Christmas activities for MFL

Heather Charles
27th November 2018
European Christmas market to represent French, Spanish and German Christmas lessons, activities and games to be used with secondary students

Seasonal teaching resources to explore cultural traditions and festive language in French, German and Spanish

As pupils' excitement about Christmas gains momentum, it presents the perfect opportunity to capture their enthusiasm in MFL lessons. That’s why we’ve hand-picked a selection of Christmassy resources to help raise your students' cultural awareness, expand their vocabulary and practise core language skills.

French resources

Fetes et Traditions francaises

French feasts, customs and traditions Powerpoint presentation, quiz, activities Worksheets
By asch0024

Worksheet - Traditional Christmas Regional Celebrations in France - KS5

Excellent resource, can be used as 1-2 lessons depending on ability of group and how much time you wish to spend on cultural exploration of festive traditions.

Text is taken from and is titled 'Noël en France : Noël typique et traditions régionales'. Link to article is included on worksheet. The article compares festive traditions in Alsace/Lorraine and Provence. It has been very slightly adapted and is split into paragraphs for ease of reading and discussion.

Questions ask students to consider what type of text they are reading, then to match ten words highlighted in text to the correct description to develop language (for example 'Le Réveillon - le 24 décembre).

Third and final exercise is six questions contrasting and comparing traditions in both regions, linking to culinary traditions, Père Fouettard / Père Noël and nativity scenes amongst others.

Fully differentiated - two comprehensive vocabulary tables are provided to support learners who would benefit.

A great lesson, genuinely interesting, and a fun way to include KS5 students in Christmas fun whilst still challenging their linguistic and cultural knowledge! I learned a few things making it! Next step could be for students to research and present to the class how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the Francophone world.

A great time saver, took three hours to make! Article and questions are one file, answers to all of the questions is the second. Could also be used for high-achieving KS4 class.
By prof_de_francais

Christmas vocabulary in French and puzzles

A variety of word searches on Christmas Vocab in French and a power point to introduce the words in the puzzles.
By mum44tops

French Christmas 2 Emergent Readers

Each booklet contains 8 pages: the title page with 7 additional pages containing common Spanish Christmas words. Suggestions for using the booklets and an assembly instruction page are included.

Students first cut, assemble, and read the booklet with text and illustrations of words associated with the first Christmas. Words included are: such as the Three Kings, Baby Jesus, manger, star, Bethlehem, gifts, Mary and Joseph, . They then create their own version using the text only template. Students will have fun sketching these items and will get excited about the season while sharing with their classmates and family members!

The illustration version can be projected in class to present, review and practice pronunciation of the French Christmas vocabulary words. The text only version can be projected onto the Smart Board and students can draw pictures that correspond to the text.
By suesummersshop

Spanish resources

Spanish Speaking - Countries: Christmas

Description and Worksheet of Christmas Traditions in Venezuela and Mexico. It includes relevant Vocabulary; la pinata, las posadas, typical food….

By Idalina Figueira

CHRISTMAS PRIMARY SPANISH LESSON PACK (KS2/3): Jingle Bells Words & Music in Spanish; Fun Workbook

LINKS: Christmas OBJECTIVE: To sing a carol. AGE RANGE: (7-12); KS2 (KS3 Less able/Special Needs) CONTENTS: (i) A power point presentation with a range of Spanish native speaker/music sound files for all the words of the Jingle Bells – Cascabeles Christmas carol and other Christmas vocabulary: Starter: Fun Christmas discover the picture animated whole class game revising colours; Screens 3-4: Lesson objective and Key Concept – Christmas is both similar and different in Spain. Screens 5-7:Presentation of verses and chorus for Jingles Bells – Cascabeles; with words and music plus an animated translation fairy toggle feature changing the Spanish words into English and then back to Spanish. Plenary: Fun reading match activity for vocabulary in the carol as well as general Christmas vocabulary.
(ii) A lesson plan with screen by screen guidance and fun activity suggestions on how to present the show to pupils including a complete Spanish/English vocabulary for the whole of the Christmas lesson with grammar notes;
(iii) A b/w six worksheet Christmas activity book with 3 differentiated tasks covering the following objectives: 1. To sing a carol; 2. To review Spanish Christmas and Carol vocabulary; 3. To review colours; 4. To review classroom items; 5. To review instructions; 6. To review numbers 1-12.(iv) A 14 page class display pdf of flashcards/posters in A4 and A5 format covering all the language in the Christmas Lesson; (v) An illustrated pupil vocabulary learning mat including the words for the carol in both Spanish and English.
(vI)PLUS A FREE Level 1 MFL Primary KS2/3 Spanish work scheme detailing the other objectives and units for the year and where the lesson falls in the teaching scheme.
Learnasyouteach Spanish is a unique Primary/ KS2 (KS3 SEN) Spanish scheme designed to empower busy primary teachers, teaching assistants, parents or home educators, (seeking to deliver outstanding Spanish curriculum to KS2 or KS3 less able pupils) to learn Spanish alongside the pupils they are teaching. It is also really useful for busy specialist Spanish teachers too! Enjoy!

