Top festive tutor-time activities

Nicola Davison
01st December 2017
Presents representing festive tutor time activities for secondary students ahead of the Christmas holidays

Bring yuletide cheer to your form room this December using these Christmas-themed activities

With Christmas just around the corner, the end of term is nigh! Tutor time is the perfect opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season with fun-filled activities, giving them a well-deserved end-of-term treat! So, what are you waiting for?

Themed activities

Bring joy and merriment to form time right up until the last day of term with this selection of festive ideas, including creative activities and puzzles. What better way to celebrate Christmas cheer?


Tutor time: PSHE / Tutor Time

September 2018-July 2019! In this price you will get a WHOLE YEAR of Tutor Time resources (for 2018) as they are released on a monthly basis. NOVEMBER JUST ADDED!!
New Year : The Tutor Time 2018 Bundle
The first instalment is the MARCH RESOURCE NOW ADDED. It includes...
This Tutor Time resource is FULLY INTERACTIVE. It also contains music and timers
It contains a range of different tasks that can be completed during Tutor Time. If this is used throughout the school, it is designed to be cascaded through lessons throughout the week.
The PPT contains 116 slides (inclusive of printable pages) . Included in these slides are:

 Key dates for the month of MARCH,

 Word of the Week (x5)

 Literacy Task for the Week- 2 separate tasks for each week (10 in total)

 Numeracy Task For the week 2 separate tasks for each week (10 in total)

 Debate topic (5 debate questions, each based on the word for the week).

This is useful for instilling literacy and numeracy maintaining continuity throughout the school.

You can either print off the word of the week placemat and laminate it and then, each week, stick a different word on it. This also comes with our 60 second Bubble countdown timer, for use with literacy and numeracy activities.

NB The other Tutor Time resources for each month of 2018 will also include similar tasks and be added to this resource.
We hope that you enjoy this growing bundle!

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By TeachElite

Christmas traditions around the world

This resource acts as a virtual Advent calendar and could be used with the accompanying Word documents as a standalone lesson or for a few minutes each day in December to introduce and explore Christmas traditions around the World, both old and new. This resource covers aspects of the Identity and Culture theme in the ESDGC Common Understanding document for KS2.
By Hwb Digital Learning for Wales

Printable christmas puzzles

Puzzles to keep them quiet this week! Including word searches, cryptograms, scrambler, cross words (fairly easy, but some could be done in pairs - good teamwork!) I have used them with all ages this week!
By jkmoss

Christmas and New Year's Activities for tutor time!

Come November and December, it can be a tough time to keep students (and yourself!) motivated in the run up to the holiday season. If you want some fun and quality Christmas and New Year activities to use with your tutor groups that they will enjoy and relate to, then this is the resource for you! It comes with attractive, enjoyable and creative activities that will last weeks running up to the Christmas holidays and even when they return in the New Year too!

This resource will encourage students to look at Christmas over the world, show kindness, reflect on the end of one year and start of another.
These can be used for a variety of age groups and abilities and require no preparation from you at all. Instructions are on each worksheet and students can be as thorough as they like depending on their ability.

These are fun to do and they make wonderful keepsakes for students to look back on when they are older!


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By TeachersResourceForce

Group challenges

Add a sprinkle of competitive spirit to your tutor group with these engaging quizzes and games, packed full of a diverse range of questions. Let the best team win…


Christmas Dingbats

Just for fun, we all need some sometime!!!
By geminiwhizz

Christmas Taboo

A PowerPoint with 26 taboo words. Each word contains 5 taboo words.
Works really well as a group activity with students sat in front of the projected word.
By YasmineJade

End of Term Christmas Quiz

Some of the Christmas Quizzes that I’ve used over the years, with rounds on The Christmas Stories, Christmas Kareoke, Pantos, General Knowledge - mix and match or just use one. I’ve used them in form time.

By freckle06

Pointless Christmas 2014 Edition

I've created a new edition of my Pointless game for this Christmas. This new version allows you to play it the same way as the TV show does, or a bespoke version where you play as many games in each round as you like. I&'ve included instructions for how to operate the slides and all the answers/bits to read out to explain what is required in each game. Hope you enjoy. There may be a few bugs given I&';ve not used it myself and there are about 350 slides and thousands of links required to make it all work, so please message me if you spot any problems and I'll fix them.
By Daniel Burke

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