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25th October 2019

Lessons, games and activities to promote the safe use of computing technology

With the start of the school year feeling a long time ago and Anti-Bullying Week just around the corner, now may be a good time to re-visit some aspects of e-safety and the responsible use of technology. We have selected a range of resources covering e-safety, including issues such as cyber bullying, the dark web, malware and social media.

Fully resourced lessons

Explore issues around e-safety with your computing students in more depth with these fully planned and resourced lessons.

E-Safety PSHEE SMSC Whole School Activity - Tutor Activity - 1-2 Hour Lesson, Worksheet, Role play,

E-Safety PSHEE SMSC Whole School Activity
- Tutor Activity
- 1-2 Hour Lesson,

Includes: Worksheet, Role play activity, Teaching Information, Learning objectives & differentiated success criteria, Main task - e-safety poster, Plenary QUiz

Covers Key E-safety curriculum areas
- Personal Information, Digital Footprint & Cyber bullying
Shares - tips & advice

Includes lesson Powerpoint & Printable Worksheet slide
Very useful & informative lesson
Ideal for PSHEE days/afternoons
By Mercedes Spence

E-Safety Lessons - Phishing, Malware & Social Networks

Three resources for a reduced price.
Will take AT LEAST 4 lessons to complete, if not longer.

All differentiated.
All fully resourced.
All can be taught in a classroom OR computer suite (computer tasks have been adapted for those in a classroom).

Discounted bundle. Over 20% saving.
Computer Science/Computing/PSHE

By brad-ashley

Internet Safety - The Dark Web

An hour long, fully resourced lesson focusing on the dangers posed by the dark web, the differences between the dark and the visible web and consequences of online criminal activity. This resource pack includes an hour long Powerpoint, differentiated challenge activities, worksheets, clips and literacy focus tasks. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes).

This lesson could be used for PSHE, Computer Science, Citizenship or Life Skills. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop:


By EC Resources

E-Safety Complete Lesson

All resources included for a complete lesson, probably two lessons worth.

  • Lesson plan
  • Starter Activity
  • Main Activity
  • Teacher PowerPoint
  • Plenary Quiz
  • Homework.

Everything ready-to-go, clear and engaging resources.

By danorme1

Internet Safety - Screen Time

1 hour, fully resourced PSHE lesson which investigates the impact of excessive screen time on our health. The lesson follows a boy called Ben, who stays up all night playing computer games. This resource pack includes an hour long PowerPoint with accompanying worksheets, well differentiated activities, literacy focus tasks, clip tasks with three-way differentiated questions and information sheets.

The lesson has been left editable and is filled with engaging, well differentiated and fun activities. It is useful for PSHE / Internet Safety / ICT / Citizenship or Tutor Time. As with all our lessons, you don’t need any prior knowledge as all the information is included - you can just pick up and teach it.

You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: MORE PSHE RESOURCES or at

By EC Resources

PSHE- E-safety Lesson 5- Dangers of the net

A powerpoint presentation focused on password security and the issues they may come against when gaming. It includes learning objectives, a plan do review structure, three tasks and scaffolded information. Other lessons available in a bundle based on E-Safety.

By DramaJem

E-safety - Outstanding Lesson

I recieved an 'Outstanding' for this E-safety lesson I delievered from an observation. It's a fun, activity orientated lesson. I used my homework calendar to post homework. About me: I'm an IT/E-learning Director at Henry Compton School. I also created a free homework calendar for teachers.
By naimish

Transactional Writing - Taught through E-Safety

A complete unit for a shorter half term focussing on Transactional Writing but not exams.
By Mrshannahlester

Games and other activities

These shorter activities - including a quiz, scenario cards and a boardgame - are great for introducing students to some of the key topics or consolidating their understanding. Also included is a quiz-style assembly PowerPoint.

E-Safety Quiz

Mini quiz for a starter/plenary based on e-safety. More slides/questions can be added. Total of ten question, interactive so students can interact on an interactive white board.

By christinereid

E-safety scenario cards

I tend to use these with a Kagan cooperative learning structure (usually 'Showdown' or 'Numbered Heads Together'). See to see how the 'Showdown' structure works.
By Jamie160

Millionaire Quiz! (e-Safety/Safer Internet Day)

Featuring functional correct/wrong screens and 50/50 lifelines, this is perfect for assessment, Safer Internet day or parent workshops, this new and improved interactive gameshow is an entertaining way to teach groups about online safety.

There are 15 questions, testing children's knowledge of:

- Vital e-Safety organisations
- Definitions of key terms
- Steps children can take to remain safe online
- Shocking statistics
...and more!

Fantastic for Safer Internet Day but equally good for any e-Safety lesson.

N.B The original logos for Who Wants to be a Millionaire are property of Sony Pictures Television. For this reason they have not been included, but a similar non-trademarked version has.

Please see my shop for other gameshows, worksheets, activities and time-saving ideas.

All feedback is welcome so please do comment and rate.
By GalvaniseEDU

Cyber-Bullying Board Game (anti-bullying)

This game encourages students to think about good and bad choices online and what they should do if they encounter online bullying.

The game is suitable to support work in classrooms on Anti-Bullying in Personal, Social and Health Education.

Simply print out and laminate the game in A3 or A4 format to make it last.

A fun, cost-effective way to enhance the learning experience for your students in the subject for years to come!
By Rachel Bunce

Homework Project E-Safety

A 4-5 week e-safety homework project with assessment criteria, self-assessment, learning objectives, guide times for students and a range of activity types. Ideal as a paralell project to classwork which can be referred to in the lessons to continue with e-safety themes.
By it1

E-Safety Wordsearch

An e-safety wordsearch presented on an ipad image. Contains a list of 10 e-safety related words for children to find. Also contains an answer sheet.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

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