Teaching toys collection

Victoria Haughton
25th April 2018
Toys collection

Help younger learners explore their favourite toys using these engaging lesson and activity ideas

Cars, building blocks, teddy bears and dolls… toys are a staple of childhood and crucial to younger children’s self-development. From exploring toys of the past to recognising prices in a shop, we’ve selected some of our favourite resources to help you incorporate this topic into your day-to-day teaching.

Victorian Toys

A PowerPoint presentation and activity designed to show pupils what toys the Victorians had and which toys rich children played with in comparison to poor children.
By tmh_23

Old and new toys (sorting)

Simple sorting game in powerpoint format
By Ibuzzybea

Toy shop price list

A pictoral price list with editable price tags to use when learning about money, coins and calcuations
By must be crazy!

Toys Medium term planning

Plans for Yr 1 with National Curriculum links. A very enjoyable topic with lots of discovery and hands on learning.
By Fifrank

Co-operative learning activity 'History of Toys Timeline' KS1

This resource can be used with KS1 children to help learn about the history of toys. It is a co-operative learning activity, whereby children work in partners (one having Timeline A, one having Timeline B). They must use the other person's timeline to help complete their own. Images courtesy of Creative Commons/Free Stock photos.
By lb1982


This ppt with sound contains a set of different activities related to the theme "Toys". It"s useful for ESL learnersas well for native speakers.
By bouledeneige

Observational drawing of a favourite toy

Children learn the word ‘texture’. They look carefully at their favourite toy and talk about the feel and appearance. They decide which media they want to use to represent it and do a beautiful drawing! They talk about their work and the work of other people.

Suitable for years 1 and 2.
By Hamilton Trust

KS1 Dance – Toys topic – Toys SOW

This resource is for KS1 teachers teaching dance through the Physical Education part of the national curriculum during the topic of the Toys (or any topic connected to toys, gifts, Christmas, celebration).

Within this resource there are 6 detailed 30 min lesson plans including: Aims and objectives, equipment needed, descriptions of activities (starter, warm up, main activity, plenary etc), Organisation information and ‘coaching’ points.

Performance music ‘Epic Music – Toys Come Alive’:


By samjball

Toy Store Money Problems

A collection of three differentiated challenges that are based on items in a toy store. Can your children find the correct prices and solve the word problems?

Includes questions involving doubling, calculating change, total prices, differences, price increases / decreases and more.

Answers are also included for teachers and self-checking.

Find more resources like this in our Decimals Pack at www.teachingpacks.co.uk
By Teaching Ideas

Toys Old and New: Photo cards for sorting or display

Selection of clear photos. A5 pdf file. No captions. Suitable for sorting as there are a selection of different toys here.

By bevevans22

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