Top speaking resources for MFL

Flora Michti
05th February 2019
Speaking resources for MFL

Mats, worksheets and exam-style tasks to foster fluency 

Some language learners tend to be good at receptive skills but often struggle with productive ones such as speaking and writing. Here are the most popular speaking resources to get your pupils talking in French, German and Spanish.

Speaking mats

Hang one of these speaking mats on the wall as a reminder to utilize useful expressions during speaking activities.

French Speaking Mat

NEW VERSION ADDED We print these in A3 and have them on every table in every classroom. I have used suggested phrases from lots of sources as well as my own. The pupils use the mats regularly during group talk activities and their spontaneous use of language has increased significantly.
By Maryjane Bennett

French Speaking Mat

A speaking mat for everyday classroom interactions to maximise TL use. Split into sections to encourage understanding of formal/informal register.
By Rachel Wellfair

German Speaking Mat

Key phrases to support pupil use of TL in group work and with teacher.
By johardy39263

GCSE Role play phrases mat

  • Translated into German from a French resource found on this site]
  • Vocab to help prepare students for the role play element of the GCSE speaking exam
By wunderbaretformidable

Role Play Speaking Table Mat

Table mat resource to support pupils to practise the role play element of the speaking exam, and support their independent revision when uploaded to shared areas.

Includes key vocabulary needed for the role play element, as well as key verbs in the - yo, tú and usted forms.

By meg014840

Spanish conversation speaking mat

I created this resource with other trainee teachers. It's a general speaking mat to encourage students to converse in Spanish, whether it's everyday classroom language and conversation or a debate. Some phrases may also help with their writing.

Happy teaching!

Role play

Practice role play in French, German and Spanish and help your students tackle this tricky GCSE task.

AQA French GCSE Speaking Workbook - role-plays

An 80-page workbook of role-plays for the new specification French GCSE.
There is a foundation and a higher role-play for each topic in the new GCSE, with a student’s card, teacher’s card and possible answers set out as a script for each role-play.
See for a free sample.

By katelanguages

FRENCH GCSE role play cards speaking exam

this is adapted from the amazing Spanish role play cards uploaded on here by meg014840 !
I have translated them into French … I hope they are useful !

By Kloereese

Unterkunft role play language

Speaking frame for accommodation role plays.
By rhawkes

GCSE German Role Play Revision

A booklet to help students practise the skills necessary for conducting the role play part of the speaking exam. The booklet addresses the themes in the Identity and Culture unit of work. Students are encouraged to learn key generic vocabulary and phrases, ask questions in the familiar and polite forms and translate questions and answers on the theme of Identity and Culture.
By s.barfoot

GCSE Spanish Speaking: Role Play Practice.

This resource include 15 practice role-play cards based on the New Spec GCSE topics. These cards give pupils to chance to practice preparing a role-play cards in a short period of time, and revise key topics.
The resource also includes the teacher scripts for each card so pupils can practice in pairs & see how the role-play works from the examiner’s perspective.
Very useful speaking practice resources!

By wrightcv

GCSE Role Play Booklet (Spanish)

A selection of GCSE Spanish Role Plays. To see more resources like this, please visit:

By spanishandumbrellas

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