By LearnasyouteachSpanish


Revision cards for Christmas vocabulary. Print back to back.
By cks01

Spanish Christmas Theme Bundle

Includes the following thematic unit plans:

- Las Posadas
- La Virgen de Guadalupe
- El Dia de Reyes
- Spanish Christmas Vocabulary Puzzles

(for preview shots of the individual unita you will find them as individual products in my store)


Total no. pages: 67
By Creative Learning Ltd.

German resources



My younger students really love word searches, as they like to learn independently and work their way through the increasing challenges of the word searches. My Christmas word searches are a real winner - the Christmas-theme seems to be a great motivator! There are 33 German Christmas words, and I’ve chosen a selection of more generic Christmas words, and also some which are very German-specific, such as Sankt Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht. and we definitely don’t attempt to learn all these - the objective of the word searches is to engage with German, to really focus on the individual words, genders and articles, and to have lots of practice at general recall of vocab. There is an increasing challenge through the grids, and that differentiation does ensure that all students are challenged.

I’ve included 5 German to German grids, with a vocab list to fill in too. There are also five English to German grids, with a vocab list to complete - that’s a great way to really get students’ recall skills working! Students can identify the level of challenge by the increasing size of the grid, number of words to search for, and the direction the words appear in, which they can see by the direction of the arrows at the top of the grids. Answer keys are essential in my view, and I always give them to students. Not only are they a great teacher-time saver, they really do give students an additional opportunity to engage with language - they also love to ‘mark’ each other’s work! I’ve put a couple of extra challenges in too, to encourage students to look really carefully at the words - for example, they may have to find ‘CANDLE’ and work out what that is in German - only the prompt DIE ADVENTSKERZE appears in the reference list.

The word searches are really versatile - we use them as starters, refreshers, for sub lessons, free-choice activities and or fun-time fillers at any time during the CHRISTMAS season. My students really like the challenge of working their way through a number of grids on one go too! I’ve uploaded two versions of the word searches and keys - either with a color or B&W background — you may prefer to print in B&W to keep prep costs down. Laminate the answer keys if you can - they’ll last for many CHRISTMASTIMES to come!

There are 6 non-editable files. The product is copyright, and may not be share or copied in any way - the license is a single-user license only. Please read my TERMS OF USE carefully.


By LivelyLearning

German: Christmas Traditions

Powerpoint describing the German Christmas traditions from Advent and Nikolaus to Food.
Gapfill for O Tannenbaum included.
Works well with the German Christmas Booklet:
By lmd030190

Differentiated worksheets on celebrations in Germany. Weihnachten, Ostern and Silvester.

This bundle includes:

  1. A reading passage suitable for higher ability students about Christmas in Germany. Some help with vocabulary is provided, as well as images. Students complete a true, false or not in the text reading activity based on their understanding of the passage.

  2. A worksheet on Christmas in Germany suitable for lower attainers upon entry. Students practice using a dictionary and research the vocabulary in Germany for the key phrases. Students have some help, as there are clues re: the length and number of words needed.

  3. A translation task on New Year’s resolutions for lower ability students. Students are provided with some key vocabulary to support them. The worksheet is differentiated as tasks are split into easy, medium and challenging.

  4. A translation task on New Year’s resolutions for higher ability students. The worksheet is differentiated as tasks are split into easy, medium and challenging.

  5. An activity for more able students in Y7 about Easter in Germany. Students match up sentences about Easter in Germany to corresponding images.

  6. An activity for lower ability students about Easter in Germany. Students practice using a dictionary and research the vocabulary in Germany for the key phrases. Students have some help, as there are clues re: the length and number of words needed.

  7. An activity for higher ability students about Oktoberfest. Students find the corresponding German phrases to key facts written in English about Oktoberfest. They then answer 10 statements about Oktoberfest, writing True, False or Not in the text.

By Sarah McCarthy

Migranten feiern Weihnachten

An excellent written text that overlaps between two different topics.

Within the text , there are gap fill exercises, 4 true or false questions and a section to translate. Challenging vocab has been highlighted for pupils to look up and write in the vocab box towards the end.

Answers for translation and true/false at the end.

By AlexPiper

Christmas fun

Christmas Bingo

For that week before Xmas when students can't settle! Great for practicing listening skills or for practicing classroom vocabulary in any language. This set includes 30 color bingo game boards and a teacher’s master board. Whole class activity or small groups - students practice listening skills and reviewing vocab. Perfect for a group of fast finishers or for a substitute lesson.
By LlanguageLlamas

MFL Games for French / Spanish / German

Dear all,

Here are some of the games that I use in my lessons gathered under one PowerPoint presentation, they are in the order of importance i.e. the most frequently used is the number one. It is quite handy to have numbers for each, just so that you only write something like 'game 4' on your lesson plan.

I mainly teach French but I have adapted the instruction slides so that they can be used for Spanish and German lessons, you will just have to adapt/translate some of the games to use them in these languages.

I hope that helps, thanks for leaving me some (good!) feedback if you find that resource interesting. You can also email me directly ( if you need help modifying the slides...

Au revoir :)
By experiencefrench

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