The ultimate Shakespeare toolkit

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17th June 2019
Ultimate Shakespeare toolkit, featuring KS3 and KS4 display packs, lesson ideas, activities, games and presentations

Delve into the word and world of the Bard with this extensive collection of display packs, lesson ideas, activities and worksheets

Whether or not Shakespeare intended for his plays and sonnets to be studied in quite as much depth as they are in schools across the country, there’s no doubting that the themes within them are as compelling today as they were back then. So why not jump on the bandwagon and embrace all things Shakespeare with this mammoth collection of resources?

Investigating the Bards life

Shakespeare's Language

Activity investigating the language of Shakesspeare, and matching up common Tudor phrases.
By RobertBruceMiddleSchool

Shakespeare Introduction: Complete Lesson

Extremely detailed powerpoint presentation covering Shakespeare's context, life in London, life in London and his plays. Use as a base for your own activities and tasks.
By spuunionnn

Shakespeare Booklet: Exploring Shakespeare's World (KS3)

This is an extremely dense 12 page booklet with easily an entire scheme of work. This has been created to give year 7 an introduction to Shakespeare: to understand his life, works, times, theatre and to grasp how a script works. There are two pages which focus on Shakespeare’s villains (Don John and Iago) but in reality this is to simply expose students to Shakespeare’s life and characters rather than to complete in depth analysis of a plot and character. Although this was created with year 7 in mind it would fill a gap at any level of Key Stage 3 if students’ knowledge of Elizabethan England is lacking.

Both the editable Word document and .pdf are provided - please note the word document may not appear like the booklet pdf because of font use and formatting.

This booklet is also available as part of a Shakespeare bundle with two other KS3 booklets covering Shakespeare heroes and the idea of tragic heroes and Shakespeare’s relationships.

The booklet is as follows:
1 - front cover and basic dramatic terminology glossary
2 - William Shakespeare information with space to create a fact file
3 - Shakespeare’s works - basic information, followed by a task to understand the difference between comedies, tragedies and histories then sorting key plays into each type
4+5 - a double page spread with a timeline across Elizabethan and Jacobean England. At the top students can create a timeline of historical events and then plot Shakespeare’s life underneath (perhaps using page 2)
6 - Elizabethan entertainment - 4 boxes for students to complete information about bear baiting, bull baiting, cock fighting and the theatre - I have attached the factfile made to accompany this lesson.
7- The Globe Theatre - A label the Globe picture followed by a gap fill about its history (in image)
8- Understanding a script - the first scene of Macbeth is used to explain the layout of a script, followed by a gap underneath for students to make their own mini script using a similar layout and features.
9- Stage directions- a list of common Shakespeare stage directions with definitions for students to match followed by some complex stage directions to "translate"
10 - An explanation of the character and his motives, an extract from the play (1.3) and a series of questions which track students through the extract.
11 - An explanation of the character and his motives,an extract from 1.1 alongside a modern translation followed by a series of questions.
12- a common words glossary where students should independently record new words learnt.

By laurajholder

Shakespeare 40 question quiz and answers

An engaging and detailed pub-quiz style Powerpoint containing 40 questions and answers to introduce students to the weird and wonderful life of William Shakespeare. The questions are split into four rounds, each containing 10 questions: Shakespeare’s life and family, Shakespeare’s character, Shakespeare’s writing and The Globe.

This could be used as one whole lesson, or as a detailed starter across multiple lessons. It is suitable for any age group learning about Shakespeare, but would be particularly good for key stages 3 or 4.

30 slides in total.

Leave a review and choose any other resource for free from the <a href=" ">LikeAnExpert</a> shop.

By LikeAnExpert


Shakespeare Quiz


A great addition to festivities!

This INTERACTIVE quiz has 7 rounds consisting of a variety of activities and is perfect for Tutor Time or a fun lesson activity. It has the potential to span 90 minutes depending on how many rounds you wish to play.

PowerPoint: 80 even comes with an interactive score board for you to keep tabs on the team’s points. You can select the round you wish to play by using the interactive bookshelf.

The Shakespeare Quiz consists of:

General Knowledge
Famous Quotes
Yay or Nay
Shakespeare Selector
Act it Out
Guess The Author
Shakespeare or Superman?

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By TeachElite

Exploring Shakespeares work

Shakespeare starter kit

Brush up on your knowledge of Shakespeare or share information with your classes with the help of these colourful fact cards. They cover the context of Shakespeare's plays, aspects of production and tips for language analysis, making them the perfect starter kit for teaching Shakespeare.
By Tes Resources Team

Shakespeare's Othello: Resources and Worksheets

A plethora of worksheets, quizzes and puzzles, as well as revision notes to aid teaching of Othello by William Shakespeare. This resource also includes a Speaking and Listening task.
By lowrip1ckle

A Midsummer Night's Dream 2011 Teacher Pack (Shakespeare Unlocked)

Shakespeare Unlocked brings Shakespeare’s most popular plays to life for young people by showing how actors and directors work to interpret and take ownership of Shakespeare’s text. The Teachers’ Pack is aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 English but it can also be used for Key Stage 5 and Theatre Studies.

