Brush up on your knowledge of Shakespeare or share information with your classes with the help of these colourful fact cards. They cover the context of Shakespeare's plays, aspects of production and tips for language analysis, making them the perfect starter kit for teaching Shakespeare.


  • Shakespeare in context_Beliefs.pptx
  • Shakespeare in context_Genres.pptx
  • Shakespeare in production_Staging.pptx
  • Shakespeare in production_Comparing productions.pptx
  • Shakespeare's language.pptx

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    user avatarmarbessaa month agoreport

    Such an interesting and useful resource! Thank you very much for sharing.

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    Extremely detailed and informative. Everything included for first time readers of the plays. Thank you for this excellent resource. Will definitely enhance my understanding of the greatest bard of English lietrature

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    user avatarmfoulkes6 months agoreport

    Thank you this is very useful

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    user avatarJaneNeyret9 months agoreport

    This looks great!

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    user avatarAnneLG10 months agoreport

    This is amazing - one of the best resources I have ever come across. Thank-you so much for sharing. I would be interested in your bibliography!