Geography challenges for early finishers

Sian Evans
07th February 2017
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Extension tasks and engaging resources to stimulate deeper thinking and reasoning

For those students who power through the work you have set, it is always worth having a collection of activities that are both quick to explain and offer a challenge.

To save you time, we’ve handpicked a selection of resources, some specific to topics and others that can be applied to any lesson, to make sure that pupils make the most out of every lesson.

KS3 resources

Stretch inquisitive students during spare moments in the lesson with this booklet of extra tasks, designed to complement a Year 7 study of ecosystems.

Ideal as extension work, this selection of thinker’s keys encourages learners to think critically and analytically about geography as a subject. Or, ask pupils to select tasks by rolling two dice on this plenary challenge board*, which is packed full of creative ways to get pupils to succinctly demonstrate understanding of any topic. 

KS4 and post-16 resources

Challenge high-ability GCSE students to go further than recognising migration push and pull factors by getting them to categorise each one as either economic, social, political or environmental using this extension worksheet.

Alternatively, this sequencing activity tests the depth of pupils' knowledge of the events that lead from riffles and pools to meanders and ox-bow lakes. 

For older learners, this debate topic guide, exploring whether population growth should be limited, provides an alternative way to develop their ability to construct arguments and justify their reasoning.

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