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03rd January 2020
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Resources to support the teaching of J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls 

Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls, is one of the most iconic 20th century plays taught in the English classroom that addresses themes including social responsibility, age, gender and class. To support the teaching of Priestley’s play, we have decided to draw together a collection of resources for An Inspector Calls.

An Inspector Calls Key Quotation Sheets

Key quotations taken from throughout the play - each is marked with the Act it is taken from. Would work well for general revision. Especially useful to show character development.
By Beckie-Rose

An Inspector Calls Character Notes

Revision aid for students containing key quotes, key language features and Priestley's ideas.
By ctoland1

An Inspector Calls Revision: Powerpoint Lesson

Revision quiz for An Inspector Calls, covering characters, events, and key quotations.
By emmaherod

An Inspector Calls Revision Year 11

A PPT with all the key characters, themes and social context. I used this for a revision day but you'll need to add in activities. Lots taken from all over the place and then put together for my class.
By loubie0509

An Inspector Calls: 8 model responses

Eight exemplar responses on character and theme questions for An Inspector Calls with marks and examiner comments. The model essays range in quality from grade 4 to a full mark grade 9 response.

Include model answers to the following questions:
Explore how Priestly uses Mr Birling to explore ideas about class.
Explore how Priestly uses Sheila to explore ideas about responsibility.
How is Eva Smith significant in the play?
Explore how Priestley uses Gerald to explore ideas about responsibility.
Explore the importance of Inspector Goole.

By HMBenglishresources1984

An Inspector Calls - 12 possible exam questions

Written in the format of AQA Literature Paper 2, Modern prose or drama

12 questions alternating between a character question and a theme question (refelcting the AQA style).

By MTB1757

An Inspector Calls Knowledge Organiser/ Revision Mat!

This detailed and visually-appealing resource offers a complete reference point for students learning or revising J.B. Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls.' It contains comprehensive sections on:
- Context;
- Scene by Scene Summary (with quotes);
- Main Characters;
- Themes;
- Priestley's Dramatic Devices;
- Features of Form.
Key words and ideas are underlined for easy reference. The resource is designed to be printed onto A3, and is provided as both a PDF and a Word version (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included).
By TandLGuru

An Inspector Calls Exam Questions

This superb resource contains THIRTY sample exam questions for revising THEMES (12), CHARACTERS (12) and TECHNIQUES (6) of ‘An Inspector Calls’.

These questions have been carefully designed to reflect the exact format and demands of the AQA GCSE English Literature exam paper.

Also included is concise information on the AOs and a student-friendly version of the Mark Scheme.

Please check out my range of ‘An Inspector Calls’ resources:
AQA 12 Sample Questions on Themes
AQA 12 Sample Questions on Characters
AQA 6 Sample Questions on Techniques
Edexcel 15 Sample Questions on Themes
Edexcel 15 Sample Questions on Characters
Edexcel 30 Sample Questions on Themes and Characters

These exam questions can be used both as class activities and as homework. They are also ideal for practice tests in the run-up to the exams.

I hope these are helpful for you and instructive for your students – as always, I’d be delighted to hear any feedback you may have.

I will be adding lots more GCSE revision resources to my shop so please check back regularly!

By A1EnglishResources

An Inspector Calls Revision Quotes

An A3 sheet with quotes from each Act and tasks to complete which links them to characters, themes and context.
By JodieMills

An Inspector Calls: essay planning tool

This document is a summary sheet aimed at a high-ability year 10 class, but can be adapted for other sets. It takes them step-by-step through the process of planning a conceptualised essay with deep analysis. Each stage of the essay process is modelled.

By amy117

An Inspector Calls Knowledge Organiser

This An Inspector Calls knowledge organiser or revision mat on JB Priestley’s classic text includes detailed notes on all the characters, the key themes, the most important linguistic devices, key areas of form, important contextual information, key themes, key quotes and more. The resource is best printed onto an A3 piece of paper and comes in an editable PowerPoint AND a printable PDF. Ideal revision materials for GCSE English Literature students.

Note: When you download the resource you will find the PowerPoint and PDF inside a ZIP file! The picture included is a preview file.


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AQA English Language Paper 2 Question 5 package
AQA English Language Paper 1 Question 5 package
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AQA English Language and English Literature revision package

An Inspector Calls whole scheme package
An Inspector Calls revision package

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Macbeth revision package

A Christmas Carol whole scheme package
A Christmas Carol revision package

Jekyll and Hyde whole scheme package
Jekyll and Hyde revision package

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Power and Conflict poetry comparing poems package
Power and Conflict poetry whole scheme package

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Or check out some Citizenship, RE, PSHE + RSE resources at EC Resources

By Lead_Practitioner

An Inspector Calls: Character Revision

A collection of resources designed to revise the key characters from J B Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. The sheet is very simplistic and aimed at being lower ability KS4 to help revise for Literature Paper 2.

The characters included are; Mr Birling, Mrs Birling, Inspector Goole, Sheila Birling, Eric Birling and Gerald Croft. Two key quotations are provided for each character and four subheadings to help structure revision.

By L Mitchell

An Inspector Calls model essay for very able

I wrote this model response for some very motivated, high ability students who want to know ‘what does perceptive/insightful look like?’

By annielouisebrown

7 An Inspector Calls Key Quotation Posters

7 eye-catching quotation posters for An Inspector Calls.

I have found they work well printed on to A3 and used on a display/classroom walls to help with memorising quotations/to refer to in lessons.

See my shop for quotation posters from other GCSE texts.

By hughescl

essay outline for An Inspector Calls

an essay outline for An Inspector Calls


An Inspector Calls AQA GCSE English Lit - Grade 9 Sample Essays/Model Answers (x2)

Sample paragraph:

Eva Smith is one of the most complex characters presented by Priestley in An Inspector Calls. Used as a tool to highlight several strands of Priestley’s social and moral ideals, he never gives her the agency to appear on stage or even a voice to narrate her own story.

Despite all the above, Eva Smith remains pivotal to the play’s moral message and is the catalyst for the play’s action. Her death is the reason the Inspector arrives to the Birling household, and Priestley uses her to reflect the moral ambiguity of the 1912s. Her very name ‘Eva Smith’ implies a generalness of the time; Smith being an extremely common surname. Moreover, the name Eva is synonymous with the biblical story of Adam and Eve – this has heavy implications for… FOR FULL ESSAY, PLEASE PURCHASE RESOURCE.

Help your student get the best grade possible with these two sample AQA English Literature GCSE essays for An Inspector Calls - Grade 9.

The essays focus on:

  • Young/old generations (theme)
  • Eva Smith (character)

Each have clear uses of A01, A02, A03 and A04 to ensure your student is hitting all the marks when it comes to doing their own essay. Start by using these great educational sample essays today.

By MyaMedina

'An Inspector Calls' Revision: Eric - Key Quotations and Exemplar Essay

A revision lesson focusing on the journey of Eric throughout the play ‘An Inspector Calls’.

The presentation includes key quotations for each act as well as exemplar paragraphs.

Also included is a full exemplar essay - Grade 9 standard.

By RojoResources

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