Shakespeare starter kit

Brush up on your knowledge of Shakespeare or share information with your classes with the help of these colourful fact cards. They cover the context of Shakespeare's plays, aspects of production and tips for language analysis, making them the perfect starter kit for teaching Shakespeare.


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    user avatarAnneLG2 months agoReport

    This is amazing - one of the best resources I have ever come across. Thank-you so much for sharing. I would be interested in your bibliography!

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    user avatarHollyBD2 months agoReport

    Excellent supportive tool, thank you.

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    user avatarAndie19816 months agoReport

    Fantastic as a 'way in'. Thanks for sharing!

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    user avataranon82068 months agoReport

    Thanks a lot! English is not my mother tongue, but I like to read Shakespeare in the original. But for your presentations it would be complicated to read my favorite books! Thank you once again :)

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    user avatarVerjam9 months agoReport