Scaffolding and prompts for MFL students

Develop pupils’ confidence in the target language and their speaking and writing skills with these support resources including support sheets, prompt cards and writing frames.

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Resources to support pupils with their speaking and writing skills in the target language

Confidence is something that secondary students often lack in the MFL classroom. We’ve selected a range of visual resources to encourage reluctant pupils to be more prepared, to take risks and to experiment with their speaking and writing. From reference mats to frameworks and sentence builders, these resources provide learners with a range of tools, which will enable them to feel independent and secure in their language production.

French Resources

KS4-5 Checklist for Wrting & Speaking

KS4-5 Checklist for Wrting & Speaking

A handy checklist for the students to have under their eyes when producing extended spoken & written material. Could be used for self assessment, peer-assessment or teacher assessment or by the language assistant.l
Discursive Writing Helpbook - Advanced Higher French

Discursive Writing Helpbook - Advanced Higher French

Discursive Writing Helpbook contains 3 sample discursive writing pieces framed as reading comprehension exercises, 3 pages of discursive phrases (appropriate complex and sophisticated language) for the Discursive Writing element of the Advanced Higher exam plus 2 pages of (49) practice questions. ...


Revision of the Perfect Tense through guided writing, presentations and gap fill. Scaffolding for independent writing on holidays.

Spanish Resources

GCSE  Spanish Writing Scaffolds, Support & Model Answers

GCSE Spanish Writing Scaffolds, Support & Model Answers

20 Resources
Save 85% with this set of 20 scaffolded writing resources, worth over 26 for pupils to hone their writing skills for GCSE Spanish. These resources will provide support, scaffolding and model answers for pupils to improve their writing. These are useful for revision and to use during the course...

German resources

Vocab sheet, meine Ferien

Vocab sheet, meine Ferien

Vocab sheet/writing frame to help pupils include all important details when writing about their last holidays


**GCSE GERMAN KS4 SPEAKING PRACTICE GERMAN SEPARABLE VERBS PRESENT TENSE** These 100 prompt cards are really popular with my students, and they use them not only for *speaking practice*, but also for *multi-skill language learning*. They provide *structured talk opportunities*, and are also able t...
Writing mat for past tense

Writing mat for past tense

Contains a summary of sentence starters, modal verbs, opinions, infinitive clauses, relative clauses etc to help students to improve their past tense writing.