Cracking Easter resources for EYFS and primary

Helen Beevers
27th March 2019
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Bring Easter into your classroom with these religious activities, themed lesson ideas and creative tasks

The days are getting longer, flowers are beginning to bloom and the Easter holidays are almost upon us. Embrace the festivities with this collection of our favourite Easter-themed activities and games to take you and your pupils to the end of term.

Easter story resources

The Easter Story for IWB

A fuller version of the story for more able learners. Same pictures as in the previously uplaoded Easy Easter Story for IWB, but more detailed text. Comic Sans font throughout. Also matches the Retell the Easter Story Workbook.
By bevevans22

The Easter Story Workbook

An original story written for Early Years and KS1 outlining events for Holy Week.
A PDF file and powerpoint presentation.
Can be used in a number of ways.
1.Class assembly with children reading each daily entry while others perform role play activities.
2. A guided reading activity or a mini class novel
3. A printed workbook as there are activity pages included
Consists of story pages, writing and drawing activities, a word mat , a timeline from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday
By teachercellar

Easter Assembly - The Last Supper - Betrayal

This is a plan and PowerPoint presentation for an assembly on The Last Supper, with a focus on the theme of betrayal. . The 5 page pdf plan is easy to follow and requires no resources, so is perfect for using at the last minute!

I like leading assemblies that are interactive, engaging and relevant to the children’s lives. So, this assembly involves an anecdote about a childhood friend who betrayed you. You can use the examples in the plan or use an anecdote from your own childhood. This is then linked to Judas betraying Jesus before the events of Good Friday. There is a lot of opportunity for children to think about their own experiences and to feedback. There is also an example prayer/reflection to finish with.

There is also an optional 34 slide PowerPoint which covers all parts of the assembly including the anecdote, The Last Supper story, the discussion/conclusion and the final prayer. This is non-editable. (Please click ‘Read Only’ to open.) You can navigate to different parts of the PowerPoint from the first slide or run the whole PowerPoint from start to finish.

You might also be interested in the Last Supper Story PowerPoint and the KS1 and KS2 Last Supper lesson plans:

By Blossoming Minds

Easter writing sheets

3 writing sheets for Easter - Palm sunday, Crucifixtion and resurrection. Picture to colour and lines underneath to write the story. A palm sunday writing sheet where the children use their senses to write about the day as if they were there. Other topics covered: Family life and rituals; Living in a diverse world

By loretolady

The Easter Story

The Easter story with supporting images depicting the story in traditional stain glass. Art and design project using tissue paper to create stain glass images that reproduce the Easter story.
By gardenshed2

The Easter Story 8 Step Sequencing

This is an 8 step cut and paste matching sentences to pictures activity. Give the

pupils jumbled up sentences which they can read or alternatively an adult can read

to the pupils (differentiation). he pupils can then stick the sentences in the correct

order on their picture worksheet.
By janedonlan1

EYFS resources

Easter card making bits & bobs

A selection of black & white outline card templates with an Easter theme.
By AcornTeachingResources

Easter interactive poem

Words and clipart to make props to go along with Easter poem.

By alison_stewart

Easter Egg Addition

A very simple PPT aimed at Reception children. Children can write addition sentences for each slide.
By Shamz

Easter Egg Letter Matching Activity

Easter Egg Letter Matching Activity: A fabulous Easter-themed English activity. Cut out the eggs and match the upper and lowercase letters. A fun activity to aid letter recognition.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

Easter egg

Set of 15 colorful tasks for development of cognitive “Easter egg” is designed for pre-school and junior school children. These task are also suited and will be liked by the little ones with developmental disorder.
By korsigita

Easter - Foundation Activities

A couple of resources I have made for Easter for my nursery children: 1. Easter counting game - match the number of bunnies with the number on the Easter Egg 2. Easter Scissor Skills - self explanatory really Enjoy! Other topics covered: Festivals and celebrations.

By Loz12

KS1 resources

Easter Egg Collecting Board Game

A sinple game, visual game with full instructions included. Children work around the board collecting eggs for their baskets. There are some spaces where they have to empty their basket or miss a turn. Lots of basic maths could be got out of this game: counting, adding etc, as well as social stuff like turn taking. Lots of items on the game board to talk about as well (lambs, rabbits etc). Game board needs to be A3, Baskets need to be A4. Sassoon font throughout.

By bevevans22

Easter Poetry

Download our popular Easter Performance Poetry unit for KS1. One week’s worth of literacy planning!

A five-lesson literacy unit of poetry planning for Years 1 and 2, based on performing Easter poetry and built around the KS1 English objectives.

In this unit, pupils will read a classic Easter poem about a fast white rabbit and they will consider how the sounds and language patterns come alive when the poem is read aloud, particularly reflecting on the use of verbs and similes. Children will work towards creating their version of the Easter poem and turning it into an effective performance, which could be used for an Easter assembly or celebration.

The aims of the unit for pupils are:
• To listen to a classic Easter poem being read aloud
• To identify verbs and similes
• To prepare a poetry performance including actions
• To perform a poem to an audience

The PDF file contains 5 full literacy lesson plans, copies of the poem and all accompanying pupil resources.

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By KS2History

Easter Story Starters For Writing

A pdf file with 20 story prompt starters for Easter, looking at animals, people plants. A great resource to encourage creative writing with the younger classes. Each prompt gives a starting sentence for the children to continue the story.This can be printed out as individual pages and used for display or as a complete booklet for individual pupils, therefore it is good for differentiation.

