Primary maths: Times tables

Sian Evans
17th October 2017
Image of times tables square to show times tables for primary maths pupils

Top times tables activities, lesson ideas and games to help every child conquer those dreaded sums

Times tables are my favourite thing, said no student ever. And, that isn't helped by the idea that repetition, repetition, repetition is the only way to get them to stick. However, there is no rule that learning and recapping times tables has to be dull. So, we've gathered some resources to help you mix things up. Go on, try something new today...

Classroom activities

Why not try some of these creative approaches that offer a variety of ways to tackle times tables this term? Comprehensive activity packs, matching tasks and even colouring exercises are all different ways of helping those key sums stick.


Times Tables Matching Activity TWO'S, FIVE'S & TEN'S

This times tables 4-piece puzzle is a fun way to test students knowledge of the two, five and ten times tables. Students match the times table question to the solution, array and collection of grouped objects.
It is designed to be easily cut with little wastage. So either the teacher or tutor can prepare the cards by cutting them before hand, or students can cut their own cards, giving them a chance to see the solutions before they attempt the puzzle.
Although this product is made in colour, it prints perfectly well in black and white. Each puzzle is the size of an sheet. To use less paper, select the pages per sheet option, and the puzzles will be smaller, but still high quality.
All other times tables are available as further packs, or you can buy the complete bundle.
Three's Six's and Nine's
Four's Eights and Eleven's
Seven's and Twelves
By LittleStreams

Times Table Colouring Worksheets

I made these for my class to practice their tables. They really work and they children had fun matching the question to the answer. You can type over the boxes with other questions (division maybe) Hope they're useful. xx :)
By sairer

Times Table Challenge - Mastery - Expected and Greater Depth

Times table activity that has been adapted from the mastery approaches used in Singapore. The activity is differentiated through conceptual and procedural variation.

These activities will challenge children at ‘Expected’ and at ‘Greater Depth’

Covers the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 11x & 12x - tables

View the free lessons in my shop to get a taste of my style:

By ClassroomWarrior

Lesson ideas

Livening up lessons is a great way to engage young learners, while repeatedly reinforcing those essential times tables. Whether you need to recap the basics, introduce a memory story or get pupils out of their seats, try a new way of teaching with help from these activities.


Active Times Tables

My school was looking for some active ways to learn and practice our times tables. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Apologies in advance for any typos!
By dps66uk

Memory Owl - All Stories

Memory Owl’s Times Tables - All the Stories!

This is a printable copy of my book, containing all the times tables from 2x to 12x (omitting 10x and the easy 11x) which you may print as many copies as you like for use in your class.

This is a way of learning times tables using visual techniques where the numbers are turned into characters who interact in stories. Great for children with dyscalculia or anyone who has difficulty remembering times tables using traditional memory methods.

If you would like to buy a hard copy of the book, flash cards or other resources, please see my website

NEW: A Memory Owl Times Tables App is available on App Store, Google Play and Kindle Fire!

By MemoryOwl

Times Table Class Activity

This is four different whole class activities practicing times tables.

There are four versions of the same game, with increasing difficulty:

- easy multiplication, up to 7 x 7.
- slightly harder multiplication, up to 8 x 8 or 9 x 7.
- all multiplication up to 9 x 9, with few easy questions
- all multiplication up to 12 x 12.
By dh2119

How to work out Times Tables. KS2, KS3 Powerpoint

This Powerpoint presentation provides multiplication facts. It does everything for you.You can sit back and let it go.

By oldbird


Finally, bring in an element of fun. Ranging from quick games to whole-class, whole-term challenges, this hand-picked selection is designed to fuel a competitive spirit in your classroom.


44 Times Tables Matching Cards

44 sets of multiplication and corresponding division facts matching cards. All in word for easy editing. Ideal for starter lesson, co-operative learning, round the world or adult focus task
By paul urry

Shake, Rattle and Roll! (Times Tables Game)

A paired game perfect for interventions or as a morning starter.

Children take turns to roll the two dice and multiply the numbers together. They can then place one of their 10 counters onto the board.

The aim of the game is to place all of your 10 counters before your partner.

A fun and interactive way to learn times tables.

Two versions included - one for two 6 sided dice and the other for two 10 sided dice, for you to choose which one suits your class and your resources.

Follow me at
By Miss-Becky

Multiplication Olympics - Times Tables - Game - Quiz - Whole School Resources - KS2 - Year 3 4 5 6

The times table test has been mentioned in the government and we have been using this resource in our school for a while now and it work effectively to improve children's knowledge of their times tables. It is split into 7 levels. I only allow my children to move up if they correctly answer the Olympic sheet 100% correctly on 3 occasions. We tend to do these sheets on Monday's and Fridays as a 3 minute starter. My TA then marks them quickly using the answer sheets but only for children who have answered all questions. As soon as she reaches the first mistake she stops.

In the younger classes we give the children a medal each time they move up a podium.

In this pack I have included all 7 times table challenge sheets. 7 Answer Sheets. All display resources, as we have made a display of these resources in each of the ks2 classrooms. I have also included my multiplication Olympic tracker which tracks the progress of the children.

Finalist Level - We know our 2, 5 and 10 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

Bronze Level - We know our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

Silver Level - We know our 3, 4, 6 and 11 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

Gold Level - We know our 7, 8, 9 and 12 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

European Level - We know our tables up to the 12 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes.

Olympic Level - We know our tables up to the 12 times table and can recall 100 multiplication and division questions in three minutes.

Tough Level - We know our tables up to the 12 times table and can use these to recall facts including those with decimals.

By gemmahumphries

Times tables jigsaw

Times tables jigsaw.
Can be used as a review at the end of a lesson.
Can be prepared by copying the answer sheet onto different coloured sheets of paper (enough for half your class) and laminating them. Cut out all the squares from each sheet and place into a small resealable plastic bag. You would then have a class activity for pairs of students that could be reused many times.
(Australian Curriculum) NSW MA3-6NA selects and applies appropriate strategies for
multiplication and division, and applies the order of operations to calculations involving more than one operation
By Maths2Measure

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