It includes: An introduction to each of the three scenes; Suggestions for ideas to consider with your students before and after watching each scene and workshop film and activities to further students’ understanding
of the play.There are 12 short films for each play: 3 scenes filmed in colour, in the theatre and 8 workshops, filmed in black and white, with actors and directors exploring those scenes. There is also a short film about this theatre production. The pack follows the RSC's active approach to learning about Shakespeare and is driven and guided by our rehearsal room practice. The films can be found on the BBC site here:

Find more of our resources on our website:
By RoyalShakespeareCompany

Romeo and Juliet Comprehension Activities Booklet!

This resource booklet contains a wide range of age-appropriate, engaging, and meaningful comprehension activities for use throughout the reading of William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet.' Teachers have found them particularly useful in exam revision, comprehension tasks, or guided reading sessions. They are perfect for aiding the progress of students towards meeting the KS4 expectations within the new National Curriculum framework - this makes the tasks suitable for all examining bodies. Students have found these resources extremely engaging, and for teachers there is explicit information within each task regarding which comprehension strands the task is designed to demonstrate. They also relate to key extracts, characters, and themes from the play ensuring that students gain a deep understanding of the text.

Activities within the booklet include:
- 'Context: Shakespearean Times' - to aid students with 'Drawing on knowledge of the purpose, audience and context of the writing, including its social, historical and cultural context and the literary tradition to which it belongs, to inform evaluation;'
- 'Shakespeare's Description' - to aid students with 'Analysing a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features, and evaluating their effectiveness and impact;'
- 'Friar Laurence' - to aid students with 'Seeking evidence in the text to support a point of view, including justifying inferences with evidence;'
- 'Editing the Play' - to aid students with 'Making an informed personal response, recognising that other responses to a text are possible and evaluating these.'

Plus many, many more activities (the booklet is around 30 pages in length!) I've also added it as a PDF in case the formatting differs on your computer.

All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on a separate document (included).
By TandLGuru

Shakespeare - The History of English (3/10)

This video shows us that Shakespeare invented over 2000 new words and phrases like eyeball, anchovy and puppy. This video is part of a playlist (see 'for pupils&' below)
By TheOpenUniversity

General display packs

Shakespeare Display

Pack of three Shakespeare Posters for display. Features:

✓ Murder in Shakespeare poster
✓ Plays and Context poster
✓ Fun Facts poster
✓ Ready to print JPEGs
✓ Editable Microsoft Publisher files
✓ Designed in A2 allowing for larger prints

Thank you for viewing!
By LessonChest

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Display Poster Wordle

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare is presented in a wordle which you can print, use on the interactive whiteboard, and create many lesson ideas around. Created by SCC, Dublin.
By Tes English

Shakespeare quotation display

Display of Shakespeare quotations from a selection of plays set on framed PPT backgrounds.
By AlixDyer

Shakespeare Week: great set of Shakespeare quotation display cards/teaching resources

Shakespeare Week is on the way!

  • This pack contains a great set of A4 display pages. Each has a different quotation to make your students think.
  • Under each quotation, which should be big enough for classroom displays, I’ve put a concise summary of what the quotation is about, who said it, and the scene reference.
  • Teaching: you could quickly insert the ‘animation’ function into my PowerPoint to turn this int a great classroom quiz, as the coloured explanatory text is essentially the ‘answer’ -so you get a display and a quiz in on e!
  • The quotations cover the Histories, Tragedies, Comedies and Late Plays.
  • I have chosen more for ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to help our GCSE students!
  • Teaching: you could quickly insert the ‘animation’ function into my PowerPoint to turn this int a great classroom quiz. Happy Shakespeare Week, gentles all. Please browse my shop (search under ‘Shakespeare’) for other resources, including a Shakespearean insults tournament lesson and lots of revision packs.
By Mrsmumbles

Shakespeare Quotes for displays

Eight beautiful Shakespeare quotations on equally beautiful backgrounds. Use them for displays, postcards home, desktop wallpapers…whatever you fancy!

Check out the Straight Talking English podcast on spotify, soundcloud, itunes and stitcher for all your literature explanation and context.

By str8talkingenglish

Growth Mindset Colouring Pages & Posters: Inspirational Quotes by Shakespeare

Explore more of growth mindset mentality with these motivational, inspirational and relaxing zen doodle colouring pages with quotes by Shakespeare!

There are 6 (1 free bonus page included!) different colouring pages to choose from in this set, and all these inspiring quotes are by Shakespeare himself: great for teaching Shakespeare units or for celebrating his birthday on April 23rd!

Most teachers have used these to create a calming and inspirational atmosphere in their rooms by displaying the finished sheets on the wall during the tests, which students love.

So take some time out of a hectic day to give your students the opportunity to just focus, motivate and enjoy themselves today – they deserve it (and so do you!)
By TeachersResourceForce

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