By teachercellar

Easter Activities

RE Easter Story bundle, comprising 5 resources/ activities. For KS1/ lower KS2

14 Poster cards (slightly less than A5 size) - Jesus, angel, disciple, Mary, cross, etc.
Easter word search
8 Colouring pages
Bingo cards
Easter story board game

Great for the last few weeks before the Easter half term.
Feedback is greatly appreciated. All my resources have been proof read but if you do spot a mistake, please let me know and I will correct it promptly.

By hoppytimes

Easter Bunny's Eggs

Problem Solving Activity for KS1. The Easter bunny has to sort his eggs into boxes that hold 6. How many ways can he sort 2,3,4..etc eggs? Is there a pattern? Why?

For lower abilities, using egg boxes and multilink was a useful way to visualise and practically represent the problem.
By abbiperrin

Easter Themed Decorated Paper

An A4 pdf with a selection of decorated paper - . Full colour or black and white outlines in the same design -Easter Chicks .

By bevevans22

Easter Story Writing Booklet

Booklet template for writing a retell of the Easter Story. Suitable for Reception, Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2. Clear illustrations for each part of the story to act as visual aids. Use alongside the Easter Story Powerpoint Show which is also available. 5 versions included featuring different sequences of pictures. Choose the version that suits your learning objective.

Version 1 includes: Jesus riding on a donkey; angry leaders and Judas’s betrayal; the Last Supper; Jesus praying and his arrest; Jesus dies on the cross; Jesus placed in the cave; the opened tomb on Easter Sunday.

Version 2 includes: Jesus riding on a donkey; the Last Supper; Jesus praying; Jesus' arrest; Jesus dies on the cross; Jesus placed in the cave; the opened tomb on Easter Sunday.

Version 3 includes: Jesus riding on a donkey; the Last Supper; Jesus praying and his arrest; Jesus dies on the cross; Jesus placed in the cave; the opened tomb on Easter Sunday; Jesus is alive.

Version 4 includes: Jesus riding on a donkey; the Last Supper; Jesus praying and his arrest; Jesus dies on the cross; Jesus placed in the cave; the opened tomb on Easter Sunday.

Version 5 includes all pages listed above to allow you to choose the contents and make your own writing booklet. Simply select the pages that you want to print via the printing options. This version also includes a page for Ascension Day.

When printing select booklet and 2 sided printing. Fold pages in half and slot together in the correct page order to form a booklet. Each booklet is 8 pages (including front and back cover).

Use alongside the Easter Story PowerPoint
The Easter Story PowerPoint - simple version
The Easter Story PowerPoint - more detailed version

Other Fairydoesit! Easter resources available.
The Easter Story Colouring Sheets
Tell Me a Story - Story Maps for the Easter Story
The Easter Story - retell the story picture cards
The Easter Story Writing Sheets

Check out more resources at
Fairy does it! Teaching Resources
By Fairy does it !

FREE Easter Activity Pack!

To say thank you for all the support you have shown me over the last year I made a smaller, FREE version of my popular holiday-themed activity pack! This 25 page Easter themed packet has math games, math/literacy printables, AND MORE! Again, thank you for all of your support and Happy Easter! Don't forget to follow me, leave reviews, and check out my other holiday themed products!

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St. Patrick's Day Activity Pack!
By kkgaines

KS2 resources

Easter eggs!

Complete the symmetrical patterns on Easter Eggs to create fantastic designs. Use this as a themed activity in the runup to Easter. Give prizes for the best use of colour! Make into Easter cards to take home. Covers Reflective symmetry, accuracy in copying, colouring. This resource contains three sheets.
By Mathsright


A collection of fun Easter activities. Quiz sheet with separate answers, colouring sheets, Easter egg hunt mazes, Easter word-searches in English and French and a slideshow of Easter themed images for inspiration.

Happy Easter!
By Start Education

French Easter Board Game Paques

A board game to practise vocabulary for Easter.
Pupils roll the dice and say the French for the picture they land on. Extra challenge given as they progress through the game and have to describe the pictures and give opinions.

Great lead on from my Easter PowerPoint.
Great speaking and listening practice.
Increased enthusiasm and engagement.
Adds dimension of competition.
Could be used as a reward for early finishes.

This resource is available as part of an Easter bundle, saving you money.
By Betsy Belle

Easter Egg Hunt Adventure Story Maker

This PowerPoint can be used as part of a large group activity (by pupils at the IWB) or on individual computers. They include specially designed clip art that will help support the creating of an appropriate story.
By bevevans22

Easter Maths Challenge

10 questions all related to easter covering a variety of topics. Upper end KS2, lower end KS3. There is an answer sheet attached. (UPDATED - thank you Pandafatmat)

By JordanSloan

An Easter Story and Easter Board Games

This is a fiction story with a message, in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation. It teaches the message of Easter- being unselfish and showing kindness to others, giving up a little.
There is a 10 slide story and in addition, four templates with - discussion questions, diary entries and an acrostic poem.
There is also a three slide resource with Easter designed board games for word and math play in class.
This resource is ideal for KS2- it could be used in PSHE, English or Religion class.
By LearnersLabyrinth

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on its Way (2019)

This Easter “How Touching” puzzle is a bit like Boggle.

This is a five-minute filler for English teachers. I’ve included mini B & W puzzle grids for teachers who are trying to cut back on photocopy costs.

By Carlav

Easter Chocolate Challenge - STEAM, Biomimicry

Problem: How to put an end to melting chocolate bunnies and reduce the waste?

This is a fun and imporant challenge! Use ideas from nature to solve some of the problems with melting chocolate bunnies.

1. Problem and plan
2. How does nature?
3. How does nature move from trash to treasure?
4. Where does chocolate come from?
5. What if - Idea 1, 2 and 3
5. Evaluation sheet
6. Reflection on the learning
7. What is biomimicry

There is a colour and black and white copy of each page.

By Asa Jomard

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