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Sian Evans
11th October 2017
Silhouette man with trilby representing J B Priestley's An Inspector Calls

Delve into the world of J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls using these supportive resources

From character-analysis tasks to contextual information to study booklets, we've picked some of the very best resources to help your students get to grips with the key themes and characters. So, whether you have just started teaching the play or are looking to consolidate understanding, these resources are a great starting point.


An Inspector Calls Revision Mat

Revision mat for JB Priestley's An Inspector Calls. Contains key quotations and ideas/themes.
By Lewiss

Everything you ever wanted to know about the context of 'An Inspector Calls'.

A presentation that guides a class through the significance of Priestley's choice to set the play in 1912.
By Robert_Frost

An Inspector Calls Character analysis and revision

An inspector Calls presentation that could be spread over two lessons, depending on the ability of the class. There are useful revision techniques displayed to help with the exam, with a focus on the characters.
By hjgodsland

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley: A study pack

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley: A study pack and worksheets for examination revision
By Tes English

An Inspector Calls Revision Workbook

A 22 page activity workbook that can be used either as a revision tool, or a resource that a unit of work could be based around. The workbook has tasks and questions that scaffold learners interpretations and learning of the characters, themes, contexts and settings of the play- so students are essentially constructing their own revision guide as they complete it. Tasks are heavily based on key lines (quotes and stage directions)from the text.
By Jonny Kirby


There are seven character posters in this bundle: Eric, Sheila, Arthur and Sybil Birling; Gerald Croft; Inspector Goole; and Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.

Each poster features multiple relevant quotations, linked to character traits. These traits serve as the 'point' in a PEE/PEAS/PETER style response.

The posters work equally well printed in A4 or A3, and you could even miniaturise them further to serve as individual GCSE revision resources.

The posters can be bought individually on TES but this bundle allows you to save £4. Please look at the other resources I have available (for sale and for free) and if you have downloaded one that you have found useful I would be really grateful if you could leave a quick review. Thanks!
By Facetious

An Inspector Calls Revision

A fully differentiated revision guide for KS4 students to prepare for Section A of the new specification AQA Literature Paper 2, which includes differentiated activities and resources to support students as they revise for J B Priestley’s An Inspector Calls.

Find more free and inexpensive resources at my shop:

By Lead_Practitioner

100 Question 'An Inspector Calls' Quiz (Context, Plot and Quotes)

Included: 100 Question Quiz Answers & 100 Question Quiz Sheet

A 100 Question quiz on ‘An Inspector Calls’. Questions start with context and then progress through the play. Made for KS4. Can be used as a revision tool near exams or used during reading to consolidate knowledge. The questions are in order of the plot to avoid spoilers if used in this way! I use this quiz every lesson, particularly for my lower ability students. It has a positive effect on recall and familiarity with the play, context and quotes. I make it into a weekly challenge to get as many as possible right, with bonus points for any quotations used. Top three students are placed on the leaderboard in the classroom, which acts as a great motivator!

Great for EAL students to understand the plot without having to translate the whole text. My Spanish student wrote on the top of her quiz: “Thank-you Miss, I find these [sic] resource so helpful”.

By lexyebuchan

An Inspector Calls - Full Teaching PowerPoint

This PowerPoint will take pupils and teachers from the start to the end of the play with clear, distinct lessons and foci for each small part of the play.

It includes activities and resources that run parallel to the study of the play and also assessment at the culmination of the study.

I have used this with students across KS4 with great success.
By mp06

An Inspector Calls Blank Tweets Sheet

An A3 sheets which contain blank tweets for each character plus Priestley. Also contains a box for students to summarize four key events from the act.
By jamesjad

'An Inspector Calls' - Dramatic Devices

A detailed 19 slide PowerPoint lesson on dramatic devices employed by J.B. Priestley within 'An Inspector Calls. Includes a list of dramatic devices within the play as well as tasks for students to identify and analyse devices independently. Lesson ends in questions for students to respond to using a P.E.A. structure (colour coded for difficulty).

By MissCResources

An Inspector Calls Character Notes

Revision aid for students containing key quotes, key language features and Priestley's ideas.
By ctoland1

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