English: Debates and speeches

Nicola Davison
05th May 2016
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Develop learners’ speaking and listening skills with these schemes, lesson plans and supporting tools

Whether it’s the local elections, the US presidential race or the lead up to the EU referendum that is hooking your students, there’s no doubt that all three represent an ideal opportunity for the exploration of speeches and the process of debating. 

From improving speaking and listening skills to building self-esteem, learning to write persuasively and deliver arguments convincingly are essential life skills. So why not get started?  We’ve picked out a few of our favourite resources from TES to help you do exactly that.

Exploring speeches

Engage KS3 learners with this fully-resourced scheme of work (£5), which takes a step-by-step approach to examining speeches and persuasive features, before encouraging them to write and deliver their own.  If you’re short of time, try this two-lesson unit exploring the composition and delivery of famous speeches by Martin Luther King and King George VI.

Older students have the chance to critique three different types of speeches – political, motivational and awards – in this well-presented lesson (£2). Extend their learning by highlighting the different components of speech and encouraging them to write their own with this comprehensive lesson pack.

Offer support to pupils of all ages with this handy writing frame and AFOREST support mat, which details the key persuasive techniques.

Encouraging debate

Introduce the history and traditions of debating, as well as top tips for debating in a school context, with these visual presentations.

For a quick, one-off lesson, this well-structured take on the classic balloon debate keep pupils on their toes by presenting new information about each of the characters at different points. Alternatively, this eight-lesson debating scheme covers everything from the key terminology to the skills required to plan and deliver a persuasive argument.

Help prepare students for a class debate with these inspiring topic ideas (£2), this simple argument outline template and this collection of worksheets, including a list of rules, the speaking order and a personal evaluation form.

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