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Nicola Davison
20th May 2016
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Lessons and activity ideas to explore Ramadan traditions within Islam

With the beginning of Ramadan on the horizon, the thoughts of Muslims around the world will turn to one of the five pillars of Islam, sawm (fasting). During this time, they will refrain from eating and drinking in daylight hours and instead focus their attention on praying, reading from the Quran and other selfless activities.

Encourage learners to discover more about the importance of and meaning behind one of the biggest acts of mass religious observance of its kind, using these specially-selected lesson presentations and activities.

Primary resources

Introduce the basic traditions and explain the significance of Ramadan with this clear, illustrated presentation. To consolidate their understanding, younger learners can fill in the gaps of this picture dictionary, while older pupils can complete this diary-based comprehension exercise.

Get creative with this detailed guide, which outlines the use of Islamic fawanees (Ramadan lanterns) with instructions and templates to enable learners to create their own.

Or why not get your class to demonstrate their learning with this fully-resourced class assembly? Complete with a presentation and a script, it looks at Ramadan as well as Eid-ul-Fitr, the traditional celebration of the breaking of the fast.

Secondary resources

Ensure that students have a working knowledge of the five pillars of Islam before investigating Ramadan using this interactive lesson, including a board game and group activity.  Explore Ramadan in terms of its spiritual gains for Muslims with this well-structured lesson presentation, complete with video and extended exam question.

Ideal as a cross-curricular activity, this engaging, number-themed lesson requires pupils to solve simple problems to find out facts about Ramadan. Alternatively, get learners to work together to prepare saleeg – a spiced stew or vegetable dish – using this simple recipe, often eaten as an evening meal after sundown.

Find out more about how Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, which takes place at the end of Ramadan, with this short video, following the actions of Faraz, a Muslim boy.

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