Engaging games for primary maths

Sian Evans
07th July 2017
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Keep classes smiling as they consolidate their understanding and develop key skills using these fun activities

Fun might not usually be a word you'd associate with maths, but why shouldn’t it be? Whether students need a new way to practise fundamental topics or a fresh approach to a concept they're struggling with, we’ve got it covered with this hand-picked a collection of games, designed to both educate and entertain. Let the games begin!

Games for younger learners

There are countless ways to jazz up the consolidation of even the most basic skills. For example, this animal-themed counting game, with its magical, self-checking cards, is ideal for numerical recognition, while this two-player activity makes use of the a classic paper game of dots and boxes in the practising of single-digit addition.

Inspired by the well-known playground game What’s the time, Mr Wolf?, this colourful presentation challenges your class to tell the time in order to avoid being eaten at dinner time. Alternatively, in this Connect Four-style game, players compete to connect numbers based on times tables questions.

Games for older learners

Tackle the notoriously difficult skill of converting between percentages, decimals and fractions using this interactive matching game, which works best with two teams competing against each other. Or for students who are frazzled by equivalent fractions, this light-hearted game is perfect for giving the topic a positive spin while practising the process of simplifying.

Rather than giving negative numbers the cold shoulder, why not explore this Arctic-themed board game to help consolidate understanding? And, as every class need times table practice, give this table splat gamea try! Warning: likely to lead to a very noisy classroom…

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