Scaffolding and prompts for MFL students

Heather Charles
01st November 2016

Resources to support pupils with their speaking and writing skills in the target language

Confidence is something that secondary students often lack in the MFL classroom. We’ve selected a range of visual resources to encourage reluctant pupils to be more prepared, to take risks and to experiment with their speaking and writing. From reference mats to frameworks and sentence builders, these resources provide learners with a range of tools, which will enable them to feel independent and secure in their language production.

French resources

Tackle the infamous three tenses with these writing prompts and vocabulary worksheet*, which can help KS3 pupils to use time phrases and opinions about leisure activities in the past, present and future.

Discuss school subject preferences as part of this well-structured lesson and focus on how students can extend their work using the detailed sentence builder. Cover family and relationships with this two-part resource, featuring a key phrases activity sheet and a comprehensive writing scaffold.

Give older students guidance on how to check their work carefully alongside this helpful checklist of tenses and agreements, relevant to both spoken and written tasks.

Spanish resources

Encourage pupils’ use of common verbs, connectives, quantifiers and qualifiers by supplying this handy A4 summary sheet. Take table support one step further with these GCSE topic-specific mats*, which display a wealth of vocabulary and phrases related to tourism, jobs and health.

Develop KS3 students’ speaking skills as they describe a past holiday aided by this oral scaffold and language-building worksheet.

This writing frame looks at the topic of school and provides structures to enable KS4 learners to develop their descriptions, while also containing more complex constructions to allow pupils to stretch themselves.

German resources

Make links to a whole school emphasis on literacy using this double-sided mat, which explains fundamental rules and gives examples for punctuation, spelling and basic grammar points.

Focus on writing in the past tense with this film review writing frame*, designed to scaffold pupils’ description of plot, genre, characters and their opinions.

Support learners as they discuss their last holiday, prompted by this vocabulary-focused writing frame to ensure they structure correctly and don’t miss out any important details. When looking at work experience, this two-page resource includes sentence starters and key phrases, which correspond with a planning sheet to guide the composition process.

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