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24th February 2020
Parle vous Francais? French resources for beginners

Number, month of the year and body parts resources for French

Whether you're teaching languages in primary, secondary or further education, learning a new language is exciting at any age. So, to bring back the basics, we have gathered together a selection of resources to cover some of the initial topics taught in French. From numbers 1 to 30, to months of the year and body parts in French, why not take a look at some of the activities, lessons and games the Tes community has to offer?

French numbers 1-30 resources

French numbers worksheet

Worksheet to practise numbers. Mostly 1-31, with a short exercise on higher numbers. Made for a one-off lesson I had to cover, might be useful for a quick practice/revision.
By shropshire14

Number worksheets - French

Worksheets in French for numbers 1-10, 11-20 and 21-31.
By frenchgerman

French number games

a worksheet practising numbers in French to twenty. It also practises animals & colours
By anyholland

French Numbers Loop 1-30

I have created a simple number loop from 1-30 for my Year 3s and Year 4s. They can practise their numbers orally and recognise them in written form. It also reinforces 'J'ai&' and introduces &';Qui a...?' It&'s not an elaborate resource but a handy one and a good starter and revision exercise.
By vicky7oaks

French Numbers and Colours

French Numbers and Colours Activity Sheet

This fun “numbers and colours” activity sheet is suitable for KS1, KS2 or KS3 beginner’s French, ages 6 to 12.

Once pupils have learned numbers 0 to 12 and colours in French, challenge them to read the numbers and their corresponding colours and complete this number colouring activity sheet. Use this activity to assess or embed learning or to provide additional French independent learning at home.

Instant printable download A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches) in pdf format

1 printable French “Numbers and Colours” colouring Activity Sheet

Please note: French numbers to 100 and colours vocabulary sheets, with audio, are also available from my shop.

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If you enjoy this free resource, please leave a review for other teachers in return.

Many thanks for your support.

By LanguageMagnet

French Numbers (Les Nombres) Worksheets

Beginners French KS2 / KS3 (Year 4, 5, 6 and 7) Les Nombres / Les Numeros / French Numbers to 100 vocabulary worksheets with differentiation (10 pages with additional full answer keys): 3 double-sided worksheets (0-40 / 0-60 / 0-100), 2 sheets of anagrams (0-40 / 0-100) and 2 Hidden Word / Spot the Mistakes Puzzles Worksheets (0-40 / 0-100. These French number writing resources will help you plan lessons at Key Stage 2 or 3 (Upper Primary and early Secondary and equivalents) for students beginning French or near beginners requiring revision of basic vocab and phrases. They could be used as class tasks, early finisher activities, homework etc. An instruction page is also included.

There is a 0-40 version, a 0-60 version and a 0-100 version. Includes number sequences and mental maths work. The following words are used for the four operations:

  • plus - add

  • moins - minus

  • fois - times

  • divisé par - divided by

There’s a 0-40 and 0-100 sheet. Students unscramble French number words.

There’s a 0-40 and 0-100 puzzle sheet. Students hunt for boxes where the French number word does not match the digit version. They then rearrange the letters from these boxes to make a French colour word. Fun for individuals or pairs / small groups.

You can buy these worksheets alongside some of my other French number resources in this bundle, which includes a Powerpoint presentation and interactive games, printable games and activities and differentiated crosswords. All are available separately if you prefer.
French Numbers Complete Bundle
See below for a smaller bundle containing these numbers worksheets alongside the crosswords and lesson presentation.

You can explore some of my other French basics resources by clicking on these bundles:
Huge French Basics Bundle
French Basics Presentations Bundle
French Basics Worksheets and Puzzles Bundle

For engaging, time-saving printables and presentations to help plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, visit FullShelf Resources

By FullShelf

Months of the year in French

French Days of the Week Chatterbox

A fun interactive activity involving the children testing each other on days of the week
By chris1962

Days and Months in FRENCH

Introducing days and months in French, including vocabulary and exercises
By JulieNoob

French Days of the Week/Month of the Year Display Posters

A great vocabulary resource to help with the teaching of French.

Included in the pack:
1x A4 Title Page
7x A4 Posters showing the days of the week
12x A4 Posters showing the months of the year

Each poster is attractively designed in colour and can be seen clearly from a distance.
By ResourceCentre

French Months of the Year

French Months of the Year and Saying what the Date is Today

Introduce your pupils to the months of the year and how to say the date in French with this interactive resource, which includes two presentations, a fun activity sheet, two speaking and listening pair work activity sheets and a set of classroom display cards for saying the date.

The first presentation provides the vocabulary for the months of the year, with a summary slide at the end, and the second presentation demonstrates how to ask what the date is and provides an answer for each month of the year. Both presentations include sound files.

A fun, puzzle style, activity sheet is provided to help pupils embed their learning of the months of the year. Answers are included.

The speaking and listening activity sheets allow the pupils to work in pairs, practising the sentence construction for saying the date in French and enabling pupils to increase their listening skills for numbers and dates. If pupils are not sure of their numbers to 31, you can also find number presentations and audio vocabulary sheets in my shop.

A colourful set of classroom display cards are included in this resource that match the presentation. The month calendars are coloured to represent the seasons and can be laminated to use for whole class games or displayed each month to assist pupils with saying the date throughout the year.

Note that the first day of the month uses the ordinal number in French, which is “le premier” whilst the rest of the dates use the cardinal numbers “deux”, “trois” etc.

This resource is ideal for beginner French in KS2 and KS3, and is designed for the non-specialist, as well as the specialist, to deliver a fun, engaging and high quality lesson. This resource is suitable for all learners, including SEN and EAL pupils.

Instant Powerpoint downloads in ppsx format
Instant printable downloads A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches) in pdf format

1 ppsx download Months of the Year vocabulary 10.7 MB, including sound files
1 ppsx download Saying what the Date is Today 12.8 MB, including sound files
1 printable Months of the Year activity worksheet, including answers
2 printable speaking and listening activity sheets
1 printable set of Display Cards, comprising of 12 colourful cards

I hope you enjoy using this resource with your pupils and appreciate the quality and uniqueness of my work. If you like this resource please leave a review for other teachers and visit my shop for more quality products. You will find complete modules and a full scheme of work available on my website.

Many thanks for your support.

Terms of Use
These Powerpoint presentations and the printable downloads are for use with the teacher’s own classes only and cannot be used by other teachers for other classes unless a multiple licence has been purchased with this product.

The original downloads and photocopied sheets may not be resold commercially or redistributed.

By LanguageMagnet

Body parts in French

French Vocab Game - Body parts but can be adapted!

French Vocab Game - Body parts but can be adapted to suit other topics by changing the pictures. Players must remember the words for the different parts of the body in French to win the game. Full instructions included in file.
By mrspomme

French body parts tarsia

Triangle puzzle with parts of the body in French
By nilex

Parts of the body

Labels to be brailled with sticky braille.

Suggested activity: label a large body (must be tactile with different textures for hair and clothes)
By VIProfesseur


French Parts of Body Activities

Les Parties du corps.
Page 1 - resource cover
Pages 2-3 boy/girl posters (words included:les cheveux, l’oreille, la tete, le main, la jambe, le pied, le bras, la bouche, le nez, les yeux )
Pages 4 - 5 Body Parts Labelling Activity .
Pages 6 - 7 Fill in the Table (singular, plural); with answers.
Pages 8 - 9 Word Search (with answers).
Pages 10 - 11 Match Pictures to Descriptions Activities.
Pages 12 - 15 Fill in the Missing Words Activities.
Pages 16 - 17 Write your Own Description Activities.
Page 18 Terms and conditions; credits.

Suitable for KS2. Colourful, child friendly graphics.

By hoppytimes

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