Top speaking resources for MFL

Useful expression displays, speaking worksheets and role-play tasks to help students improve in French, German and Spanish

Tes Resources Team

Speaking Resources For MFL

Revision mats, worksheets and exam-style tasks to foster fluency 

Some language learners tend to be good at receptive skills but often struggle with productive ones such as speaking and writing. Here are some speaking resources to get your pupils talking in French, German and Spanish.

Speaking mats

Hang one of these speaking mats on the wall as a reminder to utilize useful expressions during speaking activities.

French Speaking Mat
Maryjane Bennett

French Speaking Mat

NEW VERSION ADDED We print these in A3 and have them on every table in every classroom. I have used suggested phrases from lots of sources as well as my own. The pupils use the mats regularly during group talk activities and their spontaneous use of language has increased significantly.
French Speaking Mat
Rachel Wellfair

French Speaking Mat

A speaking mat for everyday classroom interactions to maximise TL use. Split into sections to encourage understanding of formal/informal register.
Spanish conversation speaking mat

Spanish conversation speaking mat

I created this resource with other trainee teachers. It's a general speaking mat to encourage students to converse in Spanish, whether it's everyday classroom language and conversation or a debate. Some phrases may also help with their writing. Happy teaching!