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Useful Geography Assessment Resource for Secondary Students In Action

Discover how your classes are progressing with these tests, quizzes and assessments

Taking the time to check that your students understand what you are teaching them is an important task and one that can easily be overlooked when trying to cram all the essential content into your lessons. To help you out, we’ve gathered a range of assessments, end-of-topic tests and quick quizzes, designed to show you how much knowledge learners have retained and where there are gaps.

Geography assessments 

Test your students on topics covered this term using some of these carefully chosen ready-made assessment resources.

Coasts assessment

Coasts assessment

A short assessment that could be completed in 40 minutes for KS3 students. Includes questions on erosion, deposition, landforms and defences. Aimed at mixed ability classes - most pupils should be able to complete most of the sheet, with a couple of mildly challenging questions at the end. Now with ...
KS3 End of unit Rivers assessment

KS3 End of unit Rivers assessment

This assessment can be used at the end of the unit or as an on-going activity/homework booklet. This will be most useful for KS3 and some lower ability KS4 students.
KS4 Geography: Edexcel IGCSE Urbanisation mid-unit assessment
Leah Smith

KS4 Geography: Edexcel IGCSE Urbanisation mid-unit assessment

A 10-question, 37-mark, mid-unit assessment on Urbanisation from the Edexcel 2009 IGCSE spec. Other resources related to this topic: [KS4 Geography: reducing pollution in cities. Case study: Mexico City. Edexcel B and IGCSE](
Water Assessment

Water Assessment

AQA GCSE Geography (2016) Unit 2- Challenges In The Human Environment Section C- The Challenge Of Resource Management Water Assessment