! We've picked out 30 of the best resources to save you time in your search for the perfect display.

General primary displays

Primary class starter kit

Transition effortlessly between holiday mode and the classroom with this back to school selection of getting to know you activities, reward schemes, target-setting worksheets and classroom organisation materials. We’ve created these printable templates to help you get organised and equipped for the next academic year.

By Tes Primary

Birthday Poster

Simple poster to display when each child’s birthday is.

By gigglefairy

Class Jobs and Star Awards Interactive Display

This is a combined Class Jobs and Star Awards Interactive Display. It includes a rotating class job list that two children are assigned to at any one time. I have designed a range of star awards for all curricular areas, which are to be printed, cut out and laminated. Children's names are placed alongside the class jobs. The stars, when awarded, are placed next to the child&'s name. Included is a few pictures of this system in action. NOTE: Class jobs font size has been increased since these pictures were taken to maximise visability. *Font has been freely downloaded from
By KristopherC

Time Vocabulary and Title

Colourful 'Time' vocab, title lettering, labels and clocks for interactive display

Also available to download from
By Grolta

Autumn Display

Words and pictures for printing and laminating for using on an Autumn themed display. All in Sassoon Infant font

By bevevans22

Year One Classroom Resources - Transition Materials, Displays and More!

A fantastic collection of 47 resources, perfect if you are new to Year One or are updating your classroom.

The resources have been created to meet the requirements of the new curriculum from 2014.

There are resources to support the transition from the EYFS to Year One, including a example transition timetable for the year, a 'passport' to Year One booklet and observation slips to help continue EYFS practice.

Improve communication with parents using the example newsletter and 'postcards from home' templates.

Get your classroom organised with area signs, group cards, peg and tray labels and 'tidy team' classroom job cards.

Develop good practice using the planning templates and blank challenge cards.

There are also resources to support guided reading and key English and Maths skills.
By PlanitTeacher

Maths displays

Place Value Display Banner

NEW CURRICULUM 2014 UPDATED VERSIONS: Please look carefully at the file names to download the version you want. 'Ones&' instead of &';units' - one of the amended versions has no longer got letter abbreviations to avoid confusion, the other has only amended the units page - handy if you already have the resource and only want to change 1 page. Hope this proves to be useful - please rate and leave feedback.
By lbudd1

Times Table Posters

A set of colourful posters I made showing tables from 1-12. Hope you like them! xx :)
By sairer

Pizza Fraction Display Cards

Display cards to match the previously uploaded Fraction Snap Cards
By bevevans22

2D shapes displays/cards

I wanted a way to display all geometrical properties of 2D shapes in my class by using the correct symbols - after looking on the web and in books for ages, I had to give in and make my own! They look great on the wall, on a red paper background, and I have noticed students gravitating towards them more and more. I hope this is useful for others too.
By nvitamore

Number Concept Posters

Numbers 1 to 10 filled with images and words that support the concept of that number. Helping children to understand what a number is, means and represents. Includes tallies, words and shapes.
By kottewell

Dinosaur Counting Cards 0-10

A5 printable cards for classroom use or display in a pdf file. Cartoon dinosaur images. Sassoon Infant font with straight back 4 and 9.

By bevevans22

English displays

VCOP superheroes display

I have added a bit more to the original display. I have created a villain - Sergeant Sabotage and written an explanantion. Some very clever TES membrs have suggested getting children to create comic strips about the superheroes (and themselves) saving the world from the evil enemies! Original display also on this link! Other topics covered: sentence structure and punctuation

By Ilovemarmite

Reading Posters for Display in KS1 and KS2

Very useful library and classroom display posters. Can be used in the Reading Area or Literacy Corner. Colourful and inspirational resource to promote and encourage reading.
By sbh242

Punctuation Display Posters

A set of colourful posters with the different types of punctuation. You could arrange as the VCOP pyramid, have them as flashcards or just as a permanent fixture to remind children what punctuation is needed where! You can edit the text to suit the needs of your learners, add examples to it as well perhaps. Hope it’s useful :) xx

By sairer

Vocabulary display - word types

Simple posters showing word types (noun, verb, adjective, adverb) with a definition and some examples. Topics also including: classroom display.

By primaryteacheruk

Story Writing Cards for Display

A4 pdf file with colour coded cards to assist story writing. Targeted areas are settings, objects, characters, title, beginnings, middle and endings. Sassoon infant font for most captions - titles have an assortment of word art to make them stand out.

By bevevans22

Alphabet Poster

Hand drawn alphabet letters filled with:
speech bubble pronunciations
items beginning with that letter/sound
formation rules
capital and lower case version
Jolly Phonics phrases
By kottewell

Science displays

Minibeast Photo Display Cards

A large collection of photographs displaying a variety of minibeasts. Each photograph has the name of the insect written underneath. These look fantastic if printed onto photo paper. The name can be cut off the bottom to use as a matching game.

By Rach N

CSI - who done it - DISPLAY Science enquiry year 6

materials and photo of display for CSI science topic
By TeachersArchive

Science Equipment Diagrams for Wall Display

I have these mounted and laminated and displayed on the wall in my classroom to promote use of the names for pieces of equipment, and to help when drawing diagrams for the setup of investigations.
By jlmchugh86

sample of 72 science keyword displays

15 words for each KS1 unit of learning and 20 for KS2. These display words come in colour and black and white.

see the read me files for links to 100s of science language games, activities and resources
By paul urry

Planets Display Posters

This resource is a set of A4 posters that can be displayed in your classroom as a quick information display. One set of cards gives basic information about each planet including how long it takes to travel to each planet by space shuttle. The second set of cards shows the relative size of the planets when placed next to each other. These can be very good when used a question asking starter and plenary activity. Please leave a comment and rating if you find this resource helpful.
By dazayling

Life Processes Display Posters

Ideal for any KS2 classroom and a great aid for revision. A great display resource which define the 7 main life processes

In this pack are seven A4 posters showing the following life processes:

Additionally there is one A4 title poster. All the posters are attractively designed in colour and can be clearly seen from a distance.
By ResourceCentre

History displays

History timeline for display - easily adapted

Goes from the dinosaurs through key periods of history to the present day. Use MS Word to adapt it. I have added the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages to the updated version. As well as the first public railway in 1825, England winning the World Cup in 1966 and the 2012 Olympics.
By MrCMaths

Ancient Greeks Timeline and Display Cards

A set of cards with facts about the greeks (for display) and a timeline of events. Hope it's useful xx :)
By sairer

Victorian Timeline display

A Victorian timeline display that show the key events that occured during Queen Victoria's reign. (Updated to correct the error that eatkins pointed out. Thank you!)
By gazzaholly

Anglo-Saxon Display Cards

Some simple information cards I put together for a display. Can be edited and used as people wish.
By CJGilmore

Display vocabulary Ancient Egypt

A set of topic words to support work on Ancient Egypt
By Lynne Moody

Tudor Timeline Cards

A set of printable cards depicting important events during the time of the Tudors. The cards can be used in a variety of activities or as a timeline display.
By tmh_23

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