Observational drawing of a favourite toy

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Children learn the word ‘texture’. They look carefully at their favourite toy and talk about the feel and appearance. They decide which media they want to use to represent it and do a beautiful drawing! They talk about their work and the work of other people.

Suitable for years 1 and 2.

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CreatedAug 25, 2010
UpdatedMay 27, 2015

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    user avatarbookteach3 years agoReport

    this is great, thank you so much for sharing

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    user avatargiraffey3 years agoReport

    Just what I was looking for, thanks

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    really nice idea after xmas...Thankyou!

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    A very useful lesson plan that gives clear objectives and next steps for progression. KS1 children will like this activity as they are able to use their favourite toy.