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22nd January 2020
Image of times tables square to show times tables for primary maths pupils

Top games, activities and charts to help every child conquer times tables

From games and activities to times tables charts and grids, there are a lot of ways you could teach times tables. Whether you're looking for a new way of teaching times tables, searching for an activity sheet or wanting to consolidate a lesson, we have gathered together a collection of resources for you to try. From times tables charts posters and grids, to whole class number games, times tables mastery activities and fun packs, why not try something new today?

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Times tables charts 

Using 1-12 multiplication charts and grids is one of the most popular ways to teach times tables. They can help with the systematic learning of times tables as well as providing a visual aid for pupils to recognise. Why not take a look at the selection below?

Times table grid

A times table grid to help students rehearse factors and multiples.
By MarkJohnOliver

Times Table Grid Pack

Attached is a blank times table grid which students may complete, as well as the answers for students to self assess, or for your own benefit. Ideal for KS2, KS3 or even KS4 Revision
By iamteach101

Times Table Championship Chart

This is sticker chart where once a child knows a times table (use whatever method of assessment you like) they get a sticker. Feel free to change the names and add or remove columns as nessecary. You can make it bigger by saving this file as a pdf in publisher and then using the poster print feature in Adobe reader to make it as big as you like.
By hamdog_

Times Tables Poster

Made in A4, can be photocopied in colour to A3 and used as a reminder of the classic Times Tables from 1 - 12
By SuperSami86

Times Tables Individual Multiplication Grids

Sheets showing individual grids of the times tables from 2 up to 12, each showing up to 12 x each number.

Use on display or cut out individually for students to keep as a reference material.

By PropellerEducation

1-12 Times Tables Strips/ Charts

Times Table Strips/ Charts - Multiplication tables from 1-12. These will become valuable resources in your classroom or at home! You can print, laminate them and put a hole at the top or bottom and put a key ring to use it as a multiplication fan.

By TheTeachersResourceShop

Times tables games and activities

From times tables mats to whole class and individual games, activities and mastery packs, here, you’ll find a selection of times tables resources you can use with your pupils in the classroom.

Times tables funpack

This learning pack includes worksheets, puzzles and games to help children understand times tables and have fun at the same time! Get the numbers to stick by turning times tables into engaging activities.
By TheSchoolRun

44 Times Tables Matching Cards

44 sets of multiplication and corresponding division facts matching cards. All in word for easy editing. Ideal for starter lesson, co-operative learning, round the world or adult focus task
By paul urry

Times Tables Snakes and Ladders

Times tables can be a tricky maths skill to teach because of the understanding required of the relationships between the numbers and the amount of maths number facts students are required to recall in learning their 2x to x12 times tables. Rote learning can mean children recall their times table facts but have no idea what the relationships mean between the numbers. We have found that the best strategy is continued practise through game-play. Our students really enjoy this snakes and ladders multiplication game and ask to play it again. We have included division facts also on the game boards to help students understand the relationship between multiplication and division. We have included instructions on how to play in the pack and colour and black and white versions of the game boards, so you can print the version you prefer.

We hope you and your students enjoy this pack and please let us know if you have any queries on
By eeducation

Times Table Class Activity

This is four different whole class activities practicing times tables.

There are four versions of the same game, with increasing difficulty:

- easy multiplication, up to 7 x 7.
- slightly harder multiplication, up to 8 x 8 or 9 x 7.
- all multiplication up to 9 x 9, with few easy questions
- all multiplication up to 12 x 12.
By dh2119

Times Tables Mastery

For use in KS2, but may be possible for some younger children depending on ability. There are 11 worksheets in total, one for each of the tables from 2 to 12. This aim is to show children that times tables are repeated addition, that they can be written either way around. It aims to teach children about number sentences. I hope you find them useful.
By Bootle_bum

Times Tables Practice Booklet

This resource can be printed on A4 pages to create an A5 size booklet. The idea is to practise a particular times table e.g. the SIX times table by filling in the number 6 in the box on the first page. This will automatically update all the questions to require multiples of six in the answers. By changing the 6 to a different number you can practise a different times table.

Vocabulary used includes ‘divisible’, ‘multiple’, ‘product’ and ‘remainder’. Exercises include commutativity, multiplying by decimals, calculating remainders and finding unit fractions of amounts.

Useful for older students who need to refresh their times tables.

DfE references for GCSE 9-1 N2 N3 N4

For more resources like this please visit the SKILLSHEETS Shop

By Skillsheets

Times Table Challenge - Mastery - Expected and Greater Depth

Times table activity that has been adapted from the mastery approaches used in Singapore. The activity is differentiated through conceptual and procedural variation.

These activities will challenge children at ‘Expected’ and at ‘Greater Depth’

Covers the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 11x & 12x - tables

View the free lessons in my shop to get a taste of my style:

By ClassroomWarrior

Times Tables Chatterboxes

Times Table Chatterboxes: A series of 11 chatterboxes including multiplication and division facts from the 2 to 12 times tables inclusive. A fun game for 1 or more players to help learn multiplication and division facts. Includes instructions.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

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