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10th January 2020
top geography resources

Check out these top 20 free and premium geography resources downloaded on Tes in 2019

January is the month of new beginnings and new years resolutions; so why not start the spring term as you mean to go on and download some of the most popular geography resources of 2019 uploaded by teachers for teachers.

Top 10 Premium Resources 

The Changing Economic World

27 part lesson series for the whole of the GCSE module The Changing Economic World. This is complete three sections, the Development Gap, NEE case study (Nigeria) and causes of economic change in the UK. Specifically designed for the new AQA A Geography GCSE. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required.

All lessons have a starter, lesson aim, tasks and extensions. Homework is also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style.

Lesson sequence:

Development Gap:
1 - Measuring development
2 - Classifying development
3 - Demographic transition model
4 - Reducing the Gap (ICT)
5 - Student presentations
6 - Reducing the gap correlation
7 - Managing development disparities
8 - Health and wealth
9 - Development migration
10 - Quality of living and development
11 - Tourism

12 - Introducing Nigeria
13 - Exploring Nigeria
14 - Nigeria in the wider world
15 - Manufacturing and TNCs in Nigeria
16 - Aid to Nigeria
17 - Managing Environmental Issues
18 - Quality of life in Nigeria
19 - A different perspective: 2 x short documentaries

Causes of economic change in the UK:
20 - Causes of economic change in the UK
21 - Post industrial economy
22 - Science and business parks
23 - Environmental impacts of industry
24 - Rural economies
25 - UK infrastructure development
26 - North South divide
27 - The UK in the wider world

For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details

By thisisgeography

Weather - Scheme of work, whole unit

Geography unit of work for KS3

Lessons include:
L1 - Introduction to weather/How does weather impact the lives of people
L2 - Measuring Weather
L3 - Rainfall and Clouds (Includes Videos)
L4 - Why is our weather so changeable
L5 and 6 - Boscastle Floods
L7 - Climate and Climate Graphs
L8 - Factors that influence Climate
L9 - Assessment - Attached.

All lessons include PowerPoint. Worksheets are also available. Assessment also available.
By superdisco


Full unit of work for tropical rainforests. All lesson are suitable for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required.

All lessons have a starter and lesson objectives. All PowerPoints in the same signature style.

Lesson sequence:

1 - Rainforest introduction
2 - Exploring the wilderness
3 - Layers of the rainforest
4 - Life in the rainforest
5 - Climate of the Amazon
6 - Deforestation
7 - What does deforestation contribute to climate change?
8 - Deforestation mystery
9 - Can we save the rainforests?
10 - ICT research project
11 - Student presentations
12 - Produce from the rainforest
13 - Sustainability
14 - Sustainable tourism
15 - How to survive in the rainforest
16 - End of unit test

Also includes Geography Literacy mat and Geography Numeracy/Map Skills mat.

For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details

By thisisgeography

Volcano and Earthquake Full Scheme of Work

A full Scheme of work with differentiated assessment and mark scheme. Written for KS3 SEN students, the SOW could be easily adapted for KS2. 10 colourful and animated PowerPoints, with worksheets and teacher notes, this SOW is easy to follow and engaging for all learners.

All lessons come with learning objectives, success criteria, activity worksheets, starters and plenaries. At the end of the unit there is an assessment, and a differentiated assessment.

For this Scheme of Work students will need access to an Atlas and a laptop.

By jillyjones1987

Geography Christmas Quiz - Christmas Quiz

Geography Christmas Quiz - Christmas Interactive 10 Rounds and 70 Questions (Where is santa visiting?, What Country Am I?, Geography True or False, Identify the Flag, Anagrams, Link the food to the country, Design Challenge and more…)
Complete with falling snow and the pulling of crackers!

Product code: FUN/C8/QZ/71

☞ Over 10 rounds and 70+ Questions. Christmas Quiz. This resource contains:
☞ 1xPowerPoint
☞ 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /70+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!!
☞ 3 sets of Editable Team Certificates (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place)

Round 1: Where is Santa Visiting
Identify the tourist attraction
Round 2: European Countries
Which country is Santa delivering presents to?
Round 3: True or False
Separate the truth from the lies
Round 4: What’s the Flag?
Use the image and name the flag
Round 5: Who am I?
Work out the answer from the description
Round 6: Linking Round
Link the food to the country
Round 7: Anagrams
Unscramble the letters
Round 8: Wordsearch
Find all the topical words within the time limit
Round 9: Compass Directions
Which way is it pointing?
Round 10: Where is Santa now?
Identify more tourist attractions
Tie-Breaker- Design Challenge

✿ This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class.

✿ This will last a full hour by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included which involves drawing an image top 3 score points. This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas.

You may also want to check out these other great Cre8tive resources for your students
GCSE Geography 9-1 Revision
Big film and TV Quiz
Christmas Quiz - Christmas
History Christmas Quiz
Christmas Quiz Tutor Time

By Cre8tive Resources

NEW AQA A LEVEL Global systems and governance- International trade-2 lessons-ppt and 8 worksheets

A Level lesson used successfully for interview lesson-later adapted into two lessons. Topic- volume, patterns and features of international trade. Relationships between trading partners particularly focused on the BRICS, the EU, the US, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Includes lesson plan, ppt, map and data table resources, instructions for creative trading task, question task worksheets and model answers, case study information sheets and missing grid worksheets,and plenary quiz and answers.

Starter- Video clip from Andrew Rugasira, an African CEO regarding trade and entrepreneurship in Africa.

-Activity 1- Coffee Time - practical activity where students are in groups and each given resources worth a certain price, or given capital and technology. The task is to buy/sell resources to manufacture or buy manufactured coffee. Students will have a worksheet to fill in before and after this activity where they will without realising it cover the main points of ‘terms of trade’

-Ppt slides and class questioning - Students will consider and be introduced to the reasons behind uneven trade using the exam technique tactic of SHEEP (Social, historical, environmental, economic and political). Students will then study Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory Model and apply groupings of countries to each section of the model.

Activity 2- Shifting trade winds- Students will work in pairs to analyse how the patterns of international trade have changed between 2002 and 2012. They will use a map and a data table to complete this activity. As a class we will then discuss reasons for these patterns and link these to globalisation. Students will be given a complete model answer.

Ppt slides and questioning- Students will be shown a line graph and a bar chart of FDI and be questioned on trends across developed and developing economies.

-Activity 3- Students will be introduced to the idea that there are advantages and disadvantages to international trade and they will be given a grid with key terms, definitions, case study example, and evaluation of whether it is an advantage or disadvantage. The grid has many missing boxes which students must individually fill in using a case study information sheet and a list of descriptions/key terms. Students will then be given a completed, correct version of the grid and they can star the areas where they were incorrect.

Plenary- 10 q quiz on all details of the lesson including quiz with answers

By Naomi Moore

Lagos: Urban Challenges Case Study (10+ lessons)


These resources cover an in-depth focus on the urban case study of Lagos. I intend to use these resources to cover at least 10 lessons, with the students' aim to create a detailed A3+ academic poster by the end.

The PowerPoint includes all main activities and instructions, working through the research one stage at a time - covering:

- Background information/key facts about Lagos
- Challenges faced in Lagos
- Opportunities presented by urbanisation in Lagos
- How urban planning can be used to overcome particular challenges presented by urbanisation, e.g. Eko Atlantic and the Makoko Floating School

Used for high-ability Year 10, but can be easily adapted to any level. The controversial issues were particularly engaging for students.

Please rate my resources! Thank you :)
By Emma D

AQA Geography GCSE 2018 - Paper 1 - Living with the Physical Environment - Case study booklet

A thorough case study booklet including all of the case studies needed for Paper 1 - Living with the Physical environment.
Case studies include:
Tectonic hazards - Chile and Nepal
Tropical storm - Typhoon Haiyan
Extreme weather in the UK - Somerset levels
Small scale ecosystem - Overton Lake, Peterborough
Tropical rainforest - Malaysia
Hot desert - Sahara
Coastal landforms - Dorset coast
Coastal management - Lyme Regis
River landforms - River Tees
Flood management - Banbury
By LastMinuteGeography .com

Water in the World - set of 9 lessons

A set of 9 fully differentiated lessons covering the topic of Water:

L1: Intro - The Blue Planet
L2/3: The Hydrological Cycle - creating a foldable (ALSO AVAILABLE TO BUY SEPARATELY)
L4: Climate Change & Water Supplies
L5: Living with Chronic Water Shortages - The Sahel
L6: Threats to Water Quality
L7: Disruption of Water Services (human interference) - THE WATER GAME! (ALSO AVAILABLE TO BUY SEPARATELY)
L8: Large-Scale Solutions to the Water Crisis - the Three Gorges Dam and Hoover Dam
L9: Small-Scale Management Strategies - pumpkin tanks

A variety of activities have been included within these lessons to maximise engagement and cater for differing learning styles. Examples of activities include - card sorts, jigsaw teaching, creating a foldable and THE WATER GAME!
Every lesson has been fully differentiated - usually to at least 3 levels and all resources have been included.

Used with a mixed-ability Year 9 class, but can easily be adapted to fit other ages and abilities.

Please rate my resources! Thank you and I hope your students enjoy these lessons as much as mine did :)
By Emma D

Global atmospheric circulation

For full description check out my blog -
By MrsGeography16

Top 10 Free Resources 

AQA: Changing economic world

Lessons for the changing economic world. The NEE case study is Nigeria.
By 88collinsl

4 and 6 Grid Reference Exercises

Worksheets for practising 4 and 6 grid references.

This is a free resource for all. I know how tedious and difficult it can be to find resources for teaching so I hope that wherever you are, you'll find them as useful as I did when I first started.

It's been a while and I realise there might be some errors in the answers so do look through thoroughly before issuing them out as a test or what not.

By liewksjudy

A Plastic Ocean Documentary Worksheet and Answers

This is a question sheet to go along side the documentary: A Plastic Ocean. It is 1hour 40 minutes long and suitable for Key Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5 (the level of detail picked up by the children will just vary). There is 1 mild swear word used at 13minutes 45second in, so you can skip that if needs be. The documentary could be used to start a topic or project. The focus is around how plastic breaks up not down and contaminates the food we eat. It is matter of fact, not too sensationalistic. It also discusses packaging and BPA concepts in terms of what impact it has on our bodies. So it is useful for subjects specifically Geography, then also Science, Philosophy/Morals/Ethics, and there is a part from 1 hour 29 minutes which could be used for Art too. The film is available on Netflix and iTunes. Suggestions on ways to change our habits are included in this.
By Isabel Wood


A fully resourced SOW for the AQA new specification GCSE for ecosystems with a focus on rainforests and deserts. The last lesson focuses on managing the desertification in the desert and gives students the opportunity to try the decision making question for the DME part of paper 3.
By 88collinsl

AQA 9-1 GCSE Geography Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers for all the different topics in the AQA 9-1 GCSE geography course.

Notes: Please check organisers before printing on mass for simple errors (only human) or changing case study information.
By Bsnewbury

The water Cycle

Can do this lesson for two units - weather or rivers.
All resources included
By superdisco

Latitude and Longitude Worksheet

Latitude and Longitude worksheet asking to students to label the main lines of latitude and longitude across the globe. Sheet also contains extension questions which increase in difficulty.
By Katie_Maria

GCSE 9-1 Geography Exam Practice Booklet

Contains information on examples and case studies.
Contains structured exam practice for each example and case study.

Created using inspiration from MrsHumanities, AQA sample material, Oxford University Press textbooks, Hodder Education textbooks and CGP.
By J Tomlinson

AQA GCSE Geography - Unit 2 - Nigeria: A Newly-Emerging Economy

Full coverage of chapter 17 ( Nigeria: A Newly-Emerging Economy). Package includes all lessons on the topic as well as my own resources I produced. There are quite a few exam questions included to conclude each weeks learning along with mark schemes. One of the PP's includes 3 lessons combined (3-4-5). Hope you find this useful!
Thanks, James.
By jpasquill94

AQA New 9-1 GCSE Geography - Revision Question Booklets - Urban; Economic World; RM; Rivers ;Coasts

New AQA 9-1 GCSE Geography revision work booklets. Topics; Urban; Economic World; RM; Rivers and coasts.

I have included both the PDF versions and PPT versions so that it can be easily adapted to suit your own case studies/topics. Each booklet is designed to be used as homework or intervention.

Each booklet follows the same format; 3 marks awarded for knowledge recall; 3 marks for using and applying knowledge using a figure; 2 marks for further knowledge recall; 1 mark for planning a long answer and 6 marks for an extended exam question

I hope you find them useful.
By ritchiefoster21

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