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24th January 2020
Geography Waves

Explore the physical and human geography of coasts with students utilising this selection of lessons, activities and revision resources to support your teaching 

Lower school/KS3

Whether it be for inspiration, a worksheet, a lesson or even a full scheme of works' worth of lessons for your younger learners, we have gathered a selection for you to choose from.


Full KS3 unit of work for Coasts. This unit explores Coasts, from erosion and coastal features to management and sea level rise. All lesson are suitable for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required.

All lessons have a starter and learning objectives. All PowerPoints in the same signature style.

Lesson sequence:

1 - Coasts introduction
2 - What is the coast used for?
3 - Weathering and erosion
4 - Coastal features
5 - Transportation, longshore drift & spits
6 - Managing the coast
7 - Studland Bay
8 - Studland Bay group presentation and peer feedback
9 - The Holderness Coast
10 - The Holderness Coast ICT research
11 - UK sea level rise ICT research
12 - Climate change
13 - Sea level rise in the Maldives
14 - End of unit test (multiple options)

Also includes Geography Literacy mat and Geography Numeracy/Map Skills mat.

For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details

By thisisgeography


A variety of resources for the topic coasts
By Fintan Douglas

KS3 Geography SOW - COASTS

Full scheme of work with assessment, and mark scheme. This Scheme of work was written for year 8 SEN students. It consists of 10 lessons, containing adaptable powerpoint slides, teaching resources, lessons plans and SOW.

Each lesson is timed for an hour. However, the unit lasted my students all term as some powerpoints stretched over a few lessons. Each lesson can be adapted to meet the needs of your learners. My SEN students are visual learners. All font is in comic sans, to support dyslexic learners. Many activities contain word banks to suit lower level learners. The scheme of work can be easily adapted to meet the needs of higher level learners.

All lessons contain starters and plenaries. There are cross curricular links, which are highlighted on all lesson plans, including SMSC.

Teacher assessment can be carried out throughout, and there is a summative assessment at the end of the unit.

Lessons include:
An introduction to coasts
Types of waves
How waves are formed
Deposition, transportation and erosion
Coastal erosion
Holderness Case Study
Identifying landforms
Coastal management

If you purchase please leave a review :)

By jillyjones1987

Introduction to Coasts

Designed for low ability groups. Both worksheets have differentiated versions.
By imogenbailey

Coasts assessment

A short assessment that could be completed in 40 minutes for KS3 students. Includes questions on erosion, deposition, landforms and defences. Aimed at mixed ability classes - most pupils should be able to complete most of the sheet, with a couple of mildly challenging questions at the end. Now with assessment grid.
By krystina2

Erosional Landforms - Coasts

This lessons aims to allow students to gain an understanding of the different erosional processes that occur along the coast, followed by how these create a range of coastal landforms.

By the end of the lesson students will be able to answer the following key questions:
- What are the different processes of erosion and how do they work?
- What landforms are formed by coastal erosional and how are they formed?
By Helen Burlton

Upper school/KS4

Prepare your learners for GCSE/iGCSE and lighten your planning load with these carefully selected resources.

AQA GCSE NEW Specification: Coasts

A set of resources for the new AQA GCSE specification looking at coasts. A couple of lessons (6 and 10) are missing and will be added at a later date.
By 88collinsl

GCSE Geography AQA - Coasts and Rivers

x4 A3 revision sheets for the AQA unit - Physical Landscape in the UK (9-1) - Coasts and Rivers.

These sheets can be used for any AQA course but I created them following the Oxford Textbook.

By Lexy_Martin


Full scheme of lessons and resources to support the new AQA specification Paper 1: living with the Physical Environment.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Physical Environments
Lesson 2: Coastal Processes
Lesson 3: Weathering and Deposition
Lesson 3.5: Weathering and Deposition (2)
Lesson 4: Headland Erosion
Lesson 5: Coastal Deposition
Lesson 6: Case Study: Swanage
Lesson 7: Coastal Management
Lesson 8: Holderness Coastline Management
Lesson 9: River Processes
Lesson 10: Landforms in the Upper Course
Lesson 11: Landforms in the Middle Course
Lesson 12: Landforms in the Lower Course
Lesson 13: Hydrographs
By teachgeogblog

IGCSE The Natural Environment - Coasts

11 part lesson series for the Cambridge IGCSE module The Natural Environment. This is the Coasts section of the module which is taught alongside Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Rivers, Weather and Climate & Natural Vegetation. Specifically designed for the new IGCSE. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required.

All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. Extension tasks also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style.

Lesson sequence:

1 - Waves
2 - Coastal processes
3 - Landforms processes
4 - Erosional landforms
5 - Depositional landforms
6 - Coral reefs
7 - Threats to coral reefs
8 - Mangroves
9 - Hard and soft engineering
10 - Coastal case study
11 - Assessment

All other modules in the series available.

For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details

By thisisgeography

Holderness Coast GCSE

This is a brand new resource which is ideal for most GCSE syllabus or extremely able KS3 students. THESE also contain the relevant SOW and GCSE Progress Checks.
It is a full unit of work coasts. All of the lessons are place based on The Holderness Coast.
It examines geomorphic processes such as erosion, transportation, mass movement and weathering.
It looks in detail about the difference in waves, how waves form and the different landforms that they create
It clearly demonstrates the formation of all required coastal landforms of erosion and deposition. Again using real life examples at Holderenss to illustrate this.
It looks at why the Holderness Coast is so vulnerable to erosion and the impact that this has.
It has an extraordinarily well researched piece of work on how the Holderness Coast is protected from erosion. It uses detalied place based locations such as Withernsea, Hornsea, Bridlington and Mappleton.
Finally, it looks at the positive and negative impacts that human activity is having/has had on Holdereness. This includes a very detailed study of the impact of sea defences at Mappleton. The effect of climate change, using data and articles from The British geological Survey, It examines the impacts of Sites of Special Scientific interest at places such as Hornsea Mere
It gives access to my unique tool Steps to Success which massively helps students structure their answer for high tariff questions. There are videos, GCSE questions and brand new and most up to date research.
Its dead good !!!
if you are kind enough to buy this please leave feedback either positive or negative.

Lesson 1- Geomorphic processes at Holderness
Lesson 2- Detailed study of waves and their impact at Holderness.
Lesson 3 Why is Holderness so disitnctive? Including geological maps, reason for accelerated rates of eroison. Landforms at Flamborough Head , Spurn Head etc
Lesson 4 A detailed place based study of the types of sea defences found at various towns and villages along the coast and the impact of them
Lesson 5- The impact of Human activity on Holderness, including sea defences Sites of Special Scientific Interest , climate change

By antony pearson

NEW 9-1 Coasts Revision Sheet

Coasts Revision Sheet can be printed doubled sided on either A4 or A3. This sheet is aimed at pupils who prefer more structured revision or lower ability students who need more support. Sheet numbered 1 - 12 as used in conjunction with revision clocks. Students to pick which sheet they'd prefer allowing for self differentiation.
By Katie_Maria


Be it taboo, a tarsia or a classic keyword sort - delight your students with this variety of games, puzzles and quizzes focused on coasts.

Coasts keyword sort cards

Print and cut the cards and the students have to match the keyword with the correct definition.
By tandrews11

Coasts Tarsia

A tarsia created to teach coastal erosion and coastal deposition to year 8.

Includes questions on: constructive waves, destructive waves, longshore drift, spit formation and the formation of stacks and stumps. The example of a spit Fraser Island is used that you might want to edit to fit your SOW.

Hope you find this useful!
By alicebradshaw23

Rivers and Coasts Taboo

A range of physical taboo words for the Rivers and Coasts topics. Taboo is played in teams each player has 1 minute to describe as many bold words as possible without using the words below. Adapted from Thinking Through Geography activity.
By bec_j01

Multiple choice quiz for coasts

30 multiple choice questions for coastal landscapes for the AQA 9-1 specification. An answer sheet accompanies this resource. This is perfect for using Quick Key to quickly assess student understanding without any teacher marking.

By Michael Partridge

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