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20th February 2020
Homework for secondary Geography students

Discover new homework resources for your lower school and GCSE/iGCSE Geographers

Don't let homework be a chore; set home learning tasks for secondary students that are quick to prepare and aid students' learning in Geography. Whether it be tetonic plates, rivers, microclimates, research projects or GCSE/iGCSE topic revision - we have you covered!

Lower school (KS3) homework

Geography homework booklet - Geography Skills and Maths for Geographers

I’ve put together a homework booklet focusing on the Maths and Statistics skills needed for the 9-1 GCSE Geography courses. There are 13 different homework’s that I’ve been setting and then using as a discussion to start the lesson.

There are homeworks on the following topics -

  • Bar Charts
  • Compound Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Scatter Graphs
  • Interpreting and Using Data
  • Maps and Grid References
  • Population Pyramids
  • Averages

Thank you for taking the time to look at my resources, please feel free to leave any feedback, all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Shaun

By shaun atkinson

Tourism homework bundle activities - 6 weeks worth of homework

A variety of worksheets for mix and match homework's to compliment a series of tourism lessons. The tasks differ depending on their level of skill, effort and knowledge. The tasks are standalone and there are enough tasks for 6 weeks of homework once per week.
By Jillylo12

Microclimates homework sheet - heat islands and wind patterns - Eduqas

This is a two sided homework sheet with a research link to help students answer the material and stretch and challenge for additional reading matter.

There are a variety of tasks including map and photograph comparison exercises in addition to two short exam style questions.
By Jillylo12

Impossible places homework

This is a fantastic project/ homework task that I have set my year 7’s to go with their unit. They have really enjoyed the homework, and I have also received some fantastic feedback from parents too!


By lucy227


AQA Geography 1-9 Rivers: 3 weeks homework tasks

All three weekly homework tasks for my AQA 1-9 GCSE Geography lesson series on Rivers. Each is a PPT slide with a number of shortened internet links for independent online research.
Week 1 covers levees and floodplains
Week 2 covers estuaries
Week 3 covers a case study of the Jubilee River Management scheme
By danrock

Global Circulation System 'Pop-up' worksheet with instructions.

A stage by stage lesson for students to construct their very own Global Circulation System model. Can be adapted and/or copied into your own lessons if necessary.

Please note that the worksheet is double-sided and may need checking to see if whether they're inline before printing. An adaptable template is available if you need to change or add anything else.

Hope it helps!
By Bsnewbury

Flipped Learning-Tectonic Hazards. AQA Revision Booklet.

With the massive increase in content to plough through, we have found these invaluable. They follow the popular green revision guides (with the jokes) and are issued prior to the topic being taught for students to complete at home. Also designed to be used as part of a revision and exam preparation programme. This booklet covers the tectonics section of the physical geography unit with a clear and straightforward structure that students of all levels find easy to navigate. Focus is on key concepts, definitions and interactions. Each activity/page has a clear link to the revision guide page. Booklet easily provides 4-6 hours of self -supported study/homework activities. Activities follow each section to reinforce vocabulary and test understanding. This is also ideal for students who have missed key content and need to catch up.

Rest of Paper 1 also available.

Updated January 2020 with a new booklet to cover Edition 2 of the RG Guide.
By Stephen Bennett

Hot Deserts Revision Booklet New AQA GCSE Geography 9-1

A revision booklet on Hot Deserts
Use pictures, spider diagrams, mind maps and bullet points to summarise the key points pupils need to know for this topic.
Can be printed and used as a revision tool.
I have used these and found them to be very helpful as information is broken up into small chunks.
Could be useful for EAL pupils and be used for differentiation.

By rabia21

Student-led GCSE revision - check out our GCSE Geography revision collection here

Rock cycle revision

This worksheet has questions about types of rock and the the rock cycle. It assumes that pupils already have a basic knowledge so is good for revision or maybe for stretching more able pupils in a basic lesson.
By mstones

GCSE AQA 9-1 Natural Hazard Exam Questions and Revision Sheets

Revision to show progress for:

Definition of a Natural Hazard
Types of Natural Hazard
Factors affecting Risk from Natural Hazards
By J Tomlinson

GCSE Geography Revision Mindmaps

Get this fantastic TES recommend resource to support your Geography revision.

GCSE Geography mind map revision pages, pre-populated and ready for students to complete.

Based on GCSE Geography OCR A.

Easily transferable to other topics and specifications.
By 197980

GCSE 9-1 Geography Exam Practice Booklet

Contains information on examples and case studies.
Contains structured exam practice for each example and case study.

Created using inspiration from MrsHumanities, AQA sample material, Oxford University Press textbooks, Hodder Education textbooks and CGP.
By J Tomlinson

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