Christmas activities for MFL

Heather Charles
04th December 2017
European Christmas market to represent French, Spanish and German Christmas lessons, activities and games to be used with secondary students

Seasonal teaching resources to explore cultural traditions and festive language in French, German and Spanish

As pupils' excitement about Christmas gains momentum, it presents the perfect opportunity to capture their enthusiasm in MFL lessons. That’s why we’ve hand-picked a selection of Christmassy resources to help raise your students' cultural awareness, expand their vocabulary and practise core language skills.

A Christmas MFL post wouldn't be complete without a bingo resource. With the advantage of being pictorial and re-usable in different language lessons, this one includes 30 pupil boards and a master teacher copy to keep track of all the seasonal phrases as you call them out.

French resources

Introduce your KS3 classes to the Nativity in French using this presentation, which can be built into an interactive lesson using flashcards and incorporating physical actions to represent key words. Useful as a starter or filler, practise descriptive writing and forming negative sentences with this wintery find-the-difference activity.

For older students, this comprehension task describes common French traditions and typical Christmas Eve celebrations. With suggested vocabulary, the follow-up questions require answers in English and more-able learners can attempt a written comparison in French.

If you're looking for an excuse to focus on oral work, this bundle includes worksheets to support speaking activities with a seasonal twist, such as a naughty-or-nice survey and tense-sensitive mime prompts.


French Christmas play

This is a simple version of the nativity story which I use with nativity flashcards I put on a couple of years ago and we do actions for each of the key words before we look at the play eg hand out to the side as though holding staff for Joseph. Hands together in inverted v for the stable etc There is also a song Petit Jesus that I put on a couple of years ago that sings to the tune of Frere Jacques which brings in all the nativity characters.

By sandy59

Trouver les différences - une image de Noël

Two pictures to discuss and find the differences on a Christmas theme. Practises Christmas vocabulary, animals, weather, numbers, negatives, prepositions and the expression 'il y a&'. An enjoyable way for children to talk about what they see in the two pictures and for them to be able to compare the differences. If this worksheet is of any use to you, please take the time to leave a comment. Your feedback is very much appreciated.
By labellaroma

Le reveillon de Noel

Short text to read, with vocabulary and comprehension questions, followed by differentiated activity higher or foundation level
By amtrousset

Spanish resources

Once you've introduced the traditional Christmas vocabulary, check pupils' understanding in a creative way with this Pictionary-themed presentation. Then, get students learning all about Spanish traditions during the festive period as part of this whole lesson of activities, including a round-the-room reading challenge.

Complete with supporting language and extension questions, this seasonal presentation looks at particular Spanish celebrations and customs, with an emphasis on comprehension skills and tackling unfamiliar words.

Why not use the context of Christmas to work on the subjunctive? This resource centres around a satirical pantomime and requires students to choose the subjunctive correctly, before responding to questions to ensure they've understood the text.


La Navidad - mystery pictionary

Can be used after pupils have done some christmas vocab eg wordsearches etc. Best used as a mini whiteboard activity but could be done as whole class or team activity. Click only once to activate the reveal sequence of the following slide.
By ianvert

Christmas and New Year in Spain

Whole lesson activity for pupils to learn how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Spain. Includes posters which I stick on the walls and questions for pupils to answer in groups by going round the room reading the posters. Vocab sheet is included. Also a picture sheet for pupils to say what date the picture corresponds to, after having read posters.

By jomcintosh

¡Feliz Navidad!/Merry Christmas!

This is a PowerPoint Presentation about Christmas designed for my Year 9 Spanish class. They have only been studying Spanish for a few months, so I have given lots of supporting vocabulary. It could be easily adapted for classes that have been learning for longer. It includes texts and videos.
By Juliaob

Christmas Pantomime & Subjunctive

This is a pantomime created for A level students using the subjunctive: students have a matching exercise to start with and then the actual panto: they have to choose between two possibilities regarding the subjunctive, which are in bold. At the end students have to answer some basic comprehension questions about the reading 'Nacimiento Moderno del Nino Jesus&'
By jermina

German resources

Planning a trip to a Christmas market? Don't leave without this questionnaire! Challenge pupils to answer cultural and language-based questions to motivate them to interact with German stallholders.

Kick off festivities in the classroom with this simple match-up worksheet on 20 key phrases, which can lead nicely into a discussion about German traditions.

These three short reading texts work well as stimulus to get students writing about what presents they got last Christmas. Or, focus on the use of "denn" and "weil" with these worksheets on wish lists, starting with a comprehension, grammar questions and culminating in a writing task.


Christmas Market Activity

This is a worksheet which has been used at visits to the German Christmas Market in Edinburgh. It helps pupils to understand more about German Christmas culture and gets them to speak to German stall holders.
By rosered27

Christmas Match up - German

Christmas words in German

By suerowbottom


Reading texts about Christmas presents
By monella


Three activities surrounding the topic Christmas list. Reading comprehension gives the opportunity to revise vocabulary. Another activity focuses on the use of 'denn' and 'weil' to give reasons for Christmas wishes and finally pupils are encouraged to write their own Christmas list and give reasons for their choice of presents.
By rosered27

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