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Sian Evans
04th October 2019
useful geography assessment resource in action

Discover how your classes are progressing with these tests, quizzes and assessments

Taking the time to check that your students understand what you are teaching them is an important task and one that can easily be overlooked when trying to cram all the essential content into your lessons. To help you out, we’ve gathered a range of baseline assessments, end-of-topic tests and quick quizzes, designed to show you how much knowledge learners have retained and where there are gaps.

KS3 resources

Test your students on topics covered this term using some of these chosen ready-made assessment resources.

Ecosystems assessment

KS3 Assessment and mark scheme
By m_byford2002

Geography Baseline Assessment

2 x versions of our baseline assessment (one shorter and one longer version) plus markschemes. Can be used to set in year 7 or just assess ability on entry. It is based on what they should have done at KS2. Baseline 1 = longer version Baseline 2 = shorter version
By blackfriary

Climate graph assessment - deserts

A describe, explain and interpret assessment designed for use with year 7 during a topic on ecosystems (focusing on deserts). The levelled markscheme is also available. The task can further be differentiated by removing the 'graph paper' or adding further axis etc and altering the word box.
By blackfriary

Coasts assessment

A short assessment that could be completed in 40 minutes for KS3 students. Includes questions on erosion, deposition, landforms and defences. Aimed at mixed ability classes - most pupils should be able to complete most of the sheet, with a couple of mildly challenging questions at the end. Now with assessment grid.
By krystina2

KS4, IGCSE, Post-16 and IB Diploma resources

Prepare students for their impending exams and put their knowledge to the test using one of these prepared assessment pieces focusing on topic recall.

Population Test

End of topic test on population
By lrabbetts

Edexcel GCSE Geography B - Restless Earth - End of Unit Test and Review Sheet

Prepare your students effectively for the Edexcel GCSE Geography B examinations in 2017 with this review sheet and end of unit test. These resources have been created and developed over a number of years; they have been tried and tested in the classroom leading to some great results.

This resource includes a Review Sheet to check knowledge and understanding against the key parts of the specification. Also included is an End of Unit Test to allow pupils to test themselves at the end of the topic and become more familiar with the types of questions asked in the examinations.

These resources have been developed with input from an experienced Edexcel GCSE Geography examiner.
By GeographyBurp

Tourism Test

Test on tourism for GCSE
By lrabbetts

Tectonics Quiz

A nice little end of topic gameshow. You can use this for several year groups (depending on what you teach), and also tweak the questions/topics to another which might suit you more.

KS4 Geography: Edexcel IGCSE Urbanisation mid-unit assessment

A 10-question, 37-mark, mid-unit assessment on Urbanisation from the Edexcel 2009 IGCSE spec.

Other resources related to this topic:

KS4 Geography: reducing pollution in cities. Case study: Mexico City. Edexcel B and IGCSE.

Also see:

My TES shop for all other resources.
By Leah Smith

Cambridge IB Geog Global 6: Political - Assessment

Here you will find support materials for Chapter 6 of the Cambridge IB Geography Coursebook (Global Interactions). The Assessment tab contains selected answers to the end-of-chapter review questions found in the coursebook, multiple-choice questions and answers.
By cambridgeuniversitypress

Exam technique and preparation

Support students to achieve in assessments with these exam preparation and technique centred resources. 

OCR B Geography exam technique and revision tips

I use this PPT to guide through with pupils how to succeed in the OCR B Key Themes (and to some extent SDME) papers - It is based on my experience of how pupils do well (and not well) in exams from using papers I have called back, as well as my mock papers...I am charging £6 because it uses my experience/knowledge of the exam. 75% of my pupils got an A/A* (state school!)

There are 11 top tips, some starter activities, example answer, example A* place specific detail, example student answer, past case study questions etc.

You could print the top tips out for pupils if you wish.
There are 31 slides. It would take you at least one lesson.
By amyjayne888

Exam technique booklet for Edexcel AS level

A skills based booklet for improving exam technique for Edexcel (2008) unit (1) AS level.

It is split into tips, essay writing guidance, using figures, terminology, 4 and 5 mark questions, essay writing and timing. It forms part of the 'Exam Technique Week' that we are doing in the Geography department following on from their Christmas mock exams.

By lburton88

IGCSE Geography - Extended Physical Exam Questions

An extended test (60 marks) on all areas of the Natural Environment section of the IGCSE Geography course. Can be used either as a test (best over a double lesson) or as a lengthy homework task building exam technique. The test also contains a guide as to how to structure exam answers and a self-evaluation task for pupils to identify areas of strength/weakness.

By morgancc

AQA GCSE Geography Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) [Revision, DIRT, Exam Prep] Essential

This download contains two Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) designed for the
AQA GCSE Geography Specification.

The first side is a PLC with two ways for the student to rate confidence and the second side features a key-word check as well as various DIRT tasks.

This double-sided A4 worksheet is great for:
-Revision lessons
-Fostering teacher-student dialogue
-Directed Individual Reflection Time (DIRT)
-Exam preparation

This is an ideal tool for your students to help them keep track of their learning, and help you monitor the classes strengths and weaknesses. It serves as a highly efficient form of self-assessment.

On the reverse of the sheet are other useful measures that allow teachers to gauge a student's confidence and reflective abilities.

The worksheet:

-Allows the student to see clearly what they need to know for the exam.
-Allows the student to communicate to their teacher how they can be best helped.
-Gets the student to analyse their progress in relation to their target grade.
-Encourages students to reflect in a structured manner on their necessary revision focusses.
-Gets students to establish both a revision and an exam technique focus.
By Maxi88

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