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Nicola Davison
03rd December 2018
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Fun, skills-focused lesson ideas to help you round off learning in style

If you're not quite ready for the end of the term yet but want to catch your students' attention with some one-off, engaging lesson ideas and have some fun with your subject, we are here to help. Have a look at these hand-picked resources, designed to inject some excitement into your lessons and help you - and your students - arrive at the end of term smiling!

Lower secondary KS3 resources

While the focus of end-of-term lessons might not include content within the syllabus, they still offer plenty of opportunities for recapping key literacy skills. This fully resourced murder mystery lesson, for example, gets students practising reading skills as they work together to solve a murder. Students can also practise their creative writing skills with the writing dice game, or recap spelling, vocabulary and poetic techniques with the taboo-style and bingo games.

Language games/end of term activities

This resource contains presentations to run two language games that involve function skills in speaking and listening and writing. Taboo 2 is my version of a language game already available here - simply gives more alternatives. Have used this successfully with P7’s - and a few brighter P6’s. Say that again was inspired by the many and varied spelling howlers I’ve come across when marking dictation. May also be useful for S1. Enjoy!!

By RailroadGin

Poetry Bingo

Challenge your pupils to recognise poetry themed definitions with this bingo game. There are 30 different boards; enough for every child in your class.

Definitions: acrostic, alliteration, assonance, ballad, couplet, free verse, haiku, half-rhyme, internal rhyme, kenning, limerick, metaphor, narrative poem, onomatopoeia, personification, rap, repetition, riddle, rhyme, rhyme pattern, shape poem, simile, sonnet, syllable, stanza

The set includes a definition answer sheet for the teacher.

This resource is also available as part of the complete Poetry Pack at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/poetry-pack-11817993?theme=1

By TeachingWEase

Whodunnit? Mystery Lesson

A lesson with lots of activities to find out: whodunnit? YOU NEED BOTH THE POWERPOINT AND THE WORD DOCUMENT! - There was a problem with the 1st activty (letter) which I have now sorted out. Hope you all enjoy and please comment and rate the powerpoint if you have the time! Thanks!
By kizzy2801

Creative Writing Board Game: Creative Dice-ing!

Roll the dice and create something amazing!

This is a roll the dice board game for Creative Writing. It consists of a vibrant grid full of images, words and phrases to provoke outside-the-box thinking and writing!

Students roll the dice to choose a genre, then roll again moving across the board to land on weird and wonderful prompts, including a frog, thunderstorm, chain-link fence, digger and orca.

This has produced some really outstanding writing from my students and can be used to aid writers' block in even the most reluctant of budding authors.

NOTE: This product requires you to supply your own dice.
By BreathingSpace

Upper secondary KS4 resources

If you’re looking to have some fun with exam texts, then we’ve got you covered with this multi-round Jekyll and Hyde quiz, and board games on A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls. Get students to have fun re-capping poetic devices and language techniques with a fun snakes and ladders game and a Jeopardy-style team game on poetic terminology. For a more in-depth writing task, inspire learners with an immersive project, exploring strange happenings in an alternative world.

Jekyll and Hyde Quiz

A great resource for revision or at the end of term. Includes:
Multiple choice round
True or false round
Music round
Who said it? round
Fill in the blanks round

Consolidate knowledge of characters, settings, themes and key quotes with this fun, hour-long quiz.
By Mcgorry6

A Christmas Carol board game (differentiated)

A Christmas Carol game created as a year 11 revision tool for the last lesson before Christmas.
Students will need a dice and counters- pennies will work.
A3 sheet- print on card, paper or laminate for re-use.
Questions on A Christmas Carol, including context, plot, character and theme.
Students roll, move and land on questions/tasks. Answer correctly to be able to take your next turn.
Mint squares- miss a go.
Lime squares- everyone in challenge- task for all players
Differentiation- squares/tasks are coloured bronze, silver and gold. If students play in teams, questions can be targeted to ability (Bronze- easiest, gold- hardest). Can also be played individually and with students gaining 1 point for bronze, 2 points for silver, 3 points for gold. Can also be played without attention to BSG colours and the winner being the first player to reach the end.
By viablered

An Inspector Calls: The Board Game

This revision game will probably last the whole lesson! The only extra thing you'll need is some dice. I print the board game off to A3 size and laminate. I print it double-sided so that after they&'ve finished the game they can use their understanding to have a go at a practice question. I also print the cards off on the appropriate coloured paper and laminate. The game is for up to 5 players - you can use the counters I&';ve created or get the kids to create their own. Obviously the templates can be adapted for other texts too.
By helenl_cox

fiction language techniques snakes and ladders game

This is a snakes and ladders board game focusing on language techniques that will be useful for the GCSE English language 9-1 paper 1. I have uploaded a pdf version which can be printed A3 or A4 however I have also uploaded the word format should you wish to make any amendments. This resource can be very easily differentiated as the question cards can be easily adapted to suit the level of you learners.

By Xxmackemgalxx

Poetry Terms Jeopardy Game! NEW 2017 GCSE English Literature Spec.

A fun and interactive Jeopardy PowerPoint game that helps students to learn poetry terms. Useful for GCSE English Literature.

I find that all my classes love playing this and often ask when they can play it again. I have found it extremely effective at helping students to learn poetry terms. The competitive element motivates students to memorise each term and definition.

Poetry terms include:

internal rhyme
free verse
rhyming triplet
rhyme scheme
rhyming tetrameter
rhyming couplet
iambic pentameter
blank verse
By m1ssR

Creative Writing: Science Fiction

This task is designed to for Year 12 students to prepare them for their creative writing summative assessment. Access to a computer suite is recommended as individuals work through this task at their own pace, completing the creative writing tasks as they go. The aim is to get students thinking about writing descriptively.
By MissASN

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