Geography challenges for early finishers

Tara Wright
30th May 2019
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Extension tasks and engaging resources to stimulate deeper thinking and reasoning

For those students who power through the work you have set, it is always worth having a collection of activities that are both quick to explain and offer a challenge.

To save you time, we’ve handpicked a selection of resources, some specific to topics and others that can be applied to any lesson, to make sure that pupils make the most out of every lesson.

KS3 resources

Ecosystems Homework Booklet

This is a booklet of some extra tasks to complemnent a year 7 scheme of work about Ecosystems. Feel free to use any or part of it :)
By iheartgeography

Thinkers Keys

Thinkers Keys which can be used as homework, extension, ICT work, display work.
By wealj002

Roll a plenary - geography challenge board

A challenge board used with KS3/4 for plenary, extension, challenge - engaging and works well.
By CEM418

Extension tasks

I created some extension cards based on other resources that I found on here that can be used in most lessons, but specifically geography. Hope they're helpful. The first slide is just a template so you can create more!
By rebecca_j89

4 & 6 Figure Grid Reference worksheets with extensions

Three pick up and go worksheets complete with answers for 4 and 6 figure grid references.

Two 4 figure grid reference worksheets with extension.
One 6 figure grid reference worksheet with extension.

An answer sheet is provided so you do not need to spend time working out the answers.

List of included files:

  • 4 figure grid references
  • 4 figure grid references 2
  • 6 figure grid references
  • grid references answer sheet.

The preview function sometimes shows the documents as a jumbled up mess, this is not the case for the downloaded worksheets they are formated and to a very high standard.

Enjoy and I appreciate any feedback on the worksheets.


Water Cycle Board Game

MISSION: IMPERMEABLE - You are a water molecule and you are on a mission to find out how water moves through a system.

This is a differentiated board game which covers many aspects of the hydrological cycle. The game introduces a lot of technical terminology in context, encouraging deeper understanding of the links between processes in the system.

The supporting question sheet is designed to encourage students to think about how realistic the game is and the sequential nature of the hydrological cycle.

These resources are ideal for determining student understanding of the intricacies of the hydrological cycle, but equally could be used to introduce the cycle from scratch, with more able classes.

Additional equipment required:
Counters - although pen lids and rubbers etc work equally well
Dice - or dice app!

By hughes_d14

KS4/KS5 resources

Debating Matters Topic Guide - Population

The Debating Matters Competition’s acclaimed Topic Guide series, created for sixth-form student debaters. The debate motion is We should limit population growth. Topic Guides feature summaries of contemporary debates covering cultural, legal, social, political, scientific and philosophical issues, and includes extensive hyperlinked bibliography, definition of key terms, resources, and topical news items.

By instituteofideas

GCSE rivers revision dominoes game

This is a set of 30 dominoes, each having a question and an answer to a different question. They are designed for revising key ideas on rivers for the Edexcel A GCSE Geography specification (9-1 version). The game can be played by pupils individually, in pairs or even as a whole class (with one domino per pupil). It is a great revision activity. Questions cover a variety of content. For example the answers include discharge, helicoidal flow and slumping. For the teacher the answers are easy to find on the resource, since every answer comes on the domino which is next in sequence to the one with the question. Every domino carries the answer to the previous domino’s question.

By Andrew Downs

Development of Meanders Card Activity

This is a challenging activity to help students to sequence the events that lead from riffles and pools to meanders and ox bow lakes. It could be used with A*/A students at GCSE and A Level.
By macmoose

Development Board Game

You are on a mission to boost the standard of living in your region by growing the economy and meeting at least three of the Millennium Development Goals.

As you try and grow the economy buy as many goats as possible to provide a source of income (meat, wool), food and fertiliser; remember though your country also needs money.

This game is designed to improve students understanding of the interconnected nature of multiple aspects of development whilst encouraging a understanding of the practical ways in which NGOs and governments attempted to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
By hughes_d14

Migration Push/Pull Factors Worksheet

This resource provides a list of five characters, with a brief description of each. Students then use the table to write down what push/pull factors they think might play a role in their migration. As an extension task you can ask pupils to categorise their push/pull factors into economic, social, political and environmental.
By samlochead

Over 100 PRACTICE Exam Questions for GCSE GEOGRAPHY for Edexcel B 9-1!

This resource has been used with my Yr10’s and Yr11’s throughout thier GCSE course. It can easily be used as revision or as a HW task throughout the year or within lessons. Really useful. There is at least one exam question per lesson.

The resource as all the information of the GCSE and how it is assessed at the end of the two year course. It also has information on all the command words within all exam questions to aid students understanding of what each question is asking. The whole 67 pg booklet covers a range of questions from 2 mark’s - all the way to 12 marks.

The topic’s covered.
Component 1: Global geographical issues.
Hazardous Earth.
Development dynamics.
Challenges of an urbanising world.

Component 2: UK geographical issues.
The UK’s evolving physical landscape.
The UK’s evolving human landscape.
Geographical investigations.

Component 3: People and environment issues - Making geographical decisions.
People and the biosphere.
Forests under threat.
Consuming energy resources.

By sam_512

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