Spooktacular resources for Halloween

Victoria Haughton
13th October 2017
Pumpkins and Jack o'lanterns celebrating Halloween

Creative lesson ideas to help your little ghouls explore and celebrate Halloween

The nights are getting shorter and the weather is growing colder, so what better way to brighten up your classroom than with a variety of fang-tastic activities? We've chosen some of the top Halloween-related resources to help you ignite your pupils’ imaginations this October.

Resources for younger learners

Add a little seasonal charm to your lessons with the help of these eye-catching presentations and themed tasks. Jam-packed with ideas, what better way to enlighten your learners about the origins and traditions of the year's spookiest festival?

Spooky Soup halloween sheet

Just a sheet with a cauldron picture for children to add pictures to create their own spooky soup! Hope it saves someone a few minutes! I’m planning to use it with my Reception and Year 1 children.

By serena4444

Halloween Number Line

A bit early I know but I am planning ahead. Here is a number line I've made. Hope someone else finds it useful too.
By anncarcat

Halloween Mixed Cross Curricular Bundle for EYFS / KS1

A mixture of literacy, fine motor skills and more!

Check each individual resource for full descriptions!

Grab this bundle today and save!
By PollyPuddleduck

What is Halloween?

A very simple whiteboard presentation to introduce the concept of Halloween to younger children. Please note this presentation really simplifies the major thinking behind the origins of halloween and why we dress up, have lanterns and trick or treat. It is intended to be as non scary as possible for younger children.
By No.1Teacher

Halloween Witch To make in 3D

A Halloween Witch to colour and cut - simple scissor skills required; roll into a cone and use for your Halloween display or for counting, story telling etc.

By mychalkface

Halloween Skeleton Counting Song + Writing and Vocabulary Worksheets + 31 Ways to use this resource

A fun way to teaching counting during Halloween.

I have combined three of my Halloween Resources to make them even better this year, a Halloween counting song, Number and Letter Handwriting worksheets linked to Halloween and 31 suggested ways of using these ideas in the classroom.

You could look at it directly as a presentation and discuss the different skeletons being shown in each of the photos.
You could print off and laminate the photos to make an interesting, eye-catching display about the Halloween Skeleton Counting Song.
The students could also take the laminated photos and sort them into different groups of skeletons. The students can then discuss what they think each skeleton was saying or thinking.
The photos could also be used as prompts for creative writing, factual writing or descriptive writing.
By Peter Fogarty

Hallowe'en Hand Puppets

fun, simple crafting activity for Hallowe'en.

What is included:
- 3 monsters
- witch
- dracula
- Frankenstein

Using just 1 piece of paper, students color then cut and fold their Hallowe'en hand puppet ... add the 2 handles and they are ready for fun! Each puppet opens showing a wide Hallowe'en mouth!

- please look at the preview

What you need:
- paper, scissors, glue, coloring pencils

Always make sure you download and save the project before printing! Sometimes customers just right click on the preview of a download and things don't print properly!
By Artsy-Crafter

Halloween Bumper Pack. Math, English and much more.

Happy Halloween!!

Your students will love this. Suitable for Years 2, 3 and 4!

***Unit of Work(First file in the list) contains the full booklet for printing. Pages with 'Preview' are included for you to see some of the activities before you buy.***

A 20 page activity booklet!

Activities linked to the outcomes in the new national curriculum.

A Halloween themed pack with Math resources such as addition and subtraction, word problems, a tally and graph and a mysterious number pattern to solve.

English activities include grammar and punctuation, adjectives and writing descriptions and a short story and comprehension questions. A pack full of resources and activities that your students will love.

Included in the pack:
Matching words
Pumpkin Punctuation
Cauldron Connectives
Wicked Witch Description
Haunted House Adjectives
What do you do at Halloween?
Magic Math (Addition no borrowing)
Magic Math (Addition with borrowing)
Spooky Subtraction (No borrowing)
Spooky Subtraction (With borrowing)
Poisonous Problems (Word Problems)
Wicked Word search
Math Mysteries (Number Patterns)
Gruesome Graph (Tally)
Gruesome Graph
Horror at Halloween Questions and story
Coloring page
Coloring page
Design a spooky cover cover
Describe your own spooky character

Buy in a bundle with Halloween activity pack for £3

By Top Marks Teaching Resources

Resources for older learners

Ensure that your students have a ghoulishly good time with this selection of activities. From detailed lessons and crafts, to themed maths quizzes and a recipe for witches’ fingers biscuits, even your most experienced trick-or-treaters will be captivated this Halloween.

Halloween - Origins and Around the World

The lesson plan and PowerPoint Presentation are geared towards explaining the origins of Halloween to children, what we do to celebrate Halloween ourselves, and the ways in which Halloween is celebrated in various countries around the world.
By Marie-Rose

Halloween Witches Fingers

A recipe to make Witches fingers biscuits. An evaluation sheet. A website for pop-up cards. A link to interactive Halloween puzzles on-line. Also includes Halloween clip-art to use as inspiration for Menu cards, Party invitations etc.
By janharper

Halloween Haiku Poetry - How to write scary poems.

Show your children how to write scary Halloween Haiku poems.

Ideal for children in KS2 and lower KS3.

The PowerPoint lesson takes you through the process. It starts by explaining what a Haiku poem is and then has the children recognising and counting syllables.

They then have a chance to complete some half-finished Haiku. This can be done as a whole class, in pairs or groups or individually.

Finally, the children are given some picture prompts to help get them started on writing their own scary Halloween Haiku.

The Teachers’ Notes are written in the form of a script explaining what is contained in each slide of the PowerPoint and giving suggestions for you to explore with the children.

All the money raised from the sale of this resource we donate to a local charity for children called MedEquip4Kids.

We hope you enjoy this resource. If you do we would much appreciate you leaving us a review and don’t forget to tell your colleagues and friends about us.

By Goodeyedeers

Jack-O Lanterns :: Halloween Craft :: Pumpkin Crafts

Get ready for Halloween…

A creative way to teach about Pumpkins, Pumpkin life cycles, Jack-o lanterns and Halloween Your kiddos will love creating and putting on their own personal touches on these unique Pumpkin Lanterns.

Paper lanterns are great for developing fine motor skills such as: folding, coloring, painting, gluing, cutting, listening and following directions. Embedded within this Pumpkin project there are several activities to extend your students learning about the Pumpkins.

These units are designed in a Mix and Match format. You are able to pick the pieces that you want, depending on the needs and the abilities of your students…so many possibilities.

This unit can be approached in several ways. Either as a quick Pumpkin craft that will take about 90 minutes to complete. Or as long, in-depth project that will take upwards of a week or two to complete. In my classroom, creating the basic lantern will take my kiddos about 90 minutes (coloring and assembly). Adding on Pumpkins or Pumpkin life cycle cut-outs will take an additional 45 to 60 minute block of time. I normally have my Kiddos write about Halloween or Spooky words on the back of the cut-outs.

• Printed Pumpkin lantern templates
• Numerous Pumpkin trims and Halloween trims
• Pumpkin Cut- outs….check out the preview to see everything included!

:: Pumpkin Craft :: Pumpkin Activity :: Pumpkin Life Cycle :: Pumpkin life Cycle Craft :: Pumpkin Patch :: Jack O’ Lantern :: Paper Lantern :: 3D Craft :: Pumpkin Theme :: Ms Lil :: Pumpkin Decoration :: Pumpkin Wind sock :: Halloween Craft :: Pumpkin Crafts
By Ms Lil

Halloween VCOP Writing Exercises

a ten minute whole class warm up activity before the main writing lesson .
By pink12house


An interactive power-point for pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4. The power-point is structured as comprehensive, structured lesson which includes an introductory assessment activity, opportunities for paired and group work and whole class information sharing. The slides are cross curricular and cover Halloween activities in Maths, Speaking and Listening, Drama and Poetry. The slide contents include a history of Halloween, superstitions, spells and folklore.
The power-point slides are designed to enable the teacher to work progressively through the topic or stop at specific place to develop a theme. The children will need paper, pencils and an atlas or map for group work.
By newromantic

PE Halloween Instant Activities- 20 Movement Signs


The following “Halloween Instant Activities” are 20 quick and easy actions, movements or combined exercises that students can perform as they immediately enter the gym or playing area to help get your students immediately active in PE class, in a fun and “Spooky” way!!!.

Several Halloween friends are depicted on the signs performing fitness-based and manipulative skill-based PE movements that your students can come in and easily carry out without a great deal of instruction. Each “Instant Activity” sign has a Halloween image and an activity message that the students will carry out as they immediately enter the gym..

These Halloween Activities can be put up at your gym door (where the students enter) or can be used in a lesson (as station cards) during those challenging weeks and days leading up to Halloween

The product has 2 files; one with "full page" Halloween instant activity signs (8 1/2 by 11) and the other has "two to a page" Halloween activity cards to help conserve paper and ink and for those that like smaller cards in which to work with.
By Cap'n Pete's Power PE

Hallowe'en Maths Quiz

Just made this maths quiz for a mixed ability maths group to use on Hallowe'en. It features a range of measurement questions with both Harry Potter and more general witchy questions. Plan to let the children work in mixed ability teams and use a range of resources to help them solve the problems.
By rjcarter